IPKKND i love you !!!!!! Epi-2

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The episode begins..

Kushi keeps on crying…

Fb starts…

Early morning..

Sanskar: kushi get up

Kushi: bhaiya one min pls

Sanskar: Arey u are getting late…

Kushi: kya..

Sanskar: today is your college orientation program..

Kushi: I forgot

Sanskar: kushi get ready..

Kushi: two minutes…

Kushi gets ready in a beautiful white chudi..

Sanskar feeds her breakfast..

Sanskar: let’s go otherwise u will miss the bus..

Kushi: drop me Bhai

Sanskar: no way..

Sanskar drops kushi at the bus stop..

Sanskar: here is a small gift..

Kushi: brand new guitar

Sanskar: s baba . have a great start…

Kushi hugs sanskar..

Twinkle: hi are you joining the music college

Kushi: s..

Twinkle: I am twinkle

Kushi: I’m kushi.

Sanskar smiles and leaves..

Kushi: which year??

Twinkle: first year

Kushi and twinkle give an hi Fi..

The bus arrives..

Kushi is about to board the bus but someone holds her hand..

It’s our arnav..

Arnav: I will only get in first ..

Kushi: so

Swara: please .. And somehow managed to bring kushi back.

Arnav: smirks at kushi.

Kushi is at the peak of anger..

Swara: hi I’m swara

Kushi: hi swara I’m kushi and this is twinkle..

Swara: are u angry??

Kushi:: he spoiled my day..

Swara: he is my brother…

Kushi gives a shocked reaction..

Swara: pls..

Kushi: leave it off

Swara: thanks..

Swara,kushi and twinkle board the bus..

They reach the college..

They attend the orientation program together..

At the end of the program..

They are directed to the respective departments.

At the department…

Professor: you have three teams and you will combined with your seniors also..

Kushi is shocked to find arnav there.

Swara: kushi my brother is a team leader..

Kushi: what(in a loud tone)

Everyone turns back..

Kushi: sorry

Professor: I will announce the teams

Swara,kushi,twinkle in group A

Twinkle: we are in the same team..

Kushi smiles

Swara: mere Bhai’s team

Kushi smile is lost..

Now your team leaders will guide u.

Arnav comes along with kunj..

Arnav: whatever I say is final

Kushi: you are finished..

Kunj: please tell me your names..

I’m kunj..

Swara and twinkle tell their names but kushi is still in shock..

Arnav: tum

Kushi: kushi..

Arnav: whatever

Fb ends..

Kushi is still driving..

Kushi reaches Raman’s home.

Kushi runs and hugs ishita

Ishita: meri jaan don’t cry and she Pat’s her head.

Kushi sleeps on ishita’s lap.

Ishita : everything will be alright…

That’s it ..

Let’s wait and watch what happens…

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  3. Great year.. Lot of suspenses.. So eager to knw..

  4. Superb… Nice story.. Really liked it very much.. Eagerly waiting for the next episode…

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