Hi guys…This is the second part of my ff…I hope that u will all like it. Thanks for ur inspiration
Raman: Ishita, thanks a lot… if u were not there, Sarika would have not been arrested.
Ishita: I am sorry Raman… because of me, Adi and Ruhi got affected a lot. I still have a strong feeling that will they ever forgive me for this?
Raman: I am lucky to have a wife like u Ishita. U know what? U r such a good wife and u care for every1 of us. I know that it has affected them both a lot and u r feeling sorry.. r u also supporting Shagun in this surrogacy…
Ishita: Yes Mr Ravan Kumar…. I am also lucky to have a husband like u and u r the best husband in the world…I knew that Sarika was the person who was linked with Ashok and I could make it out from her expression
Raman: How did u know??
Ishita: Face reading…I can read the person’s face if either he is anxious or hiding something
Ishita and Raman kiss each other and the song Bakhuda tum hi ho plays…
Just then Shagun starts screaming with a pain and Ishita and Raman go to her
Raman: Shagun why r u in a pain? What happened
Shagun: Idk Raman…its paining a lot call the doctor..
Ishita calls the doctor
Doctor : Shagun u r alive?? What happened?? U look in pain
Shagun: Its paining a lot…
Doctor: Its better to take u to the hospital.

Doctor: Raman, its better to do abortion because I see that it is very complicated and it affect even the mother also
Raman: Carry on
Ishita breaks down and so does Raman..

Scene 3
Shagun: Sorry Ishita…. I could not get ur child in this world
Ishita: It’s ok Shagun… Why don’t u go and meet Manoj? I know that u love him.
Shagun: Thanks Ishita…I will go and meet him
Just then Raman comes and tells them that the whole family is leaving to US next month
Raman: Shagun, Manoj is in US, we r going there and u can meet him
Shagun: Ok

Three months pass by and the Bhallas and the Iyers are in Seattle, US.. and Shagun is living with the Bhallas and is a reformed person. Shagun and Ishita go to shopping in Walmart and Shagun accidentally bumps into Manoj
Manoj: Hey u , can’t u see.
Shagun : Sorry
Manoj: Shagun? What are u doing over here and u r alive.
Shagun: Yes. What r u doing
Ishita and Shagun leave that place and Ishita suggests Shagun
Ishita: Shagun, why don’t u meet Manoj in a coffee shop and tell about everything that happened and u want to marry him right?
Shagun: U r right Ishita and in these three months, from being loggerheads, we both became best friends and more or less we both do share a sisterly relationship with each other
Ishita: Yes Shagun..u r right. Since Rinki died, mummyji has been sad and more or less she is feeling very upset thinking about Rinki. We need to cheer her up …but how
Shagun: Why don’t we both take her on a long drive or take her to Niagara falls….she would feel better and moreover she also will be relaxed.. and u can convince mummyji easily right
Ishita: Good idea Shagun.
They both go home and Raman also arrives at the same time picking up Adi and Ruhi from their basketball and football
Raman: So how was ur shopping madams????? Hope u guys enjoyed it a lot…
Ishita: Yeah Raman..How was ur day Raman
Raman: I got new experience working with new staff ….. it was awesome
Shagun calls Manoj and asks him to meet her tomorrow at Ihop and have a talk

Shagun meets Manoj and they both have a talk over coffee and some waffles
Manoj: Shagun, I can’t belive that u r alive…I was completely down when I thought that I lost u…
Shagun: Sorry Manoj for troubling u.. actually Ashok wanted to kill Raman and in the flat where I was living with u, Ashok came and told me that he wanted to kill Raman with the help of me… he was gone mad and he wanted that all the blame for killing Raman should go on me and no blame on him.. I even me and Ishita had to do this drama.. and also now that idiot is lying in prison and he also told us about his informer in the Bhalla house
Manoj: Who was the person linked to Ashok frm Bhalla house?
Shagun: It was none other than Sarika… she was the person who killed Raman’s youngest sister and she linked up with Ashok. What r u doing here
Manoj: I got a job offer here and I came here and I wanted to forget my past and I wanted to move on…Will u marry me
Shagun gets shocked and she accepts him

Precap: Manoj’s parents meeting the Bhallas and agreeing for their marriage


Credit to: Prithvi

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