Hi guys… I am writing for the first time and this is an inspiration frm the current track. I hope u guys like it.. I got bored with the ongoing track and I wanted to create a new one….
Scene1: Ishita and Raman are talking
Raman: These days Sarika is behaving with everyone weirdly…I don’t understand.
Ishita: I know Raman but I am feeling that she may be linked with Ashok? Is she giving the information to Ashok??
Raman: Let us divert the topic
Ishita: it’s already 10pm.. I have to go the clinic
Raman : oh yeah…good night my Madrasan
Ishita: Good night my dear Raavan Kumar
Ishita and Raman having a romantic moment and they become intimate…….

Scene 2:
Ishita pretends to cry and she starts behaving like Shagun
Ishita: Raman u loved me before Ishita came? Why did u leave me?
Raman is thinking about Ishita’s weird behavior
Ishita is seen dressing up like Shagun and just then Adi and Ruhi enter
Adi: We have seen papa worrying about u……….why r u so angry???
Ishita: Just get out of here…….
Adi and Ruhi get scared and leave Ishita
Scene 4
Ishita: Why r u meeting my boyfriend Ashok?
Sarika(in her mind): Oh god she started again…I am linked to Ashok.. I guess she came to know about it..
Ishita : tell me the truth otherwise(Ishita assumes her goddess form and says)
Ishita: I will kill u
Just then Pratik enters and controls Ishita and she faints
The family members are frightened to see Ishita in her scary avatar…
Ishita is thinking about another plan to expose Sarika’s truth to the family members.. while Shagun calls her
Ishita: I came to know about the traitor and guess who…it is Sarika
Shagun: We found it.. but we need to tell to the family members right…
Ishita: I have a plan.. now I will talk with Sarika and tell all the family members to hear it..and that will be the end of Ashok Khanna and I yelled at kids…I found it really hard…I had no other choice left with me and I strongly have a feeling that will Adi and Ruhi forgive me for being rude towards them…I scared them a lot and they have been affected because of me
Shagun: Ishita, they r ur kids,..if u tell them they will understand and stop blaming urself…. I know that u r a strong woman Ishita and becoming bad infront of ur loved ones is not very easy and u sacrificed so much and u even hurt urself
Ishita: I’ll try to extract truth frm Sarika asap and u come here and also cover urself with the burqa
Shagun: Yeah

Scene 6
Ishita takes a knife and heads towards Romi and puts it on his neck
Ishita: Sarika, tell the truth or otherwise I’ll kill Romi
Sarika: Nooooooooo Ishita Bhabhi pls don’t do it……if u want I’ll tell the truth…I killed Rinki because she came to know that I adopted Rohit from the orphanage and I was never pregnant with Romi’s child and I wanted to get married… that’s why I put all the blame on Mihika and escaped and the Bhallas have never cared for me so I linked up with Ashok and I threw the silbatta from the terrace..
Everyone hear and Romi goes mad on Sarika and confronts her and Mr Bhalla gets shocked and Mrs Bhalla gets violent and slaps Sarika
Mrs Bhalla: Enough is enough Sarika. U killed my beloved daughter and u r linked with that dirty Ashok and wanted to even kill my eldest son on Ashok’s order
Raman: I’ll call the police ma. Enough dare u do this and I curse u that u’ll never stay happy in ur life
Just then Abhishe arrives and so the adoption centre officials.. Abhishek arrests Sarika and the adoption centre officials takes Rohit to the orphanage

Scene 7
Just then Shagun arrives and Sarika got arrested
Ishita and Shagun reveal the plot to the whole family and they get shocked
Ishita: I am sorry mummyji…we had no other option left with us . Shagun told me or else we could not have caught Sarika. I never meant to hurt u all …..and Ishita breaks down
Mrs Bhalla: Why sorry dear , u did a good job by pretending urself as Shagun and I know that u can do anything to save us and saved us from that cheap man
Shagun: I am sorry mummyji…please forgive me
Mrs Bhalla: Shagun,u can stay here till here until Raman and Ishita’s child is born….
Shagun feels happy and hugs Mrs Bhalla…
Mrs Bhalla: u and Ishita r just like my daughters
Ishita and Shagun hug Mrs Bhalla
Raman: Thanks Ishita and Shagun…if u wouldn’t have done this we would have been not saved.

Precap: Shagun starts screaming midnight and Raman and Ishita take Shagun to the hospital…

Credit to: Prithvi

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    1. Guess what may happen to Shagun???

  7. Guess what may happen to Shagun???

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