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Ishita is at home listening to songs in her ipod…just then Raman enters and gets some gifts..
Raman: What r u doing my Madrassan??
Ishita: Listening to Bruno Mars’ songs…omg they r simply awesome..
Raman: I just saw Amma and Ma discussing about the music u should about the music u should listen to.. I guess u have other choice…(he chuckles)
Ishita: Haha..u know me Raman a lot.. I love u a Raman..
Raman: I love u too…(they both hug each other)
Mrs Bhalla calls Raman and tells him about the FBI agent.
Mrs Bhalla: Raman , an FBI agent has come to u he wants to talk to you
Raman: Ok allow him..
FBI agent Gates: Sir, ur life is in danger.. the governor of Washington State told me to pass on the information to u and there are two Indian prisoners in US and the Indian intelligence agencies and FBI are searching for them… they both tell them that u r their relatives..we will give u security and at all times, please keep this pager with u sir …
Raman: Ok.. r they Abhishek and Pathak…
Gates: Yes sir…but still we r giving u security protection sir…
Raman: Then fine
Agent Gates leaves and Raman is wondering..

Raman: Ishita what is the problem again?? Maybe Ashok and Sarika left the prison and they both r hatching another plan to kill everyone of us all?
Ishita: IDK Raman…maybe Pathak told us and they weren’t joking OMG!!
Raman: Ishita, don’t take stress and don’t worry hopefully we find them and the FBI may deport them…

Scene 2:
Sarika enters the Bhalla house and she behaves rudely with everyone…
Sarika: U guys have ruined my life and u thought that I wouldn’t come back… Just give my property or else..
Ishita gives her a tight slap
Ishita: How dare u talk with us like this Sarika….We never expected that u killed Rinki..U r no more a part of our family…just get lost or else I will call the police…
Romi also gives her a tight slap…
Romi: Sarika I changed for good and u used our goodness and killed Rinki…
Sarika does’nt pay attention and they decide to do some thing
Raman takes Ishita into the room and Sarika just barges in Raman’s room
Raman(Shouts): Don’t u have manners u blo*dy woman…
Sarika enters and refuses to leave Ish-Ra’s room
Raman and Ishita sleep and they decide to call 911 leading to their information…

Scene 3:
Sarika talks arrogantly to Neelu
Sarika: Give me my food and everything…
Sarika is about to slap Neelu but Ishita holds her hand…
Ishita: No Neelu… As far as u r concerned Sarika… do everything urself..u don’t deserve and sympathy from anyone of us
Just then Raman and accompanied by two other cops comes and these cops arrest Sarika and take her and deport her
Similarly Shagun also tells the cops about Ashok’s whereabouts and they also arrest Ashok…
They both(Sarika and Ashok) are deported back to India and the family heaves a sigh of relief
Mrs Bhalla: Hey Matarani! Thanks for helping in this grueling 24 hr ordeal…
Raman takes Ishita into the room and makes her rest…
Raman: Ishu… u might have not slept properly I guess..if u wish u sleep bcos u noe that sleep is a must for pregnant woman
Ishita: Thanks for caring about me Raman..u r the best husband in the world..
He makes Ishita sleep and Adi and Ruhi come back from the library and ask for Ishita
Ruhi: Dadi ..where is Ishimaa??
Mrs Bhalla: She is sleeping and do not disturb her..she did not sleep the whole night.. U both know that she is pregnant..let her rest
Adi: Yes Ruhi.. we will not disturb Ishimaa.. she also needs rest..
Just then Ishita wakes up and sees Adi and Ruhi beside her…
Adi: Ishima, papa is taking us four for shopping in Costco..
Ishita: Ok lets all go..
They all go and buy groceries for how and they are accompanied by an FBI agent..
Adi: We all had fun..
On the way they all have icecream and go home.. They all reach home
Mrs Bhalla: Raman take Ishita into the room.. I will send a glass of milk to her
Raman makes Ishita to drink milk and he caresses her belly and makes her sleep

Precap: Ishita about to be hit by a car but the person in the car stops the car and gives her a bottle of water and apologizes to her

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