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Amen came to the airport with some papers.
He gave it to asr.
He asked kushi to sign the papers.
He said everything should be ready by tomorrow.
Reached home.
Arav came running to his parents. Hugs and kisses.
Arshi took blessing from nani.
Kushi is talking and talking without stop.
She is explaining all about London to family members with action.
(Do u remember how she explained srikrishna janmastami to lavanya)
ASR is looking at her and thinking still she is a child.
She gave the gifts to everyone.
anjali prepared favorite food for arshi.
Kushi ate all her favorite food without offering to anyone.
She missed home food.
Next day morning kushi is still sleeping
Asr slowly removed his hand without disturbing her .
He went close to her with a smile and kissed her.
He went to office.
Asr sent a message to kushi to come to the office.
She reached office on time.
Asr came to kushi and took her to the cabin by closing her eyes.
As soon as they entered the cabin he removed hand and surprise.
New cabin is designed for kushi next to asr cabin.
Name board : kushi kumara gupta singh raizada , director
Kushi is really surprised by seeing the name board.
Asr: I want u to work.
Kushi : hugs him . can I do this work and handle the office.
Asr: yes , u can. I am sure u can manage and took her to another room.
Room is decorated with stars , salman khan photo, arshi photos
Small partition sofa and dinning
Kushi: why this room, we r not going to live hear
Asr: I know. He came very close to her and kissed and whispers in the ears(for our personal).
Kushi blushes.

Asr: why r u feeling shy. He put hand around her waist pulled close to him, u don’t want.
Kushi: looked at him
Both have an eyelock.
Raba ve song plays
Kushi: U r becoming romantic day by day
Really he went close to her and said can I start romance now.
Both smiles

He took her to cabin and make her sit on her chair and asked to sign the first deal.
She read the papers and sign.
At night
Arshi are on the bed facing each other
Kushi: why did u make me the director
Asr: u and me are equal. I want to see u even in the better position
Let me tell u something Let me share my feelings don’t interrupt
U know kushi I miss u if u r not around me . my childhood is really bad. I didn’t have one happy moment to share. When I start loving u , I forgot my bad days. So many disturbed nights because of u. I can’t see u at night. I will be waiting for the next morning. I want to talk to u but my anger will come first. Then both will fight argument and ended up with misunderstanding. May be I do not know how to talk. Life is short kushi. We should be together always. Let us enjoy and be happy always. I don’t want to leave u in the home from morning to evening. I love u kushi.
Kushi: tears rolling
Asr: whipped tears
Kushi : went very close to him and started kissing and I love u toooooooooo. I can’t live without u.
I am really very lucky to have u as my sweetheart.
Every day routine work in the office.
Lunch from home. Having food together. Ones they enter into the room no office matters. Only personal (only both of them)

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