Is Love After Marriage Possible?? (Kanchi) Episode 4


The Cousin Trio Find Out About Sanchi’s Intention Behind Marriage

Sanchi Misses Dadi

Sanchi And Kabir Go To Work

Isha And Pragya Confront Sanchi

Sanchi Aur Kabir Ki Dosti


Is Love After Marriage Possible?? Episode 4

The Night Before The Trip

Shailesh: You have all your stuff

Sanchi: Yes Dad

Kusum: Make sure you have petrol

Kabir: Maa we aren’t babies and we aren’t travelling for the first time

Kusum: I just want to make sure nothing happens to my favorite bahu

Kabir: Sanchi look what you did, now who will support me

Shailesh: See that’s women do, they steal our stuff and never give it back

Kusum: Excuse me?? What did I steal of yours

Shailesh: My heart

Sanchi: Aww

Kabir: I think you should take this convo to your room

Once they leave

Sanchi: What time are we leaving

Kabir: Around 10

Sanchi: Great!! And who’s driving

Kabir: Both

Sanchi: Umm how about just you

Kabir: Ya no

Sanchi: Ughh

Kabir: Isn’t life wonderful

Sanchi: Very

Kabir: Good Night …

Sanchi: Good Night

The Next Day …

Sanchi and Kabir walk downstairs and see Kusum waiting with a thali

Kabir: Really Maa??

Shailesh: Excuse me

Kabir: Sorry Dad

Sanchi: Please can you lightly apply the theeka

Kusum: Is that why you two are complaining, I am not applying a theeka

Kabir and Sanchi look at each other while Kusum just does circles the thali.

Kusum: Drive carefully and did you pack your snacks??

Shailesh: Kusum calm down they aren’t travelling for the first time

Kusum: But

Shailesh looks at Kusum

Kusum: “Saaru”

Shailesh: Did you just think of my nickname

Kusum: Maybe Saaru Shailesh Sir, or SSS

Shailesh: Really?? Not this again

Kusum: I will bring your medicine

Shailesh: Hmm

Outside with Kanchi

Kabir: Ready for the longest drive of your life

Sanchi: Umm I guess so

Kabir starts the car…

Sanchi: So will we be driving on a countryside type road

Kabir: Yes, the farmhouse is in a mountainous area

Sanchi: I thought it was in gao in Punjab

Kabir: No no no, I would never take you to our ancestral house, I’m not that mean

Sanchi: That’s shocking

Kabir looks at Sanchi…

Sanchi: I mean what’s so bad about the ancestral house

Kabir: I just can’t take you there by myself, just because of how old fashion the house and the gao is…

Sanchi: Well then

Kabir: We haven’t gone for maybe 20 years, after Dada Dadi passed away, it’s been locked

Sanchi: Oh

Kabir: I used to love going their to meet Dada and Dadi but once I got older I understood that it may be a nice place to visit but to live there, a big no

Sanchi: Don’t Dad and Chachu miss that house

Kabir: Oh they all do, I was born in that house. Dadaji had started a business and Dad and Chachu expanded and we left soon after.

Sanchi: Oh …

Kabir: Hmm, what about your family.

Sanchi: I mean we don’t have a farmhouse just because…

Kabir: But aren’t you guys on the list of most successful entrepreneur dynasties

Sanchi: Yes… My parents thought we shouldn’t have a farmhouse just have a HUGE mansion. And this isn’t the original house I was born into, we have gotten who knows how many remodels. But we do have a ancestral house in Punjab.

Kabir: Have you ever been

Sanchi: I grew up there. I wasn’t born there but I lived their with my grandparents and Bhai for about 7 years because Dad wasn’t as stable in business…

Kabir: Yeah I’ve heard about the two dips of Mishra Industries but the first one was the worst

Sanchi: Yeah my dad just has a hard time finding good people to work with

Kabir: But who handled the second dip… y’all never told

Sanchi: … I did

Kabir: You??

