Ishabazz ff ishkara (nothing last forever)but love does (episode 9) :)


Hello friends hope u r liking my ff,if not thn plz tell me.
#Ishana house ?near 1:30
DOOR bell rings ?.
Ishana who was readind a book get disturb and thought itni raat mei kon ?thn she thought dad hoga .
SHE OPENED THE DOOR &shock to see om standing in front of her again.

Kya gham hai,kya khushi hai malum nahi……!Apna hai ki ajnabi malum nahi…!
Jiske bina ek pal nahi gujrta kesa gujregi ye zindgi uske bina malum nahi …..!saying dis words om entered inside .

Ishana was all quit at first thn she realize that om is inside she asked him rudely what r u doing here mr omkara singh oberoi ?its my house not ur property that u cAme inside like dis .

Om -ishana I am ur friend ur om .
Ishana -kon friend ? U call ur self my friend do u even know what friend word means .Now ishan was lossing her temper .

Om -ya ishana I know u r angry on me plz forgive me I should listen to u but vo shivaay ne bola ki tum phir se koi planning kar rahi ho against me and my family and u r before my money,that time I was not in me I was all broken from inside ……I was hurt ki the one whome I trusted my best friend my lo…….(he was going to say love)but stopped as it was not a right time) my trust was lost ishana and when I saw u with some one talking about some plan ,I thought it was for me and I said so bad words to u ……..but after when u where gone…… I saw that guy again and I asked him about u ……and while talking to him I got to know that on that day u were planning about ur exhibition ,&and trust me ishana I was so guilty about it sorry ishana plz forgive me ..

Ishana-with a sad smile said barvo mr omkara oberoi u r such a great actor I must say what an acting …….I can’t believe how u covered ur mistake with a false story ????.

Om -no ishana its not a false story trust me.
And y I will lie when I just hate lies (u know that).

Ishana now can’t take it any more &said oh really om u r the one who tryed to kill me ……..and y because ur brother told u that I am not a good girl I can’t be ur friend I am ditching u again right .

Om-ya but ishana even shivaay is regretting about his lie and what ever he did its fpr my good because he my brother he cares a lot for us while saying all dis om recall what ishana said (ki he try to killed her ) ………om wait a second what just said I try to killed to kill u ?

Ishana ya mr omkara u try to kill me and plz don’t act like u don’t know any thing about it .

Om -ishana r u CRAZY I even can’t think like dis about u .

Ishana -oh y u can’t thing ???

Om-because u r my bedt friend and u understand me so much and……..

Ishana &after dis also u try to kill me .

Om-no ishsna (om hold ishana shoulder and said I love u damit I can’t hurt u .)

There was a silence for few min ……

Ishana -Shockley said love me ….u love me

After some time ishana start laughing loudly &while laughing she looked at om and walk to ward’s him and say u love me om ?om:- yes ishana.

Ishana-so u love a girl.who is a lier and is a tag ………its impossible that u love me ..

Om -no ishu trust me I love u a lot ,and trust me I don’t know anything about killing plan plz trust me and u know the day u left mumbai I came their to tell u how much I love u but already left don’t know were?……….leaving me regretting on my stupidity…….!while saying dis lines om was crying like a baby and was in his knees …ishana can’t see him like dis so she walk towards omkara and set beside him and console him ..

Om -ishana plz trust.

Ishana -om I know u r saying true I can see that in ur eyes ,I believe I now .

Om-believe in what ishana love or my story .

Ishana -in ur story om .

Om – and u thing that I don’t love u ???

Ishana -om I don’t know about that ,I am happy that I got my friend back rest I don’t know .

Om -,but ishana I love u and I wNt to be ur life panther and I know u love me to ……..

Ishana -who told u I love u….look om I happy ki u were not involved in my killing plan but I cant forget every thing its not that easy and one think I dont love u ….so its better u leave now plz and its our last meeting we not going meet again ………..

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  1. Shaza

    Nice ep …but a lil short update ..make it longer if u can for the next ?

    1. Ruhirachel

      Sure I will try to make it longer ,and thAnks:)

  2. Sat

    Very nice dear. Please update ASAP.
    And do read my new ff,

    1. Ruhirachel

      Thanks ,
      Ya I will read ur ff for sure(all the best) ..

  3. Nice ep..ishkara conversation superb…can you please tell me how can I read previous ep l could not read it…

  4. Conversation was awsome…but plz post next …n yeah also give the links of episode privious than 7th…plz yr…

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