Ishabazz ff ishkara (nothing last forever)but love does (episode 15)

[EPISODE 15]………

Oberoi mansion………?
Om – ishana …..u know how much I missed u ….ishana I missed u too om and I love u …om I love u too ishana and plz never leave me again …ishana nodded in yes ….and they huged ……..and suddenly om phone start ringing”…and om get up from his dreams ….(ya he was dreaming) ….om on phone ….,ya rohan tell what happened ,rohan sir vo humari deal thi germany company ka sath vo final ho gyi so I thought I should inform u …om oh thats a great new ,thanks ……rohan k sir g.n … – g.n.
Om -ishana u changed a lot u r not that ishana whome I use to know ,she was bubbly,sweet,clever and I see happiness in her eyes …but in dis ishana I can see only hatred ,fire and sadness …..But y ??? I have to find out ……but how? ………….after thinking for a while he called rohan ..????
Rohan the call .
Yes Sir tell me u called me so late every thing k???
Om- relax I am k just listen …….u have to bring dis man till morning k…take copper its ready ..?????
Rohan -k sir …

Vj mansion ..
Vj -lets go inside ishana otherwise all mosquito will have dinner party tonight…
Ishana-smile and said don’t worry mosquito will not bit u.
Vj-and y so???
Ishana-y any insect want to suicide …
Vj understand that she pulling his leg…
HAHAHAHAHA(very funny) lets go…

They both entered …
As they entered a butler come with a chill water and a hot towel the butler was old near 55 years he know ishana and vj,so he was very happy to see both of them together after long time..he welcomed them and as walked towards the hall all the servants were busy to make them comfortable .

Ishana was looking the mansion ..and asked vj ….,u had renovated it ??
Vj yes princess y u don’t liked it……???ishana WHO had a smile get vanished listening the word princess …..ishana vj plz u can call me any thing u like but Don’t call me princess again…..and start walking & suddenly she stopped and turned and said u selection is get better day by day ….and again start walking …listening to her wild cat words vj gets happy (he understand that she liked it ).

Mansi (servants manager) age 25 …taunted ishana ….

Mansi to other servant …- what she think of her self sir is giving so much respect to her and she is giving attitude ,as uf she us a queen of somewhere (she said ot slowly) but vj and ishana both heard dis …..,ishana slowly walked away from there and vj give a angry look to mansi …..and flow ishana….he called her isha wait isha…isha….

Ishana-i am k vj ,I don’t want to talk about it.

Vj -who said I am going to ask u some thing ??aree I was little worried as a wild cat is roaming around here ……she gives a (I will kill u look to vj) and run after him like they r use in there childhood ……….while catching vj ishana stopped in front of a room …..and she entered ….,and she was shock to see that all their toys ,books and specially the picture of her childhood was kept as new as THEY use to …be…..and she see vj with teared eyes and without saying anything she just hugged him .

Ishana -u still have dis all stuff ..
Vj -ya how can I give them away they r special to me.
And suddenly she remember she was catching vj and she started to beat him in playing manner and they both spend some friendly time …..after one hour.

Vj -its to late isha lets go and sleep.

Ishana -watch the time and was shock its was 3 :00 am …..ishana omg its too late .

Vj-ya thats what I said .
Ishana k I am going to sleep g.n
Vj aree but do u remember where u room is?
Ishana ya I remember .
Ishana start walking and reached the corridor where her room use to be but she get confused as there was so many mirror work on the wall that she was little confused .
Vj-so mila room .? ….ishana what is dis so much mirror work its looking like a lost world..
Vj aree chill its just illusion of lights wait vj switch off one of the light which is making illusion ……after switching the light the corridor was visible ……..vj here u go .

Ishana y u have done dis type of work .?
Vj -actually u live dis type of architecture and I asked my designer to put dis work on my room side corridor but mistake he placed it here .
Ishana -start laughing ……..vj asked r u k??ishana u know what I got a new name for u…..vj what? Ishana mr illusion india…..vj give a what the wack look ….and said it was not at all funny isha …..ishana k enough of talking I am getting late g.n .

Vj -g.n sleeo well see u in morning .

Other side
Oberoi mansion

Om was not able to sleep as he was thinking about ishana that were is she …as he know that she had no place to live …so he try to call her but her phone was switch off …and he get more worried ……but than he remember that ishana was talking about her one friend house when he asked her to live in his penthouse ,and he denied.

Om-may be vo apna friend ka ghar per hogi …per phone off q hai …..god I hope she is fine .

Next day morning .

Vj mansion …(ishana room)
Ishana was late so she was in hurry ….and that time vj knocked the door but no respons came … he slightly open to call her for breakfast …..and vj was hell shock to see the room all mess ……vj ishana what is dis ? &y r u looking so tensed .?
Ishana-vj …vj..vo vo mera bangle nahi mil raha or mei late hogi hu ….
Vj -bangle …,k wait I will help u …..he searched the whole room but there was no bangle ….and suddenly saw bangle in ishana bag and he asked her if that is the same bangle she is searching for …..idhana turned and was shock that from last , 12 min she was searching like a mad and the bangle was behind her in the bag.

Ishana -thanks vj for the help .
Vj -u r all the same….never check the righr place ….koi nahi come have breakfast ..

Ishana k lets go.

Prcap -omkara get jealous and asked ishana some question???.

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  1. Shaza

    Awesome one ..liked the friendship between VJ and Ishana …hope u won’t make him negetive…eagerly waiting for aim to get jealous ?

  2. I like vj and ishana friendship

  3. Jazz1

    It was good now om will get jealous. Waiting for the next episode

  4. Akshaya

    Wow nice episode dear

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