Episode 8
Thank you for your support and comments. This is the last episode.

Holi day
Morning kushi applied colour to asr when he is sleeping (but he is not sleeping)
She washed hands and came near to asr to wake him up
He pulled her and rubbed his cheek to hers(like haldi day in IPKKND)
Everyone gathered for holi
Applied colours
Kushi prepared bhang and made asr to drink
Asr made kushi also drink
He lifted her and went to room
Both r blabbering and slept

Nextday asr got up but kushi is still sleeping
He went near to wake her up but she didn’t
Body is cold when he touches her
He called doctor and said family members
Dr: congratulations u got a promotion to father, she is pregnant
Asr: happy and worried about kushi
Dr: I gave her injection she will be fine in an hour and gave some instructions
Family members congratulated asr
Asr alone in the room with kushi
Asr: put her head on his lap and looking at her
After some time kushi opened her eyes and try to sit
She asked what happened
He put his ears on her tummy and said I can feel our baby
Kushi: what( in confusion)
Asr: yes, we r going to have a baby, he pointed her and said u will be a mother
Kushi : so happy
Asr: took her hand and touches the tummy
They r not talking just having a good feel and looking at each other.
He came slowly near and kissed and said thank you

Kushi I can’t say in words how much I am happy
Asr: u r not going to do any work ,u should take full rest and u r not coming to office
Kushi: looking at him with a smile and listening to him properly
Kushi: I can work until 7 months then I will take rest and I cannot stay home without u
Asr: ok
Asr: he arranged lift in the office and at home
Asr dadi come to know about kushi pregnancy
(Dadi is feeling guilty to face kushi. Dadi come to know about sham anjali marriage baby but she don’t want to show her face)
But now she wants to come home and decided to be at home as long as she lives
she came home
All r happy to see dadi
Kushi is so tensed

She took blessing from dadi
She is very happy to see kushi and asr together (remember what she said in asr’s marriage and felt bad)
Dadi didn’t talk to kushi
Kushi in the room sleeping
Dadi went slowly to her room
She kissed her and touched her tummy
Same time asr entered
Dadi not noticed asr
Dadi said sorry to kushi also (kushi sleeping)
Asr is happy to see and took a picture
Asr hides and dadi leaves
Dadi called garima and said sorry and asked her to come and see kushi
Dadi: we r not going to send kushi to luknow . so u all come and stay in raizada house till she delivers the baby
Garima: ok, thankyou,bye
Asr shows the picture to kushi

She is happy to see the picture
All the elders are taking care of kushi with strict diet
But she will get her favorite food from asr, only after she finishes healthy food like fruits, soup
Kushi admitted in the hospital
Kushi wants asr to be with her in the labour room
(few hospitals allow husband to delivery room)
Kushi is having pains and holding asr
She is screaming
Asr is in real pain after seeing kushi and scared and don’t want to leave kushi alone
He went close to her and kissed also and tears rolling from asr’s eyes
She is going through the pains and laughing at the same time
Asr hugged her and gave many kisses
They have baby girl
Doctor asked asr to cut the umbilical card
Took baby for cleaning
Asr: kushi r u ok ,I am really sorry to give this much pain
Kushi: how is the baby
dr gave the baby to asr
he holded her slowly and showed to kushi

she is cute
now all the family members r in the room
dr asked them to leave
kushi asked asr to go home and take rest
asr: no, I will stay
all left
arshi looking at the baby
asr: arav and this cute baby is enough ,and I don’t want to see your pain again
kushi: ok
asr: I am very much scared when u had pains
kushi: just see the baby and see her smile
arav came to hospital
he sits next to his mom
she gave baby to arav
family pic
the end

Credit to: bindu

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  1. Nice story and a vety lovely end
    Lovrd it

  2. Hey,,, what was it?? Episode was AWESOME… But why u have ended the ff so early?? I was soo shocked… When u started the ff with this story no one became as happy as me… But today u finished the episode with only 8 episode!!!. Feeling soooo bad.
    But the story was really AWESOME

  3. That’s such a sweet and cute ff…. Wow arshi had a baby girl… Will miss this as it’s pure continuation from ipkknd…. Will be looking forward for another ff from you

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