“Is love eternal..?” SHIVIKA FF by kanfi “Chap 7”



16 dec 2015

Uff you know,,shivaay is such a cutipie…yesterday I didnt rply him as I was faking anger but dont know when I slept…And there Shivaay,he got so much serious…He had sent lots of msgs and they were so cute,,asking for apology like a kid..And when I didnt reply,,he came to my hostel room,,he called me and due to phone’s ringing I’d to wake up and I was like why is he calling me..!!He asked me to come out,,I went out..He suddenly hugged me and asking for apology…For a while I was confused then I realised whats the matter…I said to him,,relax Shivaay,,I wasnt angry,,,,,,calm down…..

Shivaaay asked me promise…???forwarding his little finger,,I said pinky promise…!!
Then he said Annika you are really special for me,,I got so worried,,I thought I’ll loose you forever….Please never go away from me…If there would be any misunderstanding between us,,you promise you’ll talk to me about that…And whatever there will be in future you’ll never hate me,,you’ll always give me that special place in your heart….
I was just looking at him and tears were flowing from my eyes,,at the same time ,I was confused,,happy,,feeling blessed to have him…I asked him why are you saying all this,,nothing like this is going to happen…We’ll be always there for each other….Then I hugged him and calmed him down and asked him to go to his room….And like an obedient child l,,he went to his room…

In the morning,,we had few classes,,we attended it,,then we spent some quality time with each other,,talking,,teasing,,laughing with each other ..No doubt we love each other’s cmpany….!!Then I went to director’s cabin for some formalities regarding that competition…!!And Shivaay had some work,,so he also went….!!And he didnt arrive yet….Should I call him or text him???!!!Ohh god… Should I call him!!!!Ok I m going to calll him 😉
I tried to call him several times but his number is unreachable,,so I’ve dropped a msg to contact me whenever he gets the message…..I think I should sleep now??

31 dec 2015

So yaa finallyyyyyyy I’ve qualified that entrance examination,,now I’ve to concentrate fully on this 1.5 year course to get more better results…!!And yaa,,Shivaay is returning today,,I m so happy….Actually that day,,he’d to go Bangalore for some work,,he didnt tell me what was that but something important.. !!I havent seen him past 15 days,,yeah we’re chatting through msgs but still….!!!I missed his presence…So he is coming today yeah….And we’ll celebrate new year together…!!He’ll be here at about 9:00 pm,,,then we’ll go out to celebrate new year….He has told me that I’ve to be ready otherwise I’ll take all time in this????……So I ‘m going to get ready….Will come back to you tomorrow…!!

2 jan 2016

What a new year…..!!!!!I can never forget the beginning of this year…!!Still I remember how I used to spend my new years in the orphanage,,they used to lock me in a room,,there was no one to talk to me…!!And today I’ve Shivaay…!!He made me feel so special that I dont think my past memories will haunt me anymore…!!Thank you so much God for sending Shivaay in my life..!!He had planned the whole new year programme…!!He had booked a hotel for us…All arrangements were made there on terrace,,,decorated with balloons,,lights,,,I was feeling like its my b’day than a new year celebration….We did countdown and welcomed the new year whole-heartedly,,,,crackers were bursting everywhere….Then we had lunch,,,,we both were so happy,,,we spent some qualiy time together and returned to our hostel….Next day in the morning,,we’d planned all the adventurous things we are going to do whole day???….We visited so many places,,had amazing foods n not to forget we again had a “pani puri battle”….And again I won…!!
At night when we’re returning to hostel,,we decided to have a walk till hostel…!!We’re walking on the road,,holding each others hand…!!

Shivaay said,,he’s really lucky to have me in his life..He was craving for all this happiness since long,,,he’s glad that I said so many things to him that day,,he’s glad that his perspective changed..!! He continued that I’ll be always his best friend no matter what situation is he’ll try all possible things to be with me…!!ALWAYS

I was just constantly smiling,,I kept my head on his shoulder,,and said,,,,,Shivaay ,,you dont know but you are the reason for my this smile,,my this happiness,,you are the bestest thing happened to me ever….!!YOU ARE REALLY IMPORTANT…!!!!!

Then we soon reached hostel and parted to respective rooms…!!!
PRECAP—-1.5Year leap

So guys enjoyed this longer update????????I m not getting much comments….???plzzzz do comment silent readers…!!I wont post next chapter until I get satisfying number of comments…!!

Lots of love

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    Awesome really loved it…

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    Knafi hold my hand…warna copy paste ho jayenga…reading an reading wish this will never-ending story but my bad luck its so short anf in end Pracap huh so sad !!
    Fabulous Chappy.Loved if.

    1. Kanfi

      Fenil ur commnt??????
      I m happy u like it,,,yeahhhhh….
      N precap is needed,,soon have unveil mny things…
      Stay tuned???
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    Awesome ???lovely update

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    It was just fabulous, awesome and superb
    The way you write it do is hist incredible
    Wish I could write like u
    Have become a fan of your writings
    Sorry for not commenting for soo long

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      U made me feel soo amazinggg…
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  6. superb dear lovely
    waiting for the next part that too after one and a half year really excited

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    It is awesome and lovely

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    Take Care And Stay Safe?

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  9. Banita

    Awwwwesome chappy Kanfi….
    Precap – Super excited 4 nxt… Finally leap…. Hope u will meet Shivika soon… Post ASAP…

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  10. awesome one waiting for next.. pls post ASAP..

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  12. Amazingly wow! Especially the way both celebrated the new year was so beautiful. Eagerly waiting for the next.

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    1. Kanfi

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  13. Maryam_ishq

    Amazing chp dear !! It was just beautiful and adorable ?.
    Shivay got so worried tht anika wasn’t replying to his msgs… he thought she was very angry at him and he went towards her hostel room ? and hugged her the moment he saw her and asked for forgiveness… how cute he was. Anika told him she wasn’t angry at all and sent him back to his room ?. Shivay’s words are scaring me ?… it feels like was cheated by someone, or someone misunderstood him or he’s havin some sorta prblm … his words and emotions are freaking me out… i can’t control my excitement to knw wht has really happened with him.
    Anika wondering whether or not to call shivay and finally she calls him but he didn’t answer ?. She got to knw tht he was in bangalore and is gonna be there for 15 days…. they both kept in touch with each other. Anika was happy tht she qualified for tht course… and to add to tht happiness shivay was coming back tht day and they were gonna celebrate new years together ?.
    Shivay had done so much preparations …. he wanted anika to frgt all the bad memories she had in the orphanage and enjoy this phase of her life to the fullest. Anika was happy to have shivay by her side… he showered her life with so much happiness tht she forgot all the bad memories of her childhood.
    They had one hell of an amazing day the next day… pani puri battle, muh main pani aagaya thinkin of pani puri… spending time with each other… they enjoyed a lot. They walked towards their hostel holding hands ?Shivay told her tht she means a lot to him and her friendship is something tht he cherishes a lot. Anika tells him tht he is really very important for her as he filled her life with happiness… he made her frgt the memories of the orphanage ?.
    Can’t wait for the next epi… but leap already… though i want it but i wanna see them keepin in touch with each other in the past one year. Take care dear and love u loads ❤❤❤❤❤.

    1. Kanfi

      Maryan yarr ur commmnt always amazes me..I was waiting for ur commnt since long???
      Thnk uuuu soooo muchhhhh…..
      Yaa there is suspense….u’ll get to know soon…!!
      N leap will be in fast forward mode…I’ll write some parts there…..
      Lvee u?????
      Take cre

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