Ishana -ff story full of love , anger,lust and revenge -(part 25)

Part -25

City hospital

Raj was trying to kill ishana ……….some one

Raj turned and saw a girl standing.

Raj – yes ……?

Anika – ap kon?

Raj – mei ….Ishana ka uncle ……who r u ?

Anika – Raj omg he is the one who tried to kill Ishana .

Anika – myself Anika I am her friend ….

#suddenly ….
nurse entered and shock to see ishana oxygen mask off …and ishana was struggling in breathing.

Nurse – who took the mask off …..plz sir plz mam take care ……if I didn’t came in time patient can die .

Anika ,- was shock ….she decided to inform about Raj .

Anika message shivaay about Raj .

Police station . ?
Shivaay was talking with lawyer .

Shivaay saw that Anika had messaged some thing …… he opened the message box to read it .

Anika message – shivaay vo Raj city hospital mei hai ….vo bhi ishana ka room mei …..and I think he was trying to kill ishana ….plz come fast with ranveer .

Shivaay reply – don’t worry ….we r coming .

Shivaay to rudra – rudra I am going to city hospital ….u plz stay with om ….and if he ask about me thn tell him that I am with lawyer .

Rudra – k .

Shivaay showed the message of Anika to ranveer and they left.

City hospital .
Anika was somehow trying to stop him ….but failed .

Shivaay and ranveer reached city hospital.

Anika- Raj left just now ..

Ranveer.- k i will follow him .

Shivaay – r u k ??
Anika – ya .

Shivaay- where is ishana ?
Anika – there ( pointing towards a room)

Shivaay – entered was shock ….as there was no one .

Shivaay to Anika .
Anika where is she .???
Anika – just few seconds ago she was here .

Shivaay let’s see come .

Both r looking for ishana …….after 15mins shivaay Anika kha gyi ishana ….I promised om that nothing will happen to her .

Anika- shivaay don’t worry she will be fine .

#Rudra called shivaay ?

Shivaay – ya rudra is everything k there ?

Rudra – Bhai om ki bail ho gyi ….he is free now .

Shivaay ? – kya seriously ….but how.?

Rudra – pata nahi .

Shivaay k i am coming .

To be continued .

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    Who bailed him???

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  3. Superb episode….

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    Superb yr…☺☺☺

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    omg!!!!! twist pe twist……action, drama, romance……all are filled in ur ff…….am eagerly waiting 4 next one…..pls post the next one by today itself yaar

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