IPKKND i love you !!!!!! Epi-1

Hi guys!! This is Ammu .I hope you remember me..this time I have a great story to take

you guys down the memory lane of life and love .

The story begins…

In the middle of the road ,a girl is found on the road bleeding..

A speeding car stops..

A guy gets down…seeing the girl he breaks down..

It’s our arnav .he starts crying..

The girl lying on the road who was bleeding was swara (arnav’s sister)

Arnav: swara get up swara…pls don’t leave me..

A girl comes into the crowd .she pushes everyone and goes near swara.

She tries to lift swara..

Arnav sees her ..

It’s our kushi…

Arnav:kushi tum

Kushi: please ..

Arnav and kushi lift swara…

Before arnav could say anything..

Kushi: sanskar..open the door..

Sanskar gets swara in his arms..

Kushi opens the door…

Swara is placed on the back seat…

Aranv did not react seeing swara in such a condition..

Kushi: Bhai u take her to the hospital..

Sanskar starts driving the car

Arnav starts feeling dizzy and he is about to faint..

Kushi holds him .

Ippknd bgm plays..

Kushi: excuse me

Arnav: kushi …swara . And he faints.

Kushi some how drags him to the car and drives to the hospital.

Sanskar admits swara in the hospital.

Kushi: Bhai..

Sanskar: vo …

Kushi: Bhai he fainted..

Sanskar carries arnav and admits him in the hospital..

Kushi: sanskar …

Sanskar: you go and stay with them..I will arrange for the doctor fees.

Doctor: Mr.sanskar she is alright, some one has hit her hard on her head…

Sanskar: now she is alright na

Doctor: s

Kushi: vo ..arnav

Doctor: he is also alright

Kushi: thank you doctor..

Sanskar:: you leave… I will ask Raman and kunj to come here.

Kushi: but bhaiya….

Sanskar shows an angry face to kushi..

Sanskar:go to ishita’s house..twinkle is also there..

Kushi leaves..

Kushi cries thinking about arnav and swara..

Sanskar hits his hand on the wall.

Sanskar to himself:: I cannot leave you swara…I love u.

Who are arnav,swara,kushi, kunj,twinkle,ishita,ramanand sanskar..??

What is the relationship between them.

Hope u guys like this…

The pairs are

Twinkle -kunj

Sanskar- swara



What do you say guysguys


Credit to: ammu


  1. Jo

    Welcome back ammu. I really hope this story also good. Eagerly waiting for ur next episode……. plz update it fast…..

  2. Khushi

    Wow! Wow! Wow! Sooooo nice… Loved it veryyyyyy much…
    And welcome back dear Ammu,
    And please don’t stop the show with 15 episode.. It’s soooo nice..
    Keep rocking…?

  3. crazy

    My 3 fab pairs r already here..
    So gonna read it for sure..
    N 1 rqst..
    Add PaYa too..
    MATLAB all my fab 4 pairs I ll b getting n a single ff

  4. Veronica

    Woow Ammu u are back and asusual ur ff is awesome and Ishra, Arshi and sawsan woah!idk who is twinkle and kunj.Can u say their serail?

  5. Aakanksha

    Wooooowwwww I was like the biggest fan of ipkknd….thanx dear for writing ff on it….I will be eagerly waiting for the next update

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.