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Precap::kushi runs towards arnav and is about to hug ,but she straightens herself…
The story begins..
At present,
Arnav: kushi..
Kushi: arnav ..please leave ..
Kushi cries and she leaves..
Arnav runs behind her.
Kushi goes and shuts the door ..
Kushi locks the door and she cries
Arnav: kushi open the door damn it….
Tum hi ho plays..
Kanave kanave plays..
Ishita: arnav..
Arnav: ishita ask kushi to open the door..
Ishita:arnav come with me and she takes arnav with her to the hall.
Arnav: ishu..
Ishita: sit down arnav..
Twinkle: ishu..
She is shocked to see arnav there..
Ishita: twinki go bring some coffee for arnav..
Arnav: I know its my mistake but she should not punish me.
Ishita:do you think she is punishing only you??
Arnav: ishu.
Twinkle: arnav coffee..
Arnav kushi still loves you..
Ishu holds twinki’s hand..
Arnav gets happy and stands up..
Arnav: is that true??
Ishu: s..
Arnav: I need to win her back.. please help me guys..
Twinkle: sure arnav..
Ishita stares at them..
Arnav: please ishu..
Ishita: ok..
Arnav leaves and he comes out ..kunj comes
Kunj: arnav.. what are you doing??
Arnav: vo .. and he smiles..
Kunj: arnav are you smiling..
Arnav blushes and leaves..
Twinkle comes and hugs kunj.
Kunj: meri jaan.. whats up??
Twinkle: I love you  
Kunj: oh ! mrs.kunj you are too romantic today..
Twinkle: kunj
Kunj kisses on her cheeks and he runs..
Sajna ve plays..
Neeyum naanum sernthey sellum nerame plays..
Twinkle runs behind him..
At hospital,
Swara wakes up and she finds sanskar holding her hand..
Sanskar: swara are u alright??
Can’t you be careful??
Swara tries to sit and sanakar helps her..
Swara: sanky you are here..
Swara: bhai..
Arnav gets in..
Sanskar: im leaving take care..
Arnav: swara..
Swara: im fine bhai..
Sanskar turns back and looks at swara.
They share an eyelock..
Imaye imaye plays..
Sanam re sanam re plays..
Raman :ishu…
Ishita: raman vo..
Raman hugs ishita
Gerua plays..
Oh re piya… plays
Ishita: raman stop this..
Ishita: kushi locked the door and she is not opening the door.
Ishita: do something raman..
Raman: kunj..
Kunj: come fast raman
Kunj and raman break the door.
They are shocked to find kushi at the floor..
Raman tried to wake up but was shocked to find her nose bleeding..
And then..
That’s it for now..
Guys the flash back will end in two episodes. Wait and watch ..
Whats arshi’s separation reason??

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Credit to: ammu

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