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Ishita is thinking about which saree to wear
Ishita: Raman, listen na.. I liked this saree a lot..and by the way tell the matching earrings
Raman: Ishita(he touches her belly), come what may, our child will come into this world and get all the worlds happiness…he will be very special to us…
Ishita gets emotional and hugs Raman…
Raman: Get ready fastly.. we have to go to the party tonight

Scene 2:
The Bhallas go to the New Years party arranged by Manoj at his home..
Shagun: Hi Ishita!!!! How r u?? and how is the baby? By the way u look pretty in this saree(they both hug each other). Happy new year
Ishita: I am fine so is the baby. Thanks for the compliment. Happy new year
Manoj over hears the conversation
Manoj: Congratulations Ishita…again u r becoming a mom again…
Shagun: Manoj, u r spying on us bad boy…
Ish-Ra, Sha-Man dance on the song Gerua
They all enjoy the party and Adi and Ruhi are in their friends house for a New Years party enjoying themselves..

Raman wakes up Ishita
Raman: Wake up Ishita..its already morning..
Ishita: Let me sleep Raman for some more time… I am sleepy
Raman: See, Amma told me that she is going to keep a puja for u in the evening for ur happiness… Already u suffered a lot in past… now ur joys will increase
Ishita wakes up and hugs Raman
RAMAN: Go freshen urself up…I will get ur breakfast into the room…
Ishita comes out the bathroom and sees Raman bringing a trolley into the room
Ishita: Wow Raman!! U have got my favorite dosa… I love u
Raman: I made these dosas for u…with love, from Raman
Ishita: This time u did not get it from outside right??
Raman: No.. do u remember once I got dosas from somewhere and said that I made it….this time I made them..u will love it a lot
Ishita: Looks yummy…Ishita eats happily..
Raman(in his mind): As long as u r happy I am also happy Ishita…. This child would definitely come into the world and get all the worlds happiness
Ishita: Raman come u also have…
They both argue with their sweet nok jhok………..
Mrs Bhalla: Ishita r u ready puttar?? We have to go..
Ishita: Coming mummyji…

Ishita comes dressed in a pink kanjivaram saree with green border..
Mrs Bhalla: Ishita, u look soo cute in this saree
They all go to the puja. Ishita sits on the puja seat…
Pandit: U put ur hand in front…
He ties the black thread around Ishita’s wrist..
This for the security of the mother and the baby….
Ishita(in her mind): Murugan, please keep our child safe in my womb…I want to give the happiness to the family and Raman…u know that we suffered a lot……….
Everyone are sitting in the living room and they all r discussing about their going to be grandchild
Mrs Bhalla: I hope that Ishita’s going to be child to come in the form of my Rinki…
Mr Bhalla: Since Rinki died, our house has become emptyish kind… no noise… especially I liked the way when Raman used to call her bhukkad…
Mrs Bhalla: U also started

Raman gets choclate icecream..which is Ishita’s favorite and asks Simmi to serve
Ishita is resting on the bed and Raman gets one for her and puts it on her palm
Ishita: Raman, u got my favorite icecream…wow!! I love you Raman……………..
Raman: Ishita, as long as u r happy I am also happy…
Ishita gets emotional and hugs Raman
Ishita: U r the best husband in the world Raman…I love you………..

Precap: Ishita and Raman at the hospital to collect Ishita’s reports

Credit to: Prithvi

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