Is it really him?


Hei guys my name is Joan. I am 18 and I am from Kerala. This is my first article. I couldn’t use my laptop so I was using my phone to type the whole article.So plz forgive me for the grammatical and spelling mistakes if any.
U know in the story it was recently shown that Omkara is illegitimate. But I am pretty sure that Shivaay is actually the illegitimate child. There are so many reasons.

First reason
When Mrs. Kapoor said that Omkara is illegitimate, Shivaay asked his nanny whether it is true. She was trying to say ‘ Mr. Oberoi’s elder son ‘ but Mrs. Kapoor cut her in between and again say Omkara. So she was hiding something from Shivaay, crazy isn’t it? And she was stopping the nanny from telling the name, so I think it is not Omkara actually. Then who could it be? She said Mr. Oberoi’ s elder son. Shakti is an Oberoi. So he could be Mr. Oberoi. So is it Shivaay? But why Mr. Oberoi’ s ELDER SON? I didn’t get that. Or does Mr. Oberoi means dadaji? Oh no I don’t think so. He is not like his sons. Or is any brother of Shivaay missing? I am getting craazyyyyyyy………..

Second reason
She was Shivaay’s nanny not Om’s. And she had said that she know a secret and want to share it with SHIVAAY before she dies. If the secret was about Om, why couldn’t she share it with Om? Why with Shivaay? Strange, no? It means it was about Shivaay.

Third reason
Shakti was always creepy. I mean in the parents of Shivaay and Om the ones who were always crazy to make their own sons the heir was Tej and Pinky not Jhanvi and Shakti. Jhanvi and Shakti were always happy with the Obros unity. But if you have noticed, in the Oberoi family promo (if you haven’t seen it yet, its in youtube under the same name) Shakti had once said that ‘always elder child is the heir, then this time his son have to be the heir’. And his expression and tone of voice was creepy too. If was really happy with the unity of Obros, then why did he say that statement? And Shakti was always inferior to Tej. He was so much like the PA of Tej. He always got insulted by Tej. So maybe he wanted to have a child before Tej had one so that his son would be the heir of Oberoi Empire. And the same reason Mrs. Kapoor said ‘ Wife couldn’t conceive, so illegitimate child’. Would Pinky be the one who couldn’t conceive? I mean its possible. Becoz, Shivaay is the only child of Shakti and Pinky. But Tej and Jhanvi had Rudra and Priyanka after Om. If Jhanvi can’t conceive, how is that possible? So pretty sure its Shivaay. And in dadi’s video message to dadaji in the first episode, she had said that even though Shakti does all the charity and “Bhakti” stuff, she thinks its all show off and he is hiding something. So he is creepy.

Fourth reason
Due to the storyline and Shivaay’s attitude (tadi). It is the best way to change his mad believes in blood and lineage and hate towards illegitimate children. I mean we had seen how much he insulted Dev Chabbra and his family when he was revealed to be illegitimate. I mean he is obsessed with it that even after Anika’ s hard convincing he is not over it at all. He is still obsessed. So a solid twist and reason is necessary to take off his believes on these blood and lineage crap. If he is illegitimate he would learn his mistakes and he will repent and he will change. And Anika will be the one to console him as she knows how to deal with such situations and him.

So that is it guys. I am always a silent reader. I read each and every article posted on Ishqbaaz in tellyupdates. I love reading one’s own work. Coz I am a daydreamer and I have my own versions of each and every story I hear and that includes Ishqbaaz too. I would love to write a fan fiction but I am a bit scared and I don’t have much time. I am an Engineering Student and my exams are coming. Anyway plz plz plz comment as I want to know what are your views and ideas on the current storyline. And plz comment whether you see any sense in what I wrote. So plz comment. Plz plz plzzzzzzz……….

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    1. JoanBency

      Ya, i saw that one. I told u i read all the entries on ishqbaaz in tellyupdates. But by that time i saw that i had already posted mine. So I couldn’t mention about her post in mine. So srry

  1. Manu24

    Well all ypur reasons are making sense..

    Also may this is why shakti never looked after or spent more time with shivay and pinky(remember shivay said that to om once).

    Btw.. good work!

    1. JoanBency

      Ya i think so too, and their characters doesn’t match at all. And anyway thanks, thanku so much

  2. Yes..your thougths make a sense. I agree with you. If it turns to be true, then im waiting to watch what will be shivay’s reaction and how anika will console him. Keep writing such articles. You did a good job!!

    1. JoanBency

      Thanku so much

  3. Rithik

    What the hell gyez why are you all want shivaay illlegitimate

    1. JoanBency

      Even i dont want him to be illegitimate. But the clues point that way. Anyway thx for commenting

  4. yes joan even i think there is something fishy ..not om but shivay or some one else is the person that nanny was speaking
    and please concentrate on ur xam 🙂
    you can write fan fiction after that ..
    i like your article
    and 100% agree with your points
    wish u all the best for ur xams 🙂

    1. JoanBency

      Thx for ur wishes, thnku for the support and thx for commenting

      1. 🙂

  5. I always had a doubt on shivaay being adopted or illegitimate…….because,of him always addressing anika as middle-class girl having no blood,lineage etc etc……i had always wondered, wat if he is not an oberio or was just adopted from somewhere.I dont think that om is illegitimate at all because of all the daima drama nd afterall its ishqbaaz,kab bomb phat jaye pata hee nahi chaltha……

    1. JoanBency

      Ur right in predicting abt ishqbaaz, kab bomb phatega patha hi nahi chaltha. Anyway thx

