Ishabazz ff ishkara (nothing last forever)but love does (episode 13)


Thanks friend for ir comment now I know my ff is not boring ……

I will add some new character in my ff &I will introduce them later…

Episode 13…..

Om left …and ishana also left to see the reception area as she was going to start her work there…….

Om called some one ..?????

On phone …om thank u mr gupta for ur help it mean a lot to me ……

Mr gupta -thats not a problem mr om u r my business partner now …(ya they r talking about ishana only ……., dis all thing was planned my om to bring ishana as he know that she was seraching for a job and her financial condition was not good … he was fully confident that after reading that article she will definitely come for interview…….So that happened and now she was here with him ….now he can solve the problem blw them …..

#Ishana was discussing about the pattern and color with the worker and architecture &while doing so she was walking from one place to other and explaining the work…….(as the place was under construction their was some water in the floor near the corridor)

Ishana was walking careless and slipped due to the water no the floor but she was safe…….she was in arms of om…….om try to make stand but she slipped and again om was trying to hold her but om falls over ishana, om and ishana had a small eye lock……and zehnaseeb play in bg…..Aftersome time they realized their position and try to stand ,but both their necklace get stucked and Om again falls on ishana and dis time their lips gently touched each other and they haveva soft kiss…..ishana push om and quickly stand up …and ishana goes from there (as was feeling little uncomfortable and she don’t want talk about it)…….and everyone who were there was all in shock to see whst hust happened ….(Om give a look to everyone …that simply indicated to leave and concentrate in work)’

#All started there work…….

And om follows ishana …….

Om-ishana wait just listen to me .
Ishana stopped and turn towards om .
Om- I am sorry ishana what just happened ,but I didn’t did anything knowingly.
Ishana -jusst said> its k sir ..and left.

Ishana cabin– she was recalls the moment with om and smile ….but she suddenly remains her motive ….and controlled her emotions .

om was feeling extreme pain in his head and her words r killing him from inside …Om whisper just its k …,bs ho gya ishana na kuch nahi bola ..y ur doing dis ishana I will find out soon because something is change in u u r not that ishana I meet but I can see love for me in ur eyes….


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  1. Akshaya

    Ruhi that was amazing. no precap?

    1. Ruhirachel

      Ya no precap 🙂 sorry for that ..

  2. Shaza

    Awesome one ????…loved it ?….pls post the next part ASAP….eagerly waiting ?

  3. please make it lengthier otherwise it is superb

  4. Soo good yr…post next asap …waiting….

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