Is This Is My Destiny???-Prologue

Scene 1
A girl was lost in her thoughts by staring the night sky…Her thoughts were disturb by a another girl who tapped on her shoulders..

Girl 2-Why don’t you forget the past and move on..He didn’t have trust on you..You know that in every relationship trust is needed and also it has been 7 years why don’t you just try to forget him and that incident…

Girl 1-I know that the trust is needed for every relationship…

Girl 2-Then why can’t you forget that and move on in your life…

Girl 1-It’s easy for you to say forget that incident and him but I can’t forget this past seven years my love for him turned into hate because he didn’t have trust on my love and scolded me badly by misunderstanding me..but in same way I’m being worrying for him because he is trusting someone who is cheating him..I don’t won’t to meet him in my life but I wanted to know how is he then I can be free from all the tension…

Girl 2-Then do you love him still…

Girl 1-Not even in my dreams…I just hate him for core…

Girl 2-Ok then…By talking about those I forgot to wish you…Congrats due to your hardwork S&R Company has become the number one company in Mumbai city…

Girl 1-Thanks a lot…

Scene 2
A boy was shouting to someone in the phone saying this can’t happen…hearing this noise two men enters the boys cabin…

Man 1-Why are you shouting like this?

Boy-Papa this time our company is not the number one company…

Man 1-What how can this happen in this 7 years we have being number one company how can suddenly some other company get…Are you sure about it?

Boy – Yes papa

Man 1 – (points the other man)Bhaiya Can you please check who is number one this time…

Man 2-(Checks and says)S&R company… it is been handled by Miss.Gadodia by last 5years…Mr. Gadodia is the owner of S&R Company

Scene 3
Same girl who was in scene 1 is in worried face about something..Someone Whisper something in her ears..

Scene 4
Same boy in scene 2 was seen…
Boy-Dammit after 7 years I’m seeing her..she is totally change…..she betrayed me I will never ever forgive her…

So I’m done with the prologue…I know it’s were small…Next will the character sketch…
Please forgive me for my grammatical errors…I’m sorry for making you guys bored…It’s Full of My Imagination & I didn’t copy anyone’s concept…

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    Loved it dear ….. the business companies are handled by our love birdsBIRDS…. now what was the incident…. now they will come face to face after 7 yrs…. it means full Tasha e swasan❤❤❤❤❤


    Loved it dear ….. the business companies are handled by our love birdsBIRDS…. now what was the incident…. now they will come face to face after 7 yrs…. it means full Tashan e swasan❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Raina_Riz

      Thanks ☺

  3. Shiksha

    Nice.. Update soon

  4. Superb

  5. Neptune

    omg omg omg i loved it sooooooooooooooo much….
    so our hero is not trusting our heroine and they are hating each other….
    it would be fun to read dear….
    do continue soonnnnnn

  6. Rosey

    Amaing yaar post next sooner

    1. Raina_Riz

      Thanks a lot

  7. loved it…continue soon

  8. Independent

    Loved it

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      Thanks alot

  9. Amazing..continue soon..

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    Interesting dear

  12. Wordless?????????????

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      Thanks alot

  13. Rachna

    Awsm Dr… Update soon

  14. AbrahamEzra

    Awsm dear. I just want to know what had happened with both of them. Post soon

  15. Anu

    Wowwww re awesomee!! Mindblowing!! Post next part soon!! Waiting for the past to reveal.. nd sanskar to know the truth!!

  16. Mumpi

    interesting.!!!!! update soon.

  17. interesting.. continue soon

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    Very interesting… continue soon

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