  6. Even I was thinking that only …I think shivaay is only the illegitimate child!

  7. Liya

    Hai joan ?Good work dear. I also believe that shivaay is illegimate. I never thought in that perspective, I mean about shakthi.That really is an important point to be noted. I really don’t want om to be illegimate he is so sensitive..I can’t see him in pain. I am also from Kerala and is doing engineering 2nd year?.. Not started studying anything??…hope for the best dear

    1. JoanBency

      Thx and all the best for ur exams. Ya I luv Shivaay but I don’t want it to be Om. Coz he is suffering already a lot

  8. Yes I thought so too. I am sure you are right

  9. I too think the same….and you can write a ff….u know that ishqbaaz family will support u…

    1. JoanBency

      Thnku so much for the support

  10. Neha_Pheonix

    You have justified the reasons well…It should be shivaay (it will break his tadi) and also shivaay is attached to his brothers so if Mrs. Kapoor will use his brothers it will be easy to manipulate him…

    1. JoanBency

      Ya i think the same, thnku

  11. Wow Joan…..u r got my mind point….when nanny said this i too thought the same thing…….i just want a support and same point catcher……..we catched the exact word what nanny want to say to shivay…
    God bless u Joan…
    From a silent of this page…

  12. Akshaya

    Hey Joan . You feel the illegitimate must be Shivaay. But I feel it must be Rudra.
    1. Daima said elder son when Tia’s mom said Omkara , before daima could complete.
    2. In the beginning of ishqbaaz , were omru had some joyful sibling fight, dadi felt happy at the same time she was lil bit scared as she thought about some truth which would separate the bros.
    3. Tej is less interested about rudra and he always wanna make Om to have the largest share in the oberoi empire.
    I hope that I gave my opinion clearly about the current track.

    1. Ruksy

      Rudry is the youngest son

      1. Akshaya

        Yep. Tej felt irritated about him. And dadi still have some insecurity.

    2. JoanBency

      Ya i also agree with the second and third point, but nanny said elder son. Thats what confusing me. Anyway thx for commenting

  13. Yashu

    I think it maybe shivaay bt considering akshaya’s points yes it maybe rudra bt it’s definitely not om

    1. JoanBency

      I still think its shivaay coz of the elder son clue, anyway thx

  14. Ruksy

    That’s true if shivaay turned out to be illegitimate he wouldn’t care but he cares and loves his brothers a lot. Janvi could have meant she went to London for a year had a child at that time but she wasn’t ready for a child so it took her time to accept om.

    1. JoanBency

      Ya thats true, thx. I missed to mention that

  15. Nope shivaay isnt illegitimate becoz gul mam ages ago confirmed that Shivaay was a real oberoi.

      1. Barbieannie

        Yeah gul mam don’t u know her.. Well if no then lemme tell u… She’s the director.. Of ishqbaaZ.. I mean ishqbaaz is her Production

    1. JoanBency

      Ok, srry, I didn’t get it. Thx. And real oberoi means son of an oberoi, shakti’s son even if illegitimate is an Oberoi right? I don’t know i m just asking

  16. Roby wolverine

    Yes i agree with you joan but still you can’t see some people without their arrogance and attitude.. i love shivaay a lot with his arrogance ( not that i agree with the koon and kandhaan crap) but still i love his attitude..

    1. JoanBency

      Me too , i love his attitude too. Thx

  17. If u see the episode again closely. U will notice that daima was about to point at shivaay when Mrs Kapoor stopped her. I just noticed it after I saw the episode again.

    1. JoanBency

      I told u so, anyway thx

  18. Of course i agree with Joan . Even me too was having these confusions . While u write story plz give some more importance for om as the serial is not giving him much space.

    1. The most possible way is Shivaay being illigemate…but still I hope that not much of this typical track will have to be seen. Come on yaar, this is being a Ekta Kapoor all over again. And I am sure noone from the IB fans expects this after seeing a wonderful and unique story of O-bros.I think that the cvs should just bring Omkara and his female-lead(Vrushika) Track Back, even now many of the ishkara fans want it, and if they want to show this illigemate-son-track, they can make it a little twisting, like it might bring closness between Tej-
      Om or Shivaay will realise that bloodline is not important but the love for the person is. Anx later it will bd reviled that noone of thd O-bros is illigemate and this was just a dirty plan of Mrs. Kapoor( come on, I
      obviously cannot see shivaay as illigemate and no chance for Om ad Rudy) And I am really disappointed that till now, they gave no screenspacd to Om, This is just so unfair, Omkara is the most beautiful and loved character from the show, even his looks our so Dashing and killing. I hope that whenever Kunal will be back again after the recovery they will give him importance in the story( not as the illigemate son), I personally don’t expect this serial-drama shit from ishqbaaz , the show first really touched our hearts, now we don’t want it to fall like this.

      1. JoanBency

        Ya i love all three obros and i dont want any probs in their lives. According to me ishqbaaz is the best hindi show ever. So i dont want it to be like other typical hindi shows. So i really dont want any obros being illegitimate drama. I agree with u. But the clues point that way. And i loved ishkara pair too. But i heard that anika’s long lost sis chutki will be entering as om’s love interest and vrushika left the show. That was really outrageous. I really wish they will see sense. anyway thx

      1. JoanBency

        Srry that was meant for jwa

  19. Priyadarshini

    Hi joan . I am also frm kerala. Ur ff was so fantastic. luved it.

  20. Priyadarshini

    oops sorry. I mean not ff but a confusion. Yes u r right I also thinks that

  21. Razna

    hii joan…i think u were right….shivay will be that illigemate child…this is the only way to change shivays attitude toward blood lineage etc….any way i really loved ur article…and iam also a malayalieee and happy new year & best wishes for ur examzzz

  22. I don’t know but I really feel that shivaay is d son of tej and om is d son of shakti coz their attitudes are same…

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