Hi guys….thanks a lot for ur comments and I get ideas to think and I am writing because the current track since none of us like it and its too dragging and I am thinking to include a few English songs

Raman’s private jet arrives in Vegas along with the family. A limousine comes to pick the family but Raman and Ishita go in another limo and Adi and Ruhi are at camping with their school and Grand Canyon National Park. Raman books a holiday home in Vegas
Raman: Now we get time to do some romance…its been a long time since we both are alone and I am not going to lose this opportunity
Ishita : U r very funny Mr Ravan Kumar..Lets go
The song Rang Sharbaton ka plays
The families arrives to the holiday homes and the wedding preparations begin…
Raman: Why don’t we all have a bachelors party for Manoj’
Manoj: Ya true..lets all enjoy together
Shagun: And u guys please don’t drink too much and don’t drink and drive
Shagun: Ishita, how r they going?
Ishita: I booked a limousine and the chauffeur is a spy.. he will be sending us information about these men..
Shagun: Ishita, u r a genius
The men leave and the ladies have a tour of the city and in the in their rented car and they have fun

Ishita: The city is really beautiful and its awesome..
Shagun: Yes Ishita… its soo beautiful and the landmarks are really awesome and Iiked Bellazo and Caesar’s Palace… they look quite amazing
The ladies arrive home and the have reloaded panipuris and Mrs Bhalla has mixed vodka in the pani and Shagun and Ishita start laughing under the effect of Vodka and they both sleep
Its morning and Ishita and Shagun r sleeping and the men haven’t arrived and Shagun and Ishita wake up and they don’t see anyone and everyone r still sleeping and D-Day is here
Shagun: None of the men arrived Ishita and the wedding preparations and we have to Venetian and contact the wedding planner
Ishita: Shagun, calm down they might have stopped over and maybe sleeping
Just then the doorbell rings and the men also come
Ishita: Raman!! Why r u so late??
Shagun: Manoj!! Even u r also drunk
Ishita and Shagun confront them both and they all apologize to their wives
Katie is a wedding planner and she gets Shagun her gown and Ishita and Shagun go to the venue to see the preparations and they all manage it well…
The families arrive at the wedding chapel and Manoj comes in a blue suit and a white tie and Raman comes in a black suit and a red tie while both Ishita is wearing a white colored off shoulder gown and Shagun is dressed beautifully
Raman: Ishita…u r looking very beautiful in this gown
Ishita (blushes): Thanks Raman and u look very handsome..

Shagun and Manoj exchange their wedding vows and they both exchange rings… the wedding is finished and Manoj and are in the main dancing hall and the Ishita and Raman ,Shagun and Manoj and Mihir and Mihika start dancing on Bruno Mars’ song Marry you
Then they perform the hindu rituals and they both have a gondola ride and so Ishita and Raman r in the gondola and they both r enjoying Raman books honeymoon suite for the newlyweds and they both also go in a honeymoon suite
Shagun: Now on we both are wife and husband.. Mrs. Shagun Paul
Manoj: Yes Shagun…. Remember our first meeting in Delhi as flatmates and we both had a lot of fight and yes we enjoyed ourselves … the epic was that u guys arrived late and u guys had to apologize to us..
Shagun and Manoj have some nok jhok and spend some romantic time and Ishita and Raman also having some romantic time
Raman: Ishita.. u r looking like an angel in this gown . I love u
Ishita: I love u too Raman… u look handsome in this suit I stongly feel that we both r made for each other and I feel that u r my true soul mate but not Subbu
Raman: Yes more or less we both r made for each ot
Raman and Ishita get intimate and Raman and Ishita kiss each other passionately
The families arrive at Seattle and Shagun cooks a sweet for her in laws
Mr Paul: Shagun, this cake is really tasty and I feel like to eat it
Shagun: Thanks

Meanwhile at Bhalla house
Ishita wakes up midnight and haves some icecream
Raman: Give me a kiss and go
Ishita : I’ll be back in few moment
Ishita just then faints and Raman takes her to the hospital
Scene 5
Raman: Doc , she fainted can u pls tell me the reason?
Ishita regains consciousness and the doctor calls Raman inside
Doctor : Congratulations, Mr. Bhalla, Ishita Bhalla is pregnant
Ishita is shocked and Raman is jumping with joy…Ishita touches her stomach
They both arrive home and Raman tells the family that Ishita is pregnant
Everyone are happy and so does Shagun
Shagun: Congartulations Ishita….I am happy for u
Ishita and Shagun hug each other

Precap: The family is pampering Ishita and her would be baby.

Credit to: Prithvi

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  1. Wow its really amazing episode pls post it daily prithvi looking forward for tmrw epi and thanks for entertainig inspite of ur busy schdule

  2. Cute one

  3. Wooooow…everything is fine now…really happy…

  4. Wow prithvi it’s moving fast and I think don’t make too perfect then the story will start to be boring but the epi was lovely at last their going to have a baby of their own the writers really should read this

  5. Nice ff bt no miscarriage pls

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