Ishabazz ff ishkara (nothing last forever) but love does (episode 8)


Hello guyzz.
I think their is a confusion regarding my ff episode no ,actually my episode 1,2,3,4,5 r in.(telly my activity section ) so its my ep 8 for u guyzz it will be 3 .
If I will change the episode no now ut will create a confusion .

What is the most irritating moment when u r done with ur ff story and just going to post it and ur phone show DATA CONNECTION NOT AVAILABLE.?? so here I begain .

#ishana left the hospital ,before leaving she see omkara for a last time with no emotions .

Omkara wake up a walked to ishana room in which she was admit ,and was shock to see that she is not in room………..he asked the ward boy about her .
Om-hey where is that girl who was admitted last night here???

Ward boy-she left sir 15min ago .

Om -what the wack………

Omkara rush to doctor room for confirmation.


Om-may I come in sir.
Doctor-yes .
Om-sir that girl whome I brought last night where is she???
Doctor -she left .
Om-but how can u leave her ? She was so weak .
Doctor-don’t worry she is fine now and she was insisting me to leave her.
Om-k thn y u Don’t informed me?
Doctor-actually ur friend said she will wake u up and thn I saw her going with some guy I thought its u.

Small flash back……
Doctor to nurse make discharge paper ready and take signature of sir on it .
Ishana -can I sign it .
Doctor he is ur friend and he the one who brought u here ….ishana doctor he not my close friend I hard know him plz let me do rest of my payments and formAlity ……Doctor ok thn .
Doctor to nurse-just go and that man that she is leaving hearing dis ishana no no doctor ,doctor worry let him sleep till I complete the formAlity ……he must be tried ,I will wake him up after dis work done ……..
Doctor -nodded in yes .
And after some ishana called someone to pick her up.
AFTER 15min a young handsome guy entered age near 24 …ishana called him rahul chalo finally tum aa gya lets k .
Rahul -but ishu y r u here ???
Ishana -long story I will tell u later .
And when they leaving doctor saw them from back and thought that was om and ishana….

Flash back end .

Om understand that ishana Don’t want to face her or talk to her ,but y ?????

Om called rohan ???????

On phone rohan just come here with in 10min &texted him a address.

After 10min rohan reached the place told my om.

Rohan -what happened sir any problem u look disturb ?
Om -rohan how many time I told u not call me sir when we r not in work place .
Rohan -yes but sir u r my boss and I am ur manager.
Om -ya but before that u r my friend call me om .
Rohan -yes om sir.
Om -u r hopeless rohan .
Rohan -y u called me so urgently ?
Om -oh ya I want u to find out about dis call family and recent condition.
Rohan -but y sir ? Y u r before dis girl .
Do u know her?and if yes thn how ? She lives in udaipur u in mumbai how?????lot of questions going in rohan mind .

Om -yes I know her .
Some time some story remain incomplete
Some time because of ur own fault and sometimes due to Destiny .
Rohan was all confused ,but he asked om do u love her??
Om -yes rohan ,u r right for a first time in ur life ,now plz will u start ur work ??
Rohan understand that om don’t want to talk about it anymore .
So he left and started his work ..

#rahul -k ishana if u don’t want to tell about last night thn its k I will not ask u but ya to bata ki tu hospital mei q thi???
Ishana -kuch nahi thori weakness thi or mei gir gyi thi road mei or kuch nahi
Rahul -k ishana chal bye I have to leave I have some urgent work take care .

#Evening at hotel ……om’s room..
Rohan -om here is the information about ishana patel ,she is a interior designer and a dancer she does a exhibition every month for her earnings,but from last 3month her financial condition is not good …because of her past history as she was con in past (as we all know) and one of her enemy get to know about dis and leaked it ,&after that no one is providing her any offers and not even a hall were she can display her items.
And her sister is in law college first year but right now she is out of station some kind of collage trip .
Om -but she was here only last night .
Rohan -yes she left dis morning .
And ishana patel ka dad kuch nahi karte hai he is a …….om complete the sentence drunker .
Rohan -right.

&suddenly some one called om ???????
On phone
Om-yes shivaay tell .
Shivaay -where r u ? When u r coming back? And did u get her ?
Om-no shivaay but I will .
Shivaay -k om take ur time I will handle everything over here k and ya mr gupta was very impressed with ur meeting .
Om -thanks om its all ur teaching .
[Guyzz I have told dis in my episode 1 that in my ff om and shivaay both look after oberoi business plus om is a great artist and painter and he had his own art gallery and showrooms all over the world .] And om was in udapur due to some meeting with mr gupta who is one of the best business man and where he get her life back her ishanA whome he was searching form last one year.

Hope its clear now..

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  1. Um Didi your ff was a bit confusing this time.. cld u send me links of all the eps from the beginning? That will clear it up ..

    1. Ruhirachel

      Ya sure i thought one is reading my ff but thanks ?

    2. Ruhirachel

      I will try to send the link network problem hai , but in coming episode u will get it Cleary whats going on.
      And any doubt u can.ask me I will clear it.:)

  2. Yeah i also want linkss..plz give on this page…otherwise its interesting..

  3. Keep going ..???

    1. Ruhirachel

      Ya sure i thought no is reading my ff but thanks ?

  4. Shaza

    Even I need links ..I’ve read it , but don’t remember properly so …

  5. Thanks Di

  6. Ruhirachel

    Nice episode ,?keep going I am big fan of ishkara ?Awsome track.

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