Episode 7
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Arshi: went to beach
Kushi: came running and hugs asr (in public place) after paragliding she is so scared
Kushi ate beach side food
She had stomach problem and vomiting in the whole night
Arshi didn’t sleep whole night
Sunday program cancelled
Anjali went to asr room, door is not locked
She saw arshi sleeping by holding each other like babies/children
Kushi is better now and weak
They finished breakfast in the room
Kushi slept
Asr and prg –business work at home
They had lunch
Asr went to room with lunch for kushi
She is still sleeping
He sits besides kushi cares her hair slowly to wake her up
He make her sit and feeds her gave tablet
Night also same
Nextday he didn’t wake her and left to office
She is fine ,but asr wants her to take rest
She called asr at 11 am by seeing his message
Asr: sign the papers and send me in the afternoon
Kushi: open the file, sign papers after reading and came to last page
Happy to read
Asr wrote a letter to kushi
“ hi darling do u miss me and do u miss my kiss. I am looking at your picture now. Not feel like working. Your thoughts r disturbing me sweetheart. “ take care. See u tonight.
She reads the letter again and keeps it safely with other gifts given by asr.
Kushi went to kitchen and prepared food(asr favorite food )
She called hp and told him to get the food to room
Kushi wore a white sari and some decorations in the room
Waiting for asr
It is almost 1100 at night
She is feeling sleepy
She is on the bed and she slept without having food
Asr and prg had dinner in the meeting place.(he forgot to tell kushi)
Hp : can I get food as kushi babbi didn’t eat
Asr: give me , I wii take it to room
Asr: enters the room and saw the decoration and felt bad
He saw kushi sleeping. she looks like an angel to him with the white sari and the anklets are very cute on her feet. He went near her and kissed the feet. Suddenly she got up pulled the legs towards her and saw asr.
Asr: sorry kushi
Kushi: when did u come
Just now
Kushi: I am feeling hungry
Asr: ok (he didn’t tell kushi that he ate)
Asr sits in the chair and looking at kushi
Kushi: serving
Asr: pulled her to sit on his lap and feeds her
Kushi comes to know that he finished dinner
Asr: sorry honey I will make it up to u next weekend , my treat
Kushi: ok
After dinner
He lifted her to bed and lights off
Nani: thinking about prg and observing him before she tells asr
And sharing with mami
Conclusion: prg is a good person
Arshi comes to know what nani wants
Kushi had some dramatic /filmy ideas
Everything worked out smoothly
Anjali agrees to marry prg
Prg: I am sorry to say but I came to india to marry anju
Everyone shocked (fb kushi London photos)
They r married and staying in raizada house only
Asr receives a letter. no from address
“my darling I am secret lover. I admire u from far. U look handsome with tee and jeans . if u want to meet me tomorrow u can come to park don’t tell your wife . I know how much u love your wife. But give me a chance I will show how much I love you. Because u r always angry , so I couldn’t express my feelings before. Now I want to say I love u………. (loudly). “
Asr is shocked and casually looked at kushi and she is looking at him with naughty smile
Now asr know who wrote the letter
But he didn’t tell kushi
Next day morning he is ready to go to park and observing kushi
He left
Immediately she also left home and went to park
Kushi is covered with burka and sat next to asr
Kushi: she changed her voice. Asr I love u from my heart
Before she completes
Asr: he took her hand and said I too love u
Kushi: what about your wife
Asr: I love her too but u also love me I will share my love to both of you and my wife is little crazy
Kushi: (own voice)what the
Asr: what , and lifted her veil (he can not control his laugh)
Kushi: admires when he laughs and looking at him
After some time
Kushi: u know that I wrote a letter
Asr: ofcouse I know
She started hitting him
Anjali and prg went to honeymoon
Arav went to school trip
Asr sent nani and mami to see kasi, ganga prayaga ets temples for 2 days.
Asr gave leave to hp also
So he can stay with kushi all alone
Sunday he arranged pool party
Asr gave her a gift and asked her to wear it
It is a swim suit(full length)
First she resist but asr litelally begged her
At last she agreed
She came to pool side and feeling shy
Asr : lifted and throw her into the pool and he also jumped
Both r splashing the water and playing like children
Kushi does not know how to swim
Asr teaching how to swim and do romance
They r tired
They changed the clothes into Hawaiian dress
Loud music, dance
After 3 years
Anjali had a baby girl
Payal is pragnent
Now kushi is thinking to have a baby and wants to tell asr
3rd anniversary night after the party he gave a huge box and asks her to open
Surf packets. She looked at him
Asr asked her to open
She got 2 silver coins
Fb in mind
Kushi: so u put 2 coins
Asr: nods yes ,always I want to see a smile on your face
Kushi: came near him u r so…..
Asr interrupts
I am so…..
So…ok sh whispers in ears that she wants to have a baby and closed her face with hands
She is feeling shy
He is happy and slowly removes the hand
She put the hands around him and he did the same and pulled her close and kissed her.
Asr: I want to have a girl like u lifted her and went to bed
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I hope u will enjoy this episode

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