Ishabazz ff ishkara (nothing last forever)but love does (episode 14)


Hello friends today I am going to introduce one of my new character….

Vijay singh- ishana ka childhood friend,he is one of the top industrialist in the world ??????…mostly live in USA (United state of American.)….Winston …….,&the role of vijay singh is played by (KUNWAR AMARJEET SINGH…)age 25…and he is also a prince of
Jodhpur as his dad is a king of umaid bhavan palace ..
So here we start…

Ishana have no place to live in mumbai so she decided go one of her friend house so she catch a bus ……while going to her friend house ishana was looking out from her bus window and she was continuously staring the stars with lots of love,happiness ,pain…….

Ishana- mom I miss u so much ..I know you are always with me u r watching me everytime & I promise u mom I will full fill ur every dreams …….and I will not leave him who separated me from my mom ….I know I wasted my 5years but not any more ……….

AND ishana bus stopped she reached her station …..

She get down with her bag and walked towards her friend HOUSE ….she knocked the door …and some one near 45 years lady opened the door and asked her what she need ….
Ishana hello mam is dis niti sharma house ,????

Lady -no she use to leave here but few months ago she left dis house and now I don’t know where she is sorry….

Ishana -said thank u ,and sorry for disturbing u so late at night …and left ……

Ishana was walking on the road and thinking were to go ??……as she don’t have money to spend on hotel……& suddenly her phone starting ringing she looked at the caller id and get angry not serious vala angry but as she was giving the feeling that she upset with him or her who called……

Ishana continuously ignoring the call and keep on walking ….& and suddenly a car (bugatti veyron) come in full speed and stopped near ishana…..ishana ignore the car and specially the driver and she saw a park ??and she walked towards the part and make her comfortable in a bench……driver ……still so much attitude (the man in his mind god plz save me today…)?

Man parked the car and want inside the park ….and set near ishana …..ishana completely ignore him….and start looking her mobile ?

Man-the man said in a very clam and sweetly ishA plz talk to me .

Ishana – silence mode was still on.

Man – he get an idea I and said uff how I can I forget that u r not ishan u r my highness my wlid cat ??…

Ishana as soon she heard dis she screamed u ……….I am wild cat and what r u ………should I say … ya I am ur aj (vj is shortform of vijay)

Ishana-no ur not vj u r crow with a coat ……

Vj- ishu thats not fair I told u not to call me crow ….ishana thn u also stop calling me wild cat…..and she was crying while crying she hug her buddy her bestii …..and ask him ….y u come now I was wating for u from last 8 month .

Vj -sorry isha u know na I was in usa and I was not getting time …trust me I want to come but …..sorry isha and now I am here with u and now I will not leave u ….paka promise..

Ishana -smile and said k my prince.

Vj -yes my highness …and saw her bag and said I knew it ….,

Ishana -what u know.???

Vj-that u must be roaming here and there with ur bag ..

Ishana -vo actually I reached mumbai today only .

Vj -I know.thats y my here ….as I can’t see u in pain ….u always say u can do everything but today u coming with me to my house k ….

Ishana-knows his friend will not listen so she nodded in yes …and settle inside the car.

After 15mins they reached vj mansion which was not less than a palace .

Ishana looks the design and said in her mind vj in other things u r hope les…s but in design
Selection u always make me wow…..

Vj just saw her face and said ua ish I know I am amazing .

Ishana-said ya mr crow u r…! but only in making ur self fool by thing that u r amazing and start laughing ….

Vj was Also happy seeing her friend so happy after so long……


Precap…more secret to reveal and om get jealous to see vj and ishana together .

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