Sanchi: Yeah, I have a double degree in business and pre-med. And Bhai … Naina Bhabhi was pregnant even though Bhabhi told him to…

Kabir: So he wanted to support his wife rather than family

Sanchi: If you put it like that then yes, but what happened in the past should be left in the past

Kabir: Hmm, leave the dark past and brighten your present

Sanchi: Right

Awkward Silence …

Kabir: Umm… Sanchi if you don’t mind me

Sanchi: If it is a personal question then I do mind

Kabir: “Okay then” Well, before our marriage we never really talked properly or got to know each other

Sanchi: … okay??

Kabir: Why don’t we use this ride as a way

Sanchi: Like truth or truth… Dr. Kabir Kapoor is something wrong with you??

Kabir: Excuse me??

Sanchi: I said is something wrong with you??

Kabir: Sanchi if you don’t mind me saying, but I am really fed up with this attitude of yours.

Sanchi: Huh??

Kabir: I am just trying to put a little effort into this relationship. Mana ki hum ek normal couple nahi hai but tumne khud kaaha pyaar nahi toh dosti sahi. And I am just trying to help you feel more comfortable, what else do you want from me

Sanchi: I … I … I am sorry Kabir. But this is who I am …

Kabir: No this is NOT who you are!! And I know that because I have seen your videos on youtube, I have seen pictures of you

Sanchi: Did you stalk me on social media?

Kabir: NO, your parents showed me!! I don’t even have social media

Sanchi: You need to get a life

Kabir: There see, this attitude of yours

Sanchi: Well I am sorry and I will try to work on it

Kabir: That’s what you said last time, even Dad can see our differences now

Sanchi: Why don’t you understand I am trying

Kabir: I am not asking you to treat me like a I am the love of your life, but if you can treat me and respect me as your husband that would be great

Sanchi: What do you want me to hug and kiss you and say that you are the best man in the world

Kabir: NO but at least respect me and enough of this attitude

Sanchi: Fine then!!!

Sanchi looked out the window… and Kabir drove ahead

Kabir: “Calm down Kabir, you didn’t do anything wrong. You just said what was right”

Sanchi: “It’s not my fault I am like this. Wait till I tell my diary about this.”

The rest of the ride is silent until they stop for lunch, petrol, and restroom…

Kabir: Do you want to eat in here

Sanchi puts her arm back and pulls a foldable table

Kabir: That’s a yes

Kabir goes out and fills the car with gas, they eat and use the restroom then Sanchi sits in the front and drives. From time to time Kabir gave directions to Sanchi…


Kabir: Finally!!! I am so tired

Sanchi parks the car and gets her luggage and heads inside

Kabir: Oh god!! This trip is going to be a disaster

Kabir also gets his luggage and goes inside

Sanchi: Where is our room

Kabir: Don’t you want to sleep in a different room since Maa isn’t here

Sanchi: Which room will I be staying in

Kabir: Choose any room just not that one

He points to his room… Sanchi walks upstairs and goes to the room across Kabir’s and settles herself down…


Can you believe this Kapoor?!?! Me and attitude!!! Really?? At least I am talking to him and not just ignoring him!! And he said to respect him as my husband. Really?? I never accepted him as my head at work how does he think I will accept him as my husband?? This idiot!! Okay then Mr. Kabir Kapoor you want respect right and a little bit of love… you will get that now!!! But only for 2 days because… I won’t be able to act beyond that … actually maybe 3 just so that I get a good laugh

Sanchi closes her diary and gets ready to sleep… Kabir on the other hand…

Kabir: Where have I gotten myself stuck?? Stuck with Sanchi Mishra for the rest of my life!! And I am not about to apologize to her. I said what was right!! She is being way too rude to me. And it’s not like she was forced to marry me!! She could’ve just said no!!! … Calm down Kabir everything will be alright!! No need to get fired up …

The Next Morning

Sanchi gets up early and gets ready for the day

Sanchi: Hmm what looks better… actually what will go with my act. Yes!! This saree is perfect for today. Let’s what Kabir Kapoor has to say about this act

Sanchi heads downstairs and starts prepping breakfast. Kabir wakes up to smell of delicious parathas and to the noise of the blender.

