“Is love eternal..?” SHIVIKA FF by kanfi “Chap 6”



10 dec 2015

So yaa me and shivaay are really very good frnds now…We used to talk regularly via msgs,,we discuss our problems with each other,,he is really very humble….Dont know why was he so rude during the competition…May be there must be some reason but I never asked him anything,,whenever he’ll feel comfortable he himself will share everything with me…
I like to talk to him…Dont know why but i feel good whenever he is with me…I enjoy his company…And let me tell you,,his sense of humour,,dont ask…its just fabulous..!!
It has been only 5 days,,and I feel like I know him since long…I feel so happy to be with him…Ohh gosh what am I doing,,I m just writing about him only….
I should go to sleep now…
Heyyyy see,,he texted me….Ohh god why am I blushing…I’ve gone mad…


Shiv–Hii annika
Ani–Hii shivaay

Shiv–what were you doing…?
Ani–I was writing dairy…and u??

Shiv–U write dairy??woooww its amazing,,,I m just talking to u;)

Ani–yaa I know…Ok can I ask u something??
Shiv–Yaaa sure..!!

Ani–Shivaay,,I just wanted to ask why did you behave so weirdly at competition,,I mean you are totally different person right now…

Shiv–Annika I’d told you n I’ll tell you everything when there is correct time…!!please let it be now…

Ani–Okk I m sorry…

Shiv–No need of sorry…I m going to sleep..good night…

Ani–Hey,,u arent angry no???see I m really sorry…I promise I wont ask u this again…plz dont be upset…

Shiv–are u mad??its nothing like that..I m not upset at all…dont think much n go to sleep…we’ve class in the morning…

Ani–ok…gd night

15 dec 2015

Today it was holiday in the institute….So I and shivaay decided to spend time with each other….We visited juhu beach….We just sat at a place and had a long conversation…Finally I told him about my past and he was so understanding,,,his words still echo in my ears…!!
He said…”Annika you know what you are really a strong girl and you deserve all happiness in your life,,I dont know whether I will be there or not but I want to be reason of your happiness,,,I will never let you feel unwanted…You are really an amazing friend,,I m really glad that I am lucky enough to have you in my life,,n I hope our friendship continues and stays for long…!!Whenever you need a friend,,you need someone’s shoulder to cry upon,,I will be there for you…I know its not possible but…..”” I asked him why not possible..!!!!he just said nothing and continued…..Whatever you have faced in your life,,all this has made you a stronger person and I m proud of you..!!
I was just smiling while Shivaay was saying all this…I was reallly happy that there is someone for whom I mean a lot…!!.
I tried to ask him about this sudden change in his behaviour after competition but he again ignored and I didnt force him then….
We ate so many things,,pav bhaji,,paani puri,,egg roll,,all street foods…It was really an amazing day…!!
And I forgot one thing I’ve applied for an entrance exam which is a 1.5year course and if I performed well in its final test I can get a chance of internship in London….Actually I was confused,,should I fill the form or not but Shivaay encouraged me that I should fill the form,,I’ve potential and I shouldnt waste it..!!
So I’ve entrance test after a week…!!

And today I am deciding to text him first ,,he always texts first..?



Ani–So did you enjoy today..??
Shiv–Of course I did..After all I’d such an amazing company…

Ani–O really…!!Btw you have lost the pani puri battle…?

Ani–So what???
Shiv–Ok baba…Now what can I do if you are such a bhukkar???

Ani–shut up??Accept ur defeat…
Shiv–Yaa yaa sure???But you were really ammazinggg,,after eating all other foods,,you still had capacity of eating soo many pani puris????

Ani–apna apna talent hota h….???Dont give excuses..ok….
Shiv–Ok Ms.bhukkar?????

Shiv–Achaa baba…srry….
Shiv–Have u gone???
Shiv–Annika,,I was joking yarr….

Hola peeps….I know I’m soopr dooopr late..I’m really sorry for that and update is also small??Actually I was ill and didnt feel like writing…
But I promise next chap will be longer,,pinky promise???
Do vote and comment….take care…

Lots of love

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  2. Amazing ? dear update soon

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    Dear Kanfi
    Anika Think About Shivay? ShivIka Conv?Shivay Promise Word To Anika? ShivIka Conv? Shivay Tease Anika?? It’s Interesting Chapter????????
    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. Kanfi

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  9. Maryam_ishq

    Amazing chp dear !! Sry for the late comment… busy with collg work.
    Shivika became really close friends in a few days only… shivay didn’t open up abt himself tht much. Anika excitingly writing abt shivay in her diary and blushing when he msged her ??… tht was soo cute.
    They hang out at the juhu beach spending quality time with each other ?. Anika finally decided to tell him abt her past and opens up to shivay and he was soo considerate and caring. He motivated her to go forward in life and ignore those who taunted her… she’s worth a lot more. Though some of his words were scary… it gives the feeling tht he’s gonna die soon or he’s in guilt of losing someone very close to his heart tht’s why he stays away frm people. Shivay needs more time until he opens up himself to anika. It’s so nice to see anika praising shivay in her diary ?.
    Anika goes for the exam on shivay’s insistence. She messaged him first today ?…. shivay must be soooo happy. So they are gonna have a pani puri competition ?. Shivay calling anika a bhukkad and she went off ??.
    It’s alright for giving a small chp. Anyways take care dear and lovs u loads ❤❤❤❤❤??

    1. Kanfi

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