first im getting hate comments from someone and won’t tell who but im gonna end this fanfiction and maya and robin brings anika and shivaay together…

at night
maya brings dinner for robin and sees him coughing and sneezing and takes out the thermometer and makes him put it in his mouth and check the temperature…. 104
maya feed him dinner and gets him tucked in for bed and makes him take meds….
just maya goes to feed alia she is also hot and she has a fever like robin and br*astfeeds her and puts her to sleep…
maya can’t handle them alone no one is in the house not even the servants or maya’s mom
they all fall asleep
in the oberoi’s house anika is about to fall from the stairs and shivaay comes and holds her and they have an eye lock…. tia sees this and leaves from there

in the morning
maya wakes up early to get ready and take care of them 2…. maya takes a shower and wears a international red lover leggings burgundy and red sweatshirt crop top with air jordan retro 6
robin wakes up and is feeling better but blood pressure high and sees alia sleeping… and maya getting ready…. maya sees him awake and says r u feeling better?
robin lies and says yes…. we have to go to shivaay’s house for deciding decoration and all….
maya says actually we r doing the marriage here…. u and alia were sleeping literally the whole day…so…. robin starts feeling bad and puts his hand over his mouth and runs to the bathroom…. maya finally says baby…. should i call the doctor? robin is happy that maya finally accepted him and called him baby…. but robin continues puking… everyone is downstairs waiting for robin and maya but then robin’s mom comes up and sees alia on the bed and maya outside of the door talking to robin….
rm #robins mom: what happened?
maya tells rm that robin is sick and has a high blood pressure…. and alia is sick also….
rm calls tia and tells her to take alia downstairs and start deciding and call the doc
tia says why?
rm: because ur brother doesnt feel to good….
maya helps robin come out the bathroom and helps him lie on the bed and puts the blanket over him as robin falls asleep… the doctor comes and says we have to take a blood test so the reports will come tomorrow

rudra comes and says ur acting like he is pregnant….
maya sits beside robin and caress his hair and is worried….
rm sees this and says in her mind i hope maya and robin doesn’t separate…
robin sleeps on maya’s lap…. maya cries thinking bout the old times…. anika comes there and sees this…. anika remembers she has to prepare for the wedding…. they all go down… and maya goes down so does robin…. maya helps him wear his grey sweats and red shirt with red huracheas….
rudra says i remember that robin used to wear coats and suits….after living wth maya he has changed completely….
om says every has different clothing taste….
maya says what!? and laughs…. he used to wear suits and coats everyday?
rudra says thats what i just said and laughs
robin says ok…ok thats enough…
maya gets robin to the dining table and orders some soup and tells him to drink it all…
the three brother asks can u cook?
maya replies no…why?
shivaay says well its 3pm so let’s have a lunch break…
maya asks u can cook? or ur just making it up?
shivaay,om,and rudra says no worries we will cook lunch today…
maya says on no! my kitchen is going to be ruined
everyone laughs and tia says don’t worry it’s only shivaay who cooks not rudra or om… and shivaay hates messes….

in the kitchen maya drinks tea in the other hand and watches wht they r doing… anika comes to get water… shivaay asks where r the carrots,cucumber,lettuce,and tomatoe…. anika says here…
shivaay says where?
anika says obviously in the fridge!!! and takes her water bottle and leaves… shivaay watches her leave and rudra and om,and maya says what is happening?
robin is done with his soup and brings it to the kitchen holding alia
maya sees this and is happy that robin feels better and checks his head… and alia’s… they r not sick…
tia rejects for marriage and shivaay says he likes anika….
maya and robin says but why did u guys agree at the first place?

precap: shivaay and anika is at the temple and they go around the fire…. shivaay puts manglesutra on anika… and the red powder on anika’s mang… they come home…. everyone is shocked…

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  1. It’s basically the same as the last episode??? but still good ??

  2. Bulbul23

    I think u posted the same but nice

  3. MAYA444 …. please update the next part??eagerly waiting for your update??

    1. MAYA444

      well it might take a long time because im gonna do a very long one and end it because i have other fanfictions and it takes long for the tellyupdate to post my ff becuz it take at least 24 hours for reviewing and all

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