Kabir: Mm that smells so good, it smells like Maa’s parathas

Then Kabir opens his eyes

Kabir: Wait I’m here in the farmhouse so who’s cooking…

Kabir gets up from his bed and heads towards the kitchen …

Kabir: Excuse me?? Aap kaun??

Sanchi turns around

(BTWs my hindi and english translations may be a bit off)

Sanchi: Jee aap uth gaye?? (Dear you have woken up)

Kabir: Sanchi?!?!

Sanchi: Ji koi kaam tha? (Dear did you need me for something)

Kabir walks to Sanchi who was flipping parathas… and checks for a fever

Sanchi: Yeh aap kya kar rahe hai, Kabir Ji (what are you doing, dear Kabir)

Kabir: Sanchi are you sick, or is this Sanchi’s twin

Sanchi: Yeh aap kya keh rahe hai, main aapki dharampatni, Sanchi Kapoor (what are you saying, I am your lawful wife Sanchi Kapoor)

Kabir: “What is she doing”

Sanchi: Jaye yeh aur shower kijiye aur phir main gharm gharm paratha serve karthi hoon (Go and shower and then I will serve hot parathas)

Kabir: Umm

Sanchi turns Kabir around and lightly pushes him

Sanchi: Jaye naa… “oh god his expression just made my day”

Kabir walks out thinking to himself…

Kabir: “What is Sanchi doing?? Is this because of our argument? But I didn’t mean this. What is going on?? … Let’s just see what she is doing”

Meanwhile with Sanchi

Sanchi: God this acting will actually make me puke!! Good thing I already ate my breakfast, I definitely don’t want to eat this oily paratha … Chalo Sanchi serve your parathas to your beloved husband

Once Kabir comes after his shower…

Sanchi: Aap gobi ke parathe kae ge ya aloo ke (Will you have cauliflower stuffed flatbread or potato stuffed)

Kabir: Gobi ke dedo (Cauliflower)

Sanchi: Achara ke saath (With pickle?)

Kabir: Hmm

While serving him his breakfast

Kabir: Aur tum (And you?)

Sanchi: Jee maine kaa liya (Dear I already ate)

Kabir: Sanchi don’t call me jee or aap

Sanchi: But main aapko aapke naam se kaise bula sakti ho (But how can I call you by your name?)

Kabir: You called me by name before

Sanchi: But that was before naa

Kabir: Before what

Sanchi: Our discussion yesterday

Kabir: Sanchi but I

Sanchi: We can talk later … first eat

Sanchi walks away and puts the dahi inside. Kabir starts coughing … and drinking juice

Kabir: Whooo this is spicy

Sanchi: Aur achar?? (You want more pickles?)

Kabir nodded his head saying no and coughed

Kabir: Dahi …

Sanchi: Aap roki yeh main dahi (You wait I will bring the yogurt)

Kabir: GO

Sanchi walks and gets the yogurt and slowly serves it to Kabir. After he chugs the dahi

Kabir: Are you mad?! This was so spicy!!! And you !!!!

Sanchi: But maine toh aapko poocha, achar or dahi and you said achar (But I asked you pickles or yogurt and you said pickles)

Kabir: Last time I remember it wasn’t this spicy


Sanchi mixes a little bit of red chill into the achar

Sanchi: This should do the trick

End of Flashback

Kabir: Hello??

Sanchi: Sorry next time I will give dahi

Kabir: Hmm whoooo

Sanchi smirked a little

Kabir walks to the study

Sanchi: Jee aap paani (Water?)

