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Raman caresses Ishita’s forehead and looks at her…………..
Raman(to himself): She looks really cute when she sleeps… Oh god, please keep our child safe..after a long time, she is getting a lot of happiness.. I hope this time Ishita does not have a miscarriage again.. as long she is happy, I am also happy…
Ishita holds Ramans hand firmly and Raman smile on looking at her.. And they both sleep….

Ishita wakes up and sees Raman working on the laptop…..
Raman: Good morning my madrassan..
Ishita: Good morning…today u didn’t go to office??
Raman: I am working from home today…. I am preparing do’s and don’ts list for pregnant ladies.. By the way, how did u sleep and how did the baby sleep in mummy’s tummy(Raman holds her stomach and Ishita hugs him)
Ishita: We both slept well….
Raman: Go freshen up…I have kept ur clothes ready and have a bath with hot water..

Everyone r in the dining table and they r all discussing abt Ishita and Raman’s going to be baby and they r all happy
Mrs Bhalla: Good morning Ishita
Ishita: Good morning Mummyji………
Raman feeds Ishita and he gets a call from his office
Raman: Ishita.. I have to go for a meeting ..u don’t take stress and rest and ma please don’t let her go to the clinic
Mrs Bhalla: Ok beta..

Scene 3:
Raman finishes the meeting in his office and meets Ishita’s boss and talks to him
Raman: Hello Dr.Martin…how r u?
Dr.Martin: Hello Mr r u?
Raman: Doc, U cannot call Ishita during emergencies and it’s our family matter and I don’t want u to fall into it.. I will tell her that ur business got bankrupted
Dr Martin: But Mr Bhalla….
Raman: Ok I agree that she is one of ur star dentists….by the way how much do u earn in this tooth breaking business??
Dr Martin: Around 20000$…..
Raman: So if my wife breaks others teeth so u pay up….do my work..
Raman leaves and Dr Martin is puzzled

Scene 4:
Ishita is at home and Mani comes to meet Ishita and Raman..
Ishita: Hi Mani!! After a long time we have met..How r u??
Mani: Hi Ishu…How r u?? Why didn’t go to clinic..
Ishita: Raman wants me to rest because I am pregnant..
Mani(He is surprised): Why didn’t u tell me?? Congrats…
Just then Raman enters and he also sees Mani
Raman: Hi Mani.. How r u bro… Seeing u after a long time……
Mani: Congrats Raman…I am fine…
Raman: How do u know that Ishita’s pregnant???And since when have u been in US
Mani: Almost two years…Ishu told me..
Raman: Happy afterall…Ashok is arrested and maybe in jail and so is Sarika………..
Mani: What did Ashok do??
Raman: He was conspiring to kill me by using Sarika and she only murdered my Sister Rinki…
They all bond over coffee and Mani leaves..

Scene 5:
Adi and Ruhi come from school and freshen up and hug Ishita..
Ruhi: How is the baby Ishima??
Ishita: Baby is fine… and how about u both
They both hug Ishita and Raman takes Ishita into the room
Raman goes and gets Ishita’s favourite icecream and asks Simmi to serve..
Raman takes for Ishita
Ishita: Wow Raman, u got my favorite flavor….U come and feed my son
Raman: I have got it for my daughter…
They both argue with their sweet nok Jhok ..
Raman: If it’s a girl.. I would name her as Sitara or Nakshatra
Ishita: If it’s a boy.. I would name him as Vivaan or Ishaan
Raman: don’t worry there are possibilities that it may be twins also…
Just then Adi and Ruhi also enter and talk
Raman: Ruhi..u normally don’t share with any one right..
Ruhi: Papa.. I will share this icecream with the baby..I want a sister.. bcos Adi bhaiyya and Shravan fight with me
Raman: See Ishu Ruhi supports for a daughter…
Adi: I want a brother…
Ishita: See Raman, Adi supports for a son
Adi: No matter, the going to be baby would get lots of love from everyone of us…
They all have a family hug ..

Precap: Sarika comes to US and talks shamelessly to the family and Shagun tells the police about the whereabouts of Sarika and Ashok

Spoiler: Sarika tries to trouble the family but fails and Ashok and Sarika would be deported back to India and Subbu to enter and try creating rift between Ishita and Raman but Bala to know about Subbu trying to separate Ishita and Raman
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