Ishana -ff story full of love , anger,lust and revenge -(part 35)

Part 35.

Oberoi mansion ?

Om’s room.

Om- Ishana wake up ( Kya hua) Ishana .

Shivaay called the doctor.

Doctor arrived and checked Ishana .

Om – doctor Kya hua Ishana is fine Na ????
Doctor – it’s seems like she has not taken food from last 2 day …..That’s y she faint ….Due too weakness.

Shivaay,rudra, saumya,Anika … Together

( WHAT)?

Anika -om do u know that .?
Om – nodded in no.
Anika – I will make some thing for Ishana .
Shivaay – wait Anika I will help u .
Rudra – I should also prepare protein shake for Ishana bhabhi …..She will feel better.

Shivaay , anika, rudra left saumya also follow them.

Om – sit near ishana cares her hairs with his hand ……He was thinking y ishana didn’t had her food From last 2 days

Om was in deep thinking ……. SUDDENLY a sound comes .

Om come out from thinking and look towards the door …. He saw ridhima was try to walk …..And SUDDENLY she disblablnce and about fall ….But om hold her in his arms ………And at that very moment Ishana gained her sense ……And she saw ridhima in om arm she felt pain deep inside her heart……But was silent .

Anika entered with a bowl of soup.
And saw om was holding ridhima.

Anika – om kya hua?
Om make ridhima stand .

Om – nothing ridhima disbalanced.

Anika – k …..And she noticed that ishana was up.

Anika – Ishana ?

Om – turn and saw ishana was up ….He rush to her and hugged her tightly …….R u k …?

Ishana – nodded in yes with a fake smile .
Anika -what is dis ishana doctor said that u have not eaten any thing from last two days y?

Ishana – vo …. She had nothing to say about that .

Anika – k leave it and first have dis soup …..And thn u have to dis medicine.

Ishana was feeling happy as she was getting so much love from Anika and all .
……But from Inside she was upset with om …….( Jalousie guyzzz)

Suddenly ridhima shouted

Om what she is doing here???….Y she is in ur room ??

Om was about to answer but ridhima again start shouting .

Ridhima to ishana
U shameless girl ,u fraud……….Again u r trying to fool oberoi family …. Again u r trying to fool my om. …U shameless girl.

Om ???- Shut up ridhima …….. Enough. Don’t u dare to say one more word against her .

Ridhima- but y om ???

Om – Because she my wife ….And I don’t want to listen any thing wrong about her .

She is now Bhahu of oberoi Mansion dis word’s r of Shivaay who just entered.

Ridhima?what the f**k …..Dis fraud girl is ur wife om…….R u out of ur mind .

Om no ridhima it’s true

To be continued .?

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  1. MahiraKhan

    One more shock!!!

    I doubt this ridhima…

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  3. Plz get riddhima out soon……..

  4. Nice… Think so Riddhima has come for revenge

  5. Riddhima

    Make it long please. ..

  6. Kavya347

    Wow… a wonderful epi…..Ohhhh!!!!!!!so slight misunderstanding of Ishu….Riddhima is getting between them….And ?Omi? ….Loved the way he showed his care for Ishu??? ..Riddhima… ufff this girl is never gonna change…but Om is there for his Ishu, to support her,to protect her…aww…???so loving…but Ishu is feeling bad, she is upset….ohh. I will love to see how Om will convince his dear wife..(and ya, i also think that Ishu and Riddhima will soon have their fights…haha…will love to see them..bechara Om??..).I am sure that in next epis there is going to be great drama and awesome scenes coming up……I am damn excited to see what happens next..?.plz post soon Ruhi…And again, a superb duperb rocking Episode are AMAZING… love you lots…??

  7. Superb update…

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