Kabir: No

Sanchi picks up the plates and cleans up …

Sanchi: This was the best day since our marriage!! Oh god, this isn’t as bad as I thought it would be

With Kabir

Kabir: If Sanchi calls me aap or ji or sunni yeh then I will actually lose it!! Oh god. But she does look good wearing a saree… now that I think about it. Sanchi might be doing this because of our argument. But she isn’t the one who would change…. Oh god!!

Kabir slowly walks to the kitchen and peeks in

Sanchi: Hmm let’s see for lunch should I have a large lunch and Kabir has to finish everything or even more spicy chicken and this time nothing sweet to go along… Large lunch so I won’t have to cook dinner. And for me my usual yummy salad… let’s get cooking

Kabir: “Accha ji so this is the game Sanchi is playing, well two can play as well”

Kabir walks into the kitchen

Kabir: Sanchi…

Sanchi: Jee (yes)

Kabir: Chalo bahar chalte hai (Let’s go outside for a little bit)

Sanchi: But

Kabir: Come on

Kabir slowly goes to Sanchi and holds her hand

Sanchi: Kabir Ji mujhe khana banana hai (Kabir Dear I have to make lunch)

Kabir: Shh

Sanchi: Kabir Ji

Kabir pulls her to him and Sanchi looks down

Kabir: So you also know how to blush

Sanchi breaks loose

Kabir: Sanchi we aren’t here to eat, we are here to enjoy some free time

Sanchi: Accha main yeh sabzi cut karti hoon aur phir chalte hai “Oh god this escalated quickly”

Kabir: Let me help you

Sanchi: Arre nahi

Kabir and Sanchi both cut the vegetables and Kabir from time to time would romance with Sanchi

Kabir: Chalo ab

Sanchi: “Oh god”


Sanchi: Your cutting skills are…

Kabir: Terrible

Sanchi: Ab main cook karogi aur main serve karogi

Kabir: Acha theek hai

Kabir and Sanchi walk side by side and Kabir holds Sanchi’s hand… but Sanchi pulls away

Sanchi: “Who does he think he is”

Kabir: “You started this game, I will end it”

Sanchi: I love the scenery here

Kabir: Can you please NOT talk in hindi from now on?? It feels uncomfortable

Sanchi: Sure “thank god”

Meanwhile Back In The City…


A beautiful girl walks through the main doors. High heels, short dress, with a stethoscope…

Pragya: Aa gayi Maharani

Veer: How will she react

Isha: Just know it won’t be good

Veer: Brace yourselves girls … for the drama queen herself … Riya Malhotra

Riya: Oh shut up Veer

Veer: Welcome back, how was Mumbai

Riya: Great!!! Where is Dr. Kabir

Isha: Aaj unki choti hai

Riya: What!!! I know you are stupid but I didn’t think you were this stupid… He has never taken a day off sweetheart

Pragya: But didn’t he take a month off before and now this entire week

Riya: But why?!?! Is he sick?? Is something going on??

Veer: Woh

Pragya: Woh kya ha na Riya … Dr. Kabir Kapoor is now officially MARRIED (echoes in Riya’s head)

Riya: WHAT!!! Nice joke Pragya

Isha: It’s not a joke

Riya: Who dared to marry MY KABIR

Veer: No one dared to marry him they got married because of their parents

Riya: Who did he marry

The trio looked at each other and disappeared

Riya: Hey!! Ugh!!!

Riya walks to his office

Riya: I bet he has a picture of that girl…

But the office door is locked…

Riya: Huh?? Ugh

She stomps her feet

Riya: Let’s see what this Sanchi Mishra … huh??

She sees Sanchi’s name board …

Dr. Sanchi Mishra Kapoor


Author’s Note:

So sorry I am posting 2 weeks late but I just finished school and am somewhat free for the next weeks. This time I promise I will actually do my best to write and post whenever I


A little comedic yet childish I would say, and oh god what will Riya do now??

Find out in the next episode!!!


Riya’s reaction to Kanchi’s wedding

Kabir ends the fun little game

Sanchi and Kabir bond a little bit

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