Ishabazz ff ishkara (nothing last forever) but love does


Episode 6

Hello guyzz

Omkara hotel room .

Om on phone yes rohan any information ?
Yes sir I have already texted u the address .

Om-k good work now u can came to hotel and take rest .

Rohan -yes sir.

Om searched his inbox to check the address,and left for the same

OTHER SIDE ( midnight all alone )ishana….

ishana was calling her friend but its was not reachable .

AND suddenly some goons saw ishana
(They were five goons ) &all were drunk.?

Ishana was lost in her own thoughts .

GOON 1-oyee look at her she is hot.

GOON 2-ya u r right

GOON 3- itni raat mei she all alone (staring at her with bad intention)

GOON 4- lagta hai bhavan khush hai hum se .(with a evil smile )


Goon1- hello beautiful and touched her hand.

Goon 2- he was trying to snatch her duptta ,but she move a side.

Ishana -kon ho tum sab,leave me alone.

GOON 3- leave u alone (started laughing loudly ) r we stupid to leave such a amazing piece ..

Ishana give a disgusting look to them and started to walk .

Suddenly a goon hold her hand and twisted it badly .
ishana ….

Scream in pain..Choro

ONE OF THE GOON Snatched her duptta and dis time ishana can’t help it .

&now ishana was crying as she was scared .

Ishana in pleading voice plz Chor do,chor do…..

AND than one goon started to come near ishana and was going to kiss ishana on her lips .

ISHANA was trying hard to move but she can’t and closed her eyes in pain .

But suddenly she heard a voice of screaming .

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  1. Is the voice of om..bcz he was going somewhere..anyway nice ff …continu n post next asap..

  2. Shaza

    Looks interesting ???..pls continue and post the next one ASAP…..and I think the voice is of Omkara ?…

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