Ishabazz ff ishkara (nothing last forever)but love does (episode 18)


Episode 19…….

Happy Halloween every one

Vj mansion..
Ishana room …
Ishana wake up and was surprised to see room decorated with rose and lots of gifts………she know dis must be done by vj …she smiled and say …PAGAL….and that some one knock the door knock knock

Ishana -ya kon hai

Mam -vo vj sir na apko break fast ka liya bulaya hai.

Ishana -k tell ur sir I will there after half an HOUR

Servant – k mam

After an hour ishana was wearing a beautiful sliver sari and a high heel and some matching accessories ahe was looking like a princess…….she open the door of her room and was so surprised that the floor was cover with red flowers (rose)so that ahe can walk no that …..she so happy that she rush to vj nad hugged her …..vj knows that ishana will be happy but …dis much ….tha vj never imagined…

Vj -ishi happy DiwAli

Ishana-while hugging …happy DiwAli .

Vj -lets start with breakfast .

Ishana -ya sure .

After breakfast vj decided to complete some company work and ishana was looking all the decoration and thinking for a new design work .

EVENING all guests arrived and all were very excited about the party as it was vj party one of the best business man .

Vj -was busy in talking to some foreign guest and ishana -was talking to some ladies .

After some time the oberois entered SHIVAYA AND OMKARA …all guest was shock to see .oberois specially shivaya oberois because shivaya never attend any partys.he only throw parties……so its like a shock to every one .

Om and shivaya entered and vj just ignored them …..but as they r guest of evening so he have to give importance to them so…….he welcome them.

Vj -hello mr oberoi hws u and ….thanks to come here .

Shivaya -I am fine mr shing and its my pleasure to come here and actually I should thank u that u invited us ..

Vj -give a look to om but not say a word to him ….and tell shivaya to enjoy the party …..abd he moved towards to other guest .

Om was Continuously looking for ishana and suddenly om collide with a waiter…..

Waiter -sir I am really sorry .

Om -its k …..where is washroom

WaiteR- sir first floor second room ….its a guest room u can use it .

Om -k thanks.

Other side of the party hall ishana was searching fir vj…….ishana asked one servant ….listen where is sir??

Servant-its is in guest room with some foreign client …

Ishana -k ….ishana start moving toward the guest room without listening the whole location of vj……..
Servant-mam wait sir is in second guest room ..

But till that ishana started to climb the stairs.

Ishana-entered the guest room it was the same room in which om was cleaning
his dress .

Ishana entered and start calling vj but no one was there suddenly she here a voice is water from washroom …..she again called vj name but again no respons ….so she walk towards the washroom and she collide with the door and go start inside and slip and she shout and close her that she fall but ……after some time she realize that she is k so she opened her eye and was in arm’s of his love him life yup it was om …….

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  1. Nice epi.

  2. Tulasi

    Nice onee yaar……missng ishkara a lottt in ib…..luvd it…..
    Check out my ff tooo n suggest

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