Hello everyone..Wishing u all a belated happy lohri and makar Sankranti and Pongal to all the viewes.. Thanks for ur comments ..sorry for the late update bcos I wasn’t feeling well yesterday.. also I am taking inspiration from the previous YHM episodes.. I am not well since past few days so I was unable to update one…an

Ishita is seen talking to the manager of the hospital, Patrick
Ishita: What is happening in the clinic?? I seriously don’t understand
Patrick: Ma’am, the appointments are cancelled for tomorrow
Ishita: Why??
Patrick: Because tomorrow is Christmas and the clinic is closed Ma’am
Ishita: Okay, What about the day after?
Patrick: Sir is on a he won’t come..
Ishita: U guys are doing something fishy…leave it.. I will only talk to Dr Martin..
Ishita calls Dr Martin but he doesn’t respond…
Ishita: See Raman.. now Dr Martin is also not attending the call.. I sense there is something fishy
Raman: Maybe Dr Martin came to know that u r also a fake dentist removing the other tooth of the patients..see now you have got to rest take rest..otherwise I am going to tie you up over here….
Ishita: Let the baby come… I will take a good lesson of u
Raman: Ishita where r u leaving now?
Ishita: I am soo hungry that I want to keep on eating something…looks like I am also a bhukkad these days…………

Ishita leaves.
Raman(to himself):Rest eat and relax madrassan…thanx a lot Dr Martin
Scene 2:
Adi and Ishita go for shopping to get Ruhi her Christmas present and Ishita was about to be hit by a caR.
Adi: Watch out Ishimaa…
Adi pulls Ishita and the man stops the car..
Mick: I am sorry ma’am …r u fine??(he give her a bottle of water)
Ishita: Thanks a lot…why did u stop ur car what happened
Mick: My car had a brake failure I was unable to stop the car so I couldn’t stop… once again I am sorry.. Can u please give me a drop…
Ishita and Adi also take that man and leave
Adi: Papa , Ishimaa was about to meet with an accident…but the man who stopped the car was kind..he gave Ishimaa a bottle of water and apologized to her
Raman: Adi , don’t u know that Ishimaa is pregnant … she needs a lot of rest call her in
Adi hesitates
Raman: Ok I won’t tease her
Ishita sits on the couch…
Ishita: I don’t know Raman… everything happened so suddenly…. Then my case history.. I don’t noe Raman whether these 9 months would go safely or not.. I am worried..
Raman(He touches Ishita’s belly): I am not interested to talk to u… I want to talk to my baby… Tell ur Ishimaa to rest…now she is not alone now she is with u… no star will fall if she cares for anyone..tell her to be a bit selfish..
Raman touches Ishita’s face..

Raman: But the child wont go like her/his mother…
Ishita: Will go like his or her father .Son or daughter will get spoiled.
Ishita and Raman hug each other and Raman jokes about her pregnancy
Raman wakes up Ishita
Raman: Good morning Ishita…. How did u sleep
Ishita: Good morning Raman
Raman: Ishita, tonight we have to go for a party at Manoj’s place..he invited our family to his Christmas party… U take rest and don’t go any where
Ishita: Ok Mr Ravan Kumar….and say
Raman: We will go to the hospital for a sonography test and come home….
Ishita: Ok
Scene 5
Mrs Bhalla: Raman how did Ishita sleep???
Raman: She slept well and tonight we all are going for a Christmas party tonight….
Mrs Bhalla: okay now where r u taking Ishita??
Raman: For her sonography test…

Mrs Bhalla feels happy and prays
Hey matarani, please keep our grandchild who is in Ishita’s womb safe… I hope u will give our happiness to us… Protect them from all evil eyes
Scene 6
Ishita and Raman come home
Adi: Ruhi look what I have got for u???
Ruhi: Wow Adi bhaiya!! U got me my favorite Minnie mouse… u r the best brother in the world
Ruhi: Look Adi bhaiya what I have got for u??
Adi: my favorite novel…. Hardy boys… I love u a lot Ruhi that’s soo sweet of u

Similarly Raman also gifts Ishita a locket which has Ish-Ra(inscribed on it) and makes her wear it..
Raman: U look pretty Ishita……

Precap: The family is going for a Christmas party and Ishita is dressed in a beautiful chiffon saree and Manoj and Shagun also meet Ishita

Credit to: Prithvi

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