Sorry for the delay.Hi arshi / IPKKND fans. Thank you for encouraging me. The story is only about IPKKND. I am not mixing it with different story characters. The story is all about feelings between wife and husband . I hope u can enjoy reading this type of a story. Please don’t take it wrong.PRG is one new character.

PRG is thinking about anjali.
PRG told asr that I want to start a business in India and learn Indian traditions.
PRG told them thank you. By seeing both of you now I decided to marry Indian girl.
Before asr say anything kushi invited him to India and asked him to stay in raizada house only. She also told I will search a nice girl for you.
She is saying seriously to PRG . asr is laughing. Kushi and PRG also joined him.
PRG told them tomorrow again dinner in Indian rhotel with all the members and their families.
PRG : day after I will leave both of u (no parties)
PRG: I will make arrangements for universal studio visit .
Ok. Bye.
Next day morning bell rings at 9 am
Kushi : opens the door
Lavanya…(ex gf of asr)
Come in
Both hug
La, thank you asr.
(asr invited la and gave surprise to kushi)
La married and happy.
After some time asr leaves for meeting.
La: I knew before, asr is going to marry u. he loves u a lot.
Kushi: how u know
La: engagement cancelled (remember). He always talks and thinks about u only.
Kushi: really (very happy to listen)
La: it’s time to leave kushi. Bye.
Kushi: messages to asr : I miss u so much and I want to see u right away and I can’t wait.
Asr phone beeps. After he reads the message he smiles.
Asr : please continue meeting I will come in an hour
Prg: ok we will continue our meeting after lunch
Kushi:waiting for asr
As soon as asr enters the room she hugged him very tightly and she said I love u so……..much. He did the same. After some time he asked kushi what happened.
Kushi: nothing. Just I missed u
She is not interested to go out . so ordered food to room.
Asr: r u ok kushi. I will be back by an hour. We will go for shopping.
they purchased gifts for everyone including hari prakash.
Came to hotel room. Asr is observing kushi from the afternoon , she is so happy.he can see in her face. He is very sure she is going to tell me tonight. They r ready to go for a dinner. Kushi wore a saree.

Asr gave a gift and a rose. She opens the gift. It is a diamond set. She turned back and ask him to put a flower while doing he kissed her on the neck. She looks very pretty.
Phone rings. PRG is waiting. Went to restaurant.
Prg: arranged for tomorrow sight visit and for Switzerland.
The hotel management arranged some games to find the best couple.
As soon as they enter the hotel
They arranged one hall for gents and other for ladies.
For ladies they kept all the ingridiants for cooking. They should finish cooking by 30 min.
(every one know) kushi is ready to make jilabies. (Anyway she loves to cook and eat).
30 min over. Now, gents should identify the food prepared by his wife.
Without even thinking asr went directly to jilebe table. he tasted .He is 100% sure kushi made that. He took very less time to finish his task.
Now ladies turn, covered gents with masks. They have to identify their partners.
Kushi stops and stands in front of asr as her heart beats very fast.
In this round also arshi won.

In the hotel room
Kushi: puts the head on asr’s lap and looking at him. I love u asr.
Asr: u r so happy today .what happen.
Kushi: today I came to know why engagement was cancelled with lavanya. Thank god I mean i can’t live without u . can I ask u one thing.
Asr: ok. ask me.
Kushi: always angry and scolding me from the day one. When did u start loving me.
Asr: when u wore red sari that day I started to think about u . (but never stopped thinking about u ). I send u to constructed site- unconscious- first time tears in my eyes. My heart beats very fast when u r around me. I am sure u r somewhere near to me. U said u r going back to lucknow, u can’t even imagine what went through in my mind.
Kushi: total confused by listening all this and now she is even more happy. She kissed him, and wrote I love u so much on the hand
Next day morning they went for sightseeing. They visited universal studios.
Kushi: enjoying very much.
Nextday moring PRG visited arshi (they r leaving to Switzerland)
Prg: all the arrangements done. I will come to india next week.
Asr: ok and he invited him to stay with them.
Prg: I will send the details one’s u reach india. Bye. Happy journey.
Arrived swizerland and reached hotel.
Asr planned for swizerland trip as they didn’t go for honeymoon.
Very cold outside. kushi is totally packed. They went for helicopter ride. Scoobo diving, etc Played with the snow by throughing at eachother. Enjoied.
Reached india.

Credit to: bindu

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