Episode 6

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Asr finished talking to PRG and gave to kushi.
She asked when r u coming to india.
Prg: tomorrow evening
Kushi: ok , see u tomorrow. Asr will pick u up from the airport
Kushi: tomorrow I am taking leave.
Asr inturpts do u want to spend time with me
Kushi: no, I need to make some arrangements for prg at home.
Asr: arrangements done. So u come to the office tomorrow till afternoon, after lunch I will drop u at home then I will go to airport
Kushi: came close to him put hands on the chest and scribbling with fingers asked u don’t want to leave me even for some time
Asr: actually no. he put the hand around her waist pulled very close, u r this much close now how can I leave u now,kissed her
Nextday asr dropped kushi at home and went to airport
Prg and asr came home
Before they enter in to the house nani said stop and asked kushi to get arathi (for welcoming)
Just before giving arathi asr receives a call at the same time anjali came from the temple
(no intention just coincidence)

Both entered at the same time.
Kushi introduced everyone
Called hariprakash to keep the luggage in the guest room
Prg followed asr to guest room
Asr: feel free and be comfortable ,fresh up, have tea
Dining table
Everyone is having tea and talking
Prg is looking at anjali (no one noticed)
When prg is talking he called anjali as anju
Everyone looked at him
Did I say anything wrong
No one called anju till now
I am the lucky person and looked at anjali and asked if u have any problem I will call anjali
Anjali: no problem call me anju
Prg: thankyou
They were talking about Indian traditions ,puja etc
Kushi: di (anjali) is very perfect for doing puja, vrath
Prg: can u teach me pooja anju. What is vrath
Means fasting no food till pooja
Anjali: sure
Everyone is talking they didn’t notice the time (dinner time).
Dinner served

Nextday prg , asr ,kushi left to office
Prg in mind why kushi coming
Reached asr cabin
Now prg know why kushi came to office
Asr and prg r discussing about business
3 of them got food from home and ate
Prg noticed the stars and photos in the room
Asr: she likes stars , salmankhan and last me( by looking at kushi)
Prg: u both r superb. U both fight and argue
Asr: looking at kushi and said ,ofcourse she is the first one to fight with me
Kushi: no, he will start first
Prg: ok, I will go home and take rest. (Smile) u both continue your fight (after seeing arshi now he wants to see anju)
Reached home but he didn’t find anju .(disappointed)

At the dinner table
Prg: where is anju sis(kushi)
Kushi: vrath, tired. I am taking food to the room
Prg: can I help
Kushi: no need
Prg: I want to see how she is doing I mean
Kushi: ok
Went to anjali room
Asr called kushi, first time ignores and called again
Anjali and prg told her to go see what he wants with smile
Di….. , looked at prg
Prg: I am not going to eat your di, laugh
Prg pulled the chair
They were talking and he wants to do vrath next time
Anjali: ok , tomorrow vrath
Morning anjali and prg went to temple.
Sham also in the temple
He saw anjali with other person
Sham came to anjali and talking some nonsense
Prg hold his collar and gave a slap and informed police
Anjali requested prg not to tell asr and to family
Both r sitting and she started telling about sham
Came home

Breakfast Prg called asr and kushi
Anjali: they r not at home
Saturday and Sunday we can hardly see them
If u need something I will help u
Prg: bored
They were talking about asr and kushi
Asr suffered a lot in the childhood now at least he is happy with kushi
So that is the reason asr don’t want to leave kushi for a minute
Nani and mami saw them talking and happy to see them together
Nani and mami went silentely to nani room
Mami: good to see them together
Nani: yes, but how it is possible to bring them together(little happy by thinking that anjali life will settle)
Mami: let us try, first inform arshi
Nani: ok

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