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Raman: Ishita , where r u going.
Ishita: I am running late to the clinic and I have a VIP appointment….its the Mayor of Seattle who has a toothache .
Raman: Ishita, u know that u r pregnant and u cannot take stress.. I will drop u and pick u in the evening..and don’t take tension
Ishita: Raman.. u r the best husband in the world.. I am lucky to have u as my husband. I love you Raman..
Raman: I love u too Ishita.. I am lucky to have u as my wife…

Scene 2
At the breakfast table…
Mrs Bhalla: Ishita.. what r u doing? Sit down ,I will serve u breakfast..
Everyone pamper Ishita and Raman about their going to be baby and the happy family appears to be brimming with joy…but Romi appears to be upset…
Raman: What happened to u Romi… Why do look so sad?
Romi walks away and he sits in the garden lonely’
Ishita: Raman, I will talk to him..
Ishita: What happened Romi, why do u look so sad?? R u thinking about Sarika?
Romi: What to say Bhabhi…I never thought that Sarika would betray me and link up with.. I never even thought in my dreams that she was the person who killed my beloved sister and I am even shocked to know that she was never pregnant with my child
Ishita: Will u accept Sarika again if she comes again
Romi: Never Bhabhi…I will never accept her more or less when I think about her.. I feel like to kill myself…I guess I am suffering for my previous mistakes and I even realized those mistakes and accepted her but god has punished me..
Ishita: God never punishes the person who realized his mistakes… and Romi..for everyone there are some pro’s and con’s … now forget the past and look towards the future..
Romi: Thanks Bhabhi for ur means a lot to me
Raman and Ishita leave..

Ishita: Sir..u have to not eat anything for next 5-6 hours and please eat anything soft or have some icecream..
Mayor of Seattle: Thanks thing which I notice from other docs is that u r very patient and more or less u r friendly with everyone…and I like u r politeness and u r quite patient woman. How many children do u have
Ishita: Thanks for the compliment sir… I have two children and I am pregnant with third one sir…
Mayor: Oh.. take care and thanks for coming to give me the treatment and goodbye..
The Mayor of Seattle takes leave and
Mayor(to himself): This woman is such a good woman and even in her pregnancy, she came to see me..such a good woman.. I will definitely honor her and recommend her name for the ASA
Mrs Iyer brings sweets and talks with Mrs Bhalla
Mrs Iyer: Ishu suffered a lot in the past and now she is happy that she is going to become a mother again
Mrs Bhalla: Why don’t we put a puja for her happiness , after all she is smiling
Mrs Iyer: Yes we will…lets do it tomorrow

Raman Picks Ishita
Raman: Did u pull the wrong tooth of the mayor… Maybe he came to the opinion that u r a fake dentist
Ishita: Raman.. why do u make fun of my profession
Ishita and Raman have their sweet nok jhok and they reach home..
Adi and Ruhi are home and they come to know about Ishita’s pregnancy and at the same time both Ishita and Raman enter home
Adi and Ruhi hug Ishita
Adi: wow ,Ishima..a new baby is going to come…I am happy
Raman takes Ishita into the room and makes her rest..
Raman: U rest here… I will get ur dinner here
They both have dinner and Raman gives her a glass of milk..
Ishita: Raman..u know that I don’t drink milk and sleep
Raman: u have to drink milk every day and u have to do because when this is good for the mother and the baby as well and u r doctor right..
Ishita quietly drinks milk.. Yeh hai mohabbatein plays

Precap: Raman caresses Ishita’s head and makes her sleep and smiles at her

Spoiler: Subbu to enter and try to create rift between Ishita and Raman but their romance would double..

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