Is this a love? (intro)

Hii guyzz it’s Jannat, and it’s my first ff hope you all will enjoy this
Before ff I want to specify something that I’m inspired by one of the ff writer ANGLE so some parts of this ff may be similar to her ffs. In short I stole some part… sorry for that….
Here I go

Introduction to characters (I will add more characters as required but this are some basic characters)

TANISHKA: Sweet, simple, caring. Always do what other said, coz she lives for others, their happiness. Loves ABHIMANYU a lot and cannot able to hate him coz abhi is her whole world.
SHANAYA: Modern girl. Who has a power to do anything coz her dad is an India’s leading businessman. Always think that she has full right on abhimanyu. Pretending to love abhi but in reality she is just using him for maintaining her status and business.

ABHIMANYU: Passionate about his dream and can do anything for it, he wants to become successful, he is almost successful but not fully (reason you will get to know after word). He is madly loved with tani (TANKISHKA), n crazy for her. He is so arrogant, khadus akadu type boss, but in front of tani he is just a lovely, romantic person.

Base of story
Abhi want to do business, very talented skill full that’s why shanaya’s dad Mr. kapoor give him money n abhi n kapoor’s are business partner. For the business there are 2 imp things are required MONEY (KAPOOR’S) & MIND (ABHIMANYU) n this to leads to a successful business. That’s why shanaya shows her right on abhi. And the most important thing is that no one knows that abhimanyu is married to tanishka.
Tani lives in Australia; abhi comes to meet her twice or thrice in year for 2-3 weeks, and it is sufficient for her because she loves abhi blindly. Somehow abhi convince her to hide their marriage, n for abhi’s dreams n abhi’s sake she is doing that. Tani is totally unaware about shanaya,

The story is how TANISHKA survive her love in difficult circumstances. Why abhi is leaving two lives, which was the true?

No. episodes are depending upon how many comments are coming…. Plzzz guyzz support me n do comments, I need ur support and suggestions coz I’m doing this for first time. Feel free to comments.

Till then bye…. Take care,
Love Jannat.

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  1. loved the concept…continuee 🙂

    1. Thnk u …

  2. Hey jannat. I appreciate that you started a story and you are inspired by angel but that doesn’t mean you will steal her parts. It’s totally plagiarism and is not supported by society. So I hope you would write the story with your own parts and I am sure it would be good. Plus , you may be fined for copying some parts or maybe jailed. That’s called plagiarism. So please don’t copy anyone’s hard work.
    But your story is nice.
    Sorry to hurt you but don’t copy anyone’s hard work ??

    1. I will definitely consider this… thxx for reading …

      plzz read further episodes u will get to know what i mean to say

  3. Welcome,dear.Nice.Story line is quite different.Keep going..

    1. Thnk u dear

  4. hey jannat.. Thanks a lot dear ? I can’t tell u how happy I’m that u r inspired by ME ?? love u dear and all the best for ur story ??

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