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The story begins…

Arnav slowly gains his consciousness.

Kunj: arnav are you OK??

Arnav: swara..

Kunj: she is alright..

Arnav: kunj..vo…kushi

Kunj: kushi left..

Arnav has tears in his eyes…

Fb continues

Arnav: whatever

Kushi smirks..

Arnav and kushi are about to start a verbal riot..

Kunj: please stop behaving like kids.training starts from tomorrow morning.

Kushi and arnav look at each other and they leave in opposite direction.

At kushi’s home,

Kushi starts to surf the net.

Kushi joins the college group.

Here everyone enters with their Nick names..

Kushi enters with a name sweety pie…

Kushi is shocked to find a troll on arts students.

Kushi gets angry and posts a comment with lot of great bad words…

Kushi switches the PC and sleeps..

The next day

Sanskar drops kushi at the bus stop…

Kushi : do you know who is that Mr.A in our clg group.

Twinkle: I heard he is a bully

Swara: Arey kushi it’s arnav’s account.

Kushi: kya..

Swara: what happened nothing..

Kushi gets a phone call

Kushi: hello

Arnav: what the..

How dare you??

Kushi: cuts the phone call

Aranv: how dare….

Kushi tries avoid aranv and successfully two days passes… Arnav phones but kushi

cuts the call.

The weekend starts,

Kushi goes to the library to refer some books…

Arnav also enters the library.

He phones kushi..

Kushi attends the call and she shouts..

Arnav finds that sweety pie is kushi.

Finding arnav standing there, kushi runs and arnav of follows her.

Somehow kushi managed to escape from him.

The weekend gets over.

Kushi comes to the bus stop..

Kushi gets a message from arnav..

I’ll be waiting at the gate if u don’t come you are finished.

Kushi tells everything to twinkle..

Twinkle: let’s ask swaras help

Kushi: swara is on leave today..

Twinkle: let’s manage.

They reach college.

Kushi and twinkle stay inside class room.

Twinkle: today we are going to jump outside using the college wall near hostel.

Kushi: so no problem of arnav.

First twinkle jumps.

Kushi: is everything OK..


Kushi jumps and is shocked to find arnav standing there.

She slips and falls on arnav and she kisses on his lips.

Rabba ve plays…

Kadhale plays

Kushi gets up and is shocked to find kunj standing near twinkle.

(What happened is that?? When twinkle jumped kunj holded her)

Sajna ve plays..

Naan nee plays..

Arnav stares at twinkle hence she lies to kushi that everything is OK there..

Kushi gets up and tries to leave.

Arnav: stop..

Kushi turns.

Arnav: be responsible kushi..

Kushi: kya

Kunj: arnav didn’t even look at any girl..

But you kissed him.

Kushi: so…

Arnav: you have no chance but you should marry me..

Kushi: kya..

Arnav snatches kushi’s phone and saves his number.

Arnav: call me tonight..

Kushi: y

Arnav: if you didn’t call you will know..

Arnav is about to break the phone..

Kushi closes her eyes..

Arnav: get lost..

Kunj is still holding twinkle..

Arnav: kunj..

Kunj removes his hand..

Kushi runs and arnav smiles..

Fb ends…

Kunj: come lets go and meet swara..

Arnav sees sanskar sitting near swara.

Arnav: I never expected it to happen

Raman: I have told you not to talk about this…

Raman ,arnav,kunj hug each other…

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Credit to: ammu

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  1. Hey! This part was awesome…loved arnav_kushi ? but can u please send the link of previous 2 parts with introduction (if it is there) ….. am new to ur ff

    1. Dharsha go near the link and change the 3 as 1,2
      You can read the previous episodes…

  2. Arnav n Kyushu story is like Korean flim ‘he was cool’. Is it true??

    1. It is not similar to that story …it’s a different story but this scene alone is from that movie…my ff is different wait and watch…

  3. Me too don’t know the previous parts… Wil search now.. Today epi was mindblowing

  4. So nice episode yaar. And by the way I have commented for ur previous episodes.. Why u told that there was no comments???

  5. nyc epi …. lykd it…..

  6. ammu . superb episode yaar. u r rocking. u r managing the characters well. so dont think that no one is commenting. ur ff is super.

  7. Super cool episode ammu………..don’t get sad………see today there are many commented to you…..
    I was busy yesterday so couldn’t comment………
    Now just be happy happy happy

  8. Ammu…..loved ur episode…
    Enjoyed it too!

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