Is there love in my life?? Episode -2 ( Shivika’s argument)

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Shivay enters his cabin sat on his chair

Reena her assistant walks in
“Sir, a girl came for interview”

Shivay”oh! send her…”

Anika comes and goes inside the cabin
Shivay’s chair was on opposite side so his back was facing Anika

“May I come in sir?”Anika asked

“Yes sure…”Shivay said

As soon he turns they both were Damm shocked

“You!!!” They both said together

“You are that shameless person!!” Anika said with irritation

“ you are that stupid girl huh..”shivay said

“ you are shivay Singh oberoi!! That means you are my boss!!”Anika said shockingly

“Not yet dear…I am not your boss till now”

Anika looks on

“Yaa…I have not decided yet”Shivay said

“Well, first show me your data”

After seeing that

“You get this job!!”said Shivay

“Really!?”Anika asked confused

“Yaa…but you will be appointed here as my assistant”Shivay replied

“What!! But you already have that ‘rhino’as your assistant”Anika said

“Wait, what, rhino?? Not rhino she is reena”Shivay sounds irritated

“And can’t I have two assistants” Shivay said

“But….” Anika said opposing

“I don’t want to hear anything, from tommorow you can join”

“Ok so, miss anika” Shivay said looking into the files

“Wait, what’s you surname? ” Shivay asked Looking at her

“Trivedi, Anika trivedi…” Anika replied

“My guess was right you are that another middle class girl who can agree for anything just for money” Shivay said with ease

“We middle class people are not like that!!” Anika said clerifyng

“Who cares!” Shivay said rudely

“So anika from tommorow you can join”

Anika’s POV
Anyone should not know here, that I am Anika Roy…..that I am a rich girl,for them I should only be Anika trivedi”

On other hand
“this painting looks Soo deep”a girl said looking at it

“But what does it resembles?” She started thinking

Who’s she??

To be continued……

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