Hi guys… sorry for late update because I was busy and thanks for the inspiration u all gave me thru comments…it really boosts me up to comes the another part of my ff. here I am introducing Manoj’s parent as Mr and Mrs Paul as Manoj’s dad is a Goan Christian and his mom is a Punjabi. And I am combining the two parts

Scene 1
Ishita: Raman I am running late already and please don’t stop me…I have to hurry to the clinic and Adi and Ruhi left right…
Raman: Why don’t u come with me? I will give u a drop and I am going to office and I will pick u up and we have to come home early because Manoj’s parents are coming to our place all the way from Boston to discuss about their marriage..
Ishita: Yeah and we should come by evening
Raman: That’s what meri maa
Raman drops Ishita and they reach Ishita’s clinic a
Raman: Before u go(Raman pointing towards his lips )
Ishita: Ok baba(She kisses Raman)
Raman:I will pick u in the evening

Scene 2
Mihir and Mihika are talking to each other and they both discuss about their pasts
Mihir : U r a fre woman now Mihika
Mihika: Mihir, I just feel happy that I am free from that idiot Ashok and he deserves the thing for harming our family and Shagun has also changed
Mihir: Yeah Mihika….people change by changing times and since Rinki died , I am feeling alone and I wish to get married again
Mihika: The previous proposals which Periyamma got were not good and I find the right kind of personality in u and Bhalla aunty is sad since Rinki died… but I am innocent all I hate that Sarika for being disloyal towards our family and Bhalla aunty is at peace yet dejected after remembering Rinki..
Mihir: Yeah Mihika but Ishita bhabi and Shagun did the right thing and they brought out the culprit and they also did a wonderful job by revealing Sarika
They both argue beginning with their nok jhok

Manoj’s parents arrive at the Bhalla house and Ishita helps Shagun to get ready to Manoj’s parents. Shagun is dressed in pink kanjivaram saree
Manoj: Shagun, u r looking very beautiful in this saree
Shagun(Blushes): Thanks Manoj and u look handsome too
Mrs.Paul: Yes we r going to accept this relationship.. I think so Manoj fell in love with her and I hope that she would be a good daughter in law like ur daughter in law..
Mrs Bhalla: Yes trueee.. we are also ready to accept their relation..
Just then Raman interrupts
Raman: I guess Las Vegas would be a good place to have a good wedding destination and I have found a wedding chapel in Vegas ie The Venetian.. I heard that it is a good place
Ishita : Yes Raman.. I love it a lot
The families joke and talk and have fun.. Raman , Ishita and Ruhi go to a movie while Adi is at his friends place for his birthday his BMW 5 series
Ishita: You surprised us Raman… I love u soo much
Raman: I love u too Ishita…
Just then a Raman sees a person lying and he stops his car..
Raman: Dude , r u fine..
Goon1: I was just pretending to act hurt…
Just then three other goons also come with a baseball bat and knife and demand Raman for ransom…and Ruhi hugs Ishita and she calls 911
Ishita: Hello, is this 911? four goons are fighting with my husband and they r demanding ransom..please come fast..
Cops: Yes we r on the way and can u tell us the address..
Ishita: Vicarage street…
Cop(to another cop in the car): Roger that..thanks Mrs Bhalla
Raman is still fighting with the goons and just then three cops and paramedics arrive at the scene. The cop enquires Raman
Cop1: R u fine…did u get hurt anywhere
Raman: The most worrying part was that there were two other lives in this car and these dogs(goons) attacked
Cop2:Wow sir, u fought four goons single handedly?
Raman: When it is the question of ur wife and kids..even forty also does not fall heavy on you
Cop1: Actually since past 15 days these goons are creating a havoc in this area and please don’t worry and these guys have been caught then we may find others..Thanks a lot
Raman starts the car and they leave
Ishita: u have impressed me my Ravan Kumar….fighter
Raman: U and Ruhi matter to me a lot and lets go home…we r running late

Precap: The families leave to Vegas and Ruhi and Adi go to camping along with then and their school and Shagun’s wedding preparations begin in Vegas

Credit to: Prithvi

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