Is Swaragini annoying you?


Thsi is an Analysis on the show Swaragini airing at 9:30 pm in colors tv.
Its just from my point of view.
The show is becominh like a Crime patrol, CID or any other such series. The show is based on issues between two neighbours from two different states. But as we all know, it can’t remain constant. So I agree about the family drama and romance between the pairs but they have dragged it as if anyone can enter and anyone can leave as well. The pairs being exchanged at every interval. Now people are left with Swara Laksh and Swara Sanskar or Laksh Ragini.
Marriage is a true and prestigious relation. Not to be played with. But the whole team of the show has created a situation where one needs to count how many times did Swara got married? One? Two? Three? Or even more than that? Did I missed one?
Also the love sequence confuses. Not just the exchange of the lead pairs but also many characters like Kavita, Kavya, Tania poked their nose.
The evil planning-plotting is no less. I agree their need to be a story to continue the show but one must not write something irritating and repeating one thing again and again shows that the writers are lack of story. The serial can be rather continued with helping of the family memebers regarding some problems between them but it must no be always telecasted to the whole city or town.
The happy moments are rarely shown and sad moments more.
Yeah! The recent comments of the viewers had shown their dislike towards the jail scenes. It is somehow annoying as every now and then a member of the family is going behind bars. Husband after wife. Its more like a detective series than a family drama and romance. Many might disagree with me but it is just my point of view and you have the full right to comment your likes and dislikes regarding it.

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  1. yr we wnt romanc of swasan yr always theyshow detectiv scenes they are also humans no romance at all

  2. I guess you are correct … it’s getting boring .. y don’t they try takin stories from fan fictions..there are some great writers here…!!

  3. Yeah why always such crazy track….one by one someone is coming as villain…..I agree that a drama needs a villain….1st thing I don’t like about opera drama’s are that they have took marriage as play….2nd thing is any dead person can be alive at any time….. 3rd thing is that in anyone’s life even happy time comes but no these drama’s full of stupid tracks which has no meaning….What the hell is the moral of the drama??????? And e.g: if the name of the drama is swaragini that means give importance to both Swara+Ragini bcz the show is based on them……….and yes why the hell everyone comments all Helly, Tejaswi, Namish’s character…. Look it’s just a show so they are doing their acting…the role they they have is in the show not in real. In real all are good friends… But I guess seeing our comments only Teju was about to leave… Even she have heart even she didn’t like her character in drama…. Just think if real Teju didn’t like her then how we judge her character from the real life. Secondly yes agree Swara was Mahan but it’s bcz she saw tears of her sister’s eyes, she felt her pain. But it’s all the character, in real life it’s Helly not Swara she’s not like this in real life…..But we all are commenting on her character as well taking it seriously….. We are again again calling her Swara The Mahan…. 🙂 plsssss even they have heart. They can feel things. It’s their character in drama not in real life so plsssss stop commenting these rubbish about them taking it seriously. It’s not even the fault of Swara and Ragini. The writer made their character so ask him not Helly, Teju, Namish, Varun. In real life all are good friends so them relax and don’t comments to them or don’t fight regarding Swara which you said Mahan or Ragini which you said to be still innocent….. Plsssss don’t ask these stupid questions to them just ask the writer. They are just doing there jobs by giving wonderful performance…….

  4. Swara the saviour !! 😛 this is getting too much .. seems as if swara didn’t get married but has joined some detective branch.. oh god !! n what was that in yesterday’s episode .. the smoke bomb.. are the inspectors so dumb..!!

  5. The writers have used enough of their mind in dragging the track here and there. And even if they do, they must make it little believable. Yeah tooba you are right .. The focus is only on swara nad not on ragini.. But lastly she is repenting but what i hate is even knowing the true colors of her wen she played the negative role.. Her family acted like blind and fools.

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