Episode 5

Asr is on the phone talking to akash.
Asr: project completes in 2 days. Sort out before u come to india.
Akash: ok bhai (brother)
Asr: how is payal.
They were talking about some business.
Akash: payal we have to pack our things to go back to india
Payal: very happy (she missed the family ) and other side little sad( still thinking masi don’t like her)
Akash: why payal u are not excited
Payal: I am so excited and on the other hand masi( she didn’t complete the sentence)
Akash: ok, I will prove it.

One lady did makeover to payal and she made her to wear western outfit
She looks very pretty
Both of them taken some photos
Uploaded and send to anjali
Anjali opened the photos shocked to see the payal.
She called mami and nani to see the pictures
Mami came
Anjali is about to say something , nani called anjali
Mami is looking at the pictures and gets very angry
Mami: called akash
Where is payal. What did u do to her. Why r u roming with other girl
I don’t want to see your face. I want to talk to her right away. Send her to india. She is like daughter to me. She is not listening what akash has to say.
She is keep on scolding him, and cut the call. She is really upset.
Conversation is in speaker and payal is listening
Tears in her eyes( for misunderstanding)

Nani and anjali are listening and they r laughing
Anjali: showed pictures again
Now it is clear to mami that it is payal and feels happy
She called again to akash
Mami: don’t tell anything to payal whatever I said now hello hi bye bye.
Payal: I want to go to india immediately
Akash: in a week , now r u happy
Payal: with a smile very much and hug him. Akash can u come early today we should go for shopping
Akash: today not possible, we can go on weekend
Reached india
Blessings from nani, mami
Payal hugs mami
Next day they visited buvaji ,ma,papa

They r happy to see them
Akash Went to office
Asr arranged some new business to akash
Payal also can join akash now in his business
So both of them can spend some valuable time together.(asr plans )
Kushi and payal are busy at work till 5 pm in the evening
Short episode. I hope u like it.

Thanks Anaya for your suggestion.i will add that point later.
Thank you

Credit to: bindu

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  1. Yet again another cute update from you……. Keep rocking…..

  2. Hey,, this was sooo small yaar…
    Nice episode…
    Mamy’s reaction for payal was awesome..
    I missed Arsshi scenes a lot…
    Hope u will post a long episode tomorrow with rocking Arshi scenes..

  3. Superb episode bindu.
    I could not comment early.but you are rocking yaar.update soon☺☺☺☺

  4. Loved it. Plz countinue

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