IPKKND i love you !!!!!! Epi-4


Hi guys!! This is ammu. Thanks a lot for your comments… Your comments really brought

a smile on my face..

The story begins.

fb continues…

Kunj: arnav..

Arnav: shut up..

Kunj smiles and arnav hits his head..

Swara waits in a bus stop..

Sanskar: hi swara .

Swara: sanskar…

Sanskar: what are you doing her??

Swara: I came to see doctor..

Sanskar: what happened??

Swara: nothing serious.. How come you are here?

Sanskar: I’m studying in the arts clg..English literature..

Shall I drop u..

Swara: hmmm OK.

Swara sits behind sanskar and holds his shoulder..

Sajna ve plays…

Theni kathoda plays..

It’s evening twinkle boarded the bus..

The bus starts but kushi did not board..

Twinkle peeps out and stretches her hand

But kunj gives his hand and boards the bus..

Sanam re sanam re plays.

Kadhal kankatudhe plays.

Kunj: thanks for the help.

Twinkle: kushi…

Kunj: don’t worry I will tell arnav.. and he calls arnav..

Arnav: kunj..what’s up

Kunj: arnav kushi missed her bus..

Arnav: so..

Kunj: can you. Drop her at home..

Arnav: OK.

Kunj: happy

Twinkle smiles…

Arnav finds kushi at the clg bus stop.

Arnav stops his car and says get in..

Kushi stands speechless.

Arnav gets down makes kushi sit inside his car

Before she could say something…

Arnav switches the radio on..

Tum hi ho plays…

Kadhale plays..

Fb ends..

At present in hospital..

Arnav: I want meet kushi..

Raman: arnav y don’t u understand..

Arnav: I’m going..

Arnav rashly drives his car…

And he reaches ishita’s home..

Arnav shouts kushi…

Kushi runs and is about to hug arnav…

But she Straightened herself and she started moving back with tears in her eyes..

What happened???

Let’s wait and watch..

Precap:: sanskar slaps arnav…

My name is Lakshmi….

Hope u guys like it…please do comment .if you want ask anything post ur questions at

the comment box….

Credit to: ammu

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  1. superb… eager to know the past.. a small request.. do write recap in starting a small clip of yestrdays epi… bcz there r many ffs nah… i m getting confused haha… but when i read kunj swasan.. i was clear abt this.. but still if u could do that… t will be nice.. thnx in advance

  2. Super we are waiting next episode

  3. Its Superb……. Soooo Excited to know what happened……………..

  4. Nice…. please make ishra scenes too. What happened between arnav n Khushi. I can’t wait for a way…. story is interesting. Ok update faster…

  5. Awesome episode yaar.. Please post long long episode in next time . Todays episode was too small. And eager to know their past…

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