Ishabazz ff ishkara (nothing last forever)but love does (episode 16)

Morning at art gallery (pearl ocean)

Om was waiting for ishana as he already was tensed about where ishana was whole night
And he was roaming in his cabin and suddenly he saw a bmw car near the gate ….and he thinks its not oberoi and no ones here have bmw car thn ???so he look closely ……and get happy as ishana came out the car……, but suddenly his smile vanished when saw a guy with him and that to so good looking ,handsome,plus rich …….Om in his mind (who is he ? Y ishana is with him ……and for sometime he thought may be he is her …….bf thn om to himself not it cant be happen ……..,may he droped her here may be a casual friends……thn he saw vj also came out and hugged ishana and kissed her in her face (a friendly kiss ) and ishana also do the same &…….om who was looking all this was fuming in anger and was feeling like to kill vj on that spot…….

Om- how dare he to kiss my ishana such a dog……I have to talk to ishana about dis…!

Ishana entered the main hall & was shock to see om coming towards her so fast …..

Om -ms ishana patel I want to talk to urgently …….come with me ……..ishana was going say some thing but before that om holds her hand tightly and drag her inside the cabin ……..all the staff and worker r just shock to see om in such a angry state…..and were looking each other with ? Face.


Ishana-sir I can walk myself their is no need to darg me like dis ……and what sir whats was so urgent ….that u can’t wAit….? as I n my knowledge every work is going perfectly.

Om (who was listening to her ……just turned and asked ishana)………who was that guy with u ishana ..?

Ishana at first she had no idea what om was.asking so she asked om.

Ishana-kon? Kisi bat kar rahe ho???
Om-plz ishana don’t act so innocent ,that man who droped u and was kissing and hugging u……..!

Ishana-who also get little angry and irritated said ……,none of ur business mr om singh oberoi ,and start to leave the room……but in no time om holds ishana hand tightly and pulled her so forcely that ishana landed on Om chest ….& THEY had a short eyelock……after few min ,ishana try to free her but om was not at all in mood to free her ……he tightened his grip more …….ishana was just help less now .(but sge was not feeling uncomfortable some where she was happy that she was in arm if her Prince) …..but thn yhn she come her sence and asked to leave…
Ishana -om plz leave me .
Om-first ans my question?
Ishana -its my personal life I can do anything and can be with any one,its none of ur business .
Om -k thn I am not going to leave u .( u have ans my question ishana) &again he tightened his grip and now ishana lips r very close to om …….even now they can feel each other breath …………ishana have no other option other thn to ans his question ,so she said k fine I will ans first leave me .

Om -k good girl.
Ishana- was giving a deadly look to om .
Om -so my first question is who is that guy?
Ishana —hmm vo he is……..ushana was going to ans but suddenly someone knocked the cabin door .
Om -who’s it.
Priya ( receptionist ) -sir sorry to disturb u but some one in reception asking for ushana mam ……!
Om-who’s it ??
Priya-sir he told his name vijay singh..
Ishana get shocked but also felt a relief that now she can escape .
Om -vijay singh ?om some where heard dis name but was not able to recollect it ….,om k .
Ishana -asked can I go sir ?

Om -said yes unwillingly .
And both priya and ishana left……but suddenly om thinks but y dis vijay wants to meet ishana ,so also follow them ..

In reception area.
Vj was sitting in a couch .
Ishana-vj kya hua? Y r u here ?
Vj -nothing special mam as always u forget ur phone in car …..,and asked her …..when r u going to change?
Ishana-thNks vj.
Vj-aree phone he hai thanjs q .
Ishana -nahi not for phone …….vj thn…….?ishana saved me from my boss ..
Vj -y is he is irritating u? Or misbehaving with u? Tell me I will sue him right now …….ishana aree nahi pagal nothing like that ..
Vj bye the way who is ur boss???

&a sound come from back its my brother company mr vijay singh…….vj and ushana turned around and ……..their our shivaay was coming in full attitude ……vj shivaay singh oberoi .
Vj-shivaay what r u doing here ?
Shivaay-i think u have a hearing problem mr singh I said its my brother company.
Vj -brother .

Then our hero entered and say ya brother thats me( omkara singh oberoi ).

Vj -looks angrily towards ishana and left the place .

Om was also shock that he is same man who dropped ishana .

Om to shivaay
Om -Do u know him ?
Shivaay-do I know him …….!om u should ask who don’t know him ….,he is whold top 10 top industrialist ……and a Prince of jhodpur.

Om-what? Thats impressive and shocking .
Shivaay-what shocking?
Om-impressive that he a top 10 world industrialist and shocking is that u r praising him…..u the great shivaay singh oberoi.
Shivaay -he is master mind ……even I want to learn some of her business tricks.

#Ishana who was now getting bore to listen both of them …..,so she left the place to continue her work ….

Om noticed that ishana left……he want to talk to her but he think it not right time .
om asked shivaay what he doing here?
Shivaay nothing just came to see u construction work .
Shivaay by the way what vijay singh is doing here ?
Om -actually he come to meet ishana .
Shivaay -what ?
Om -ya .
Shivaay -but y .
Om -call priya what he was doing here .
Priya -om sir ….,that man came to return ishana mam phone .
Om -k …..,om oh ya how I can forget that he is the one who ……and stop .
Shivaay -who ? What ?
Om -nothing he is very close to ishana .
Shivaay -but how ishana know him ………he even don’ in india he mostly ive in usa .
Om-i don’t know ,but u kn i w shivaay some thing is change in ishana ,I dont know what ?
Shivaay -chill om I know u will sout it out ..
Om 🙂

precap -vj isnot talking to ishana and om is in vj mansion .

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