This is the first time I am writing the short story. please encourage me by sending comments.
The story is about IPKKND continuation with same names and characters.
The story begins with after kushi receives the Ms. India crown and after cutting the cake.
So, the story goes like this

After cutting the cake everyone went to their rooms.
Asr: lifted kushi and went to room and he gave the sorry card (for what he said in diwali day)
They hug each other. Both of them r thinking (in their mind) about spending time together. Kushi went to bath room to freshen up. Asr called someone and asked is everything ready. Cut the call.
Kushi came outside .asr asked kushi to close her eyes
He lifted her and took somewhere. She is asking can I open the eyes. He says no. he took her to terrace. Open your eyes now. She was so happy by seeing the arrangements done. Hug and said I love u. he told her that I want to spend some time with u. she said I was thinking the same.
They went near the table for eating. They were talking feeding each other looking each other romantically.
After food he took her to other side of the terrace. Bed is arranged on the floor. Both lie and saw the stars and moon .kushi is so happy. They r totally in the romantic mood. (……..u can fill it)

Next day morning everyone in the dining table for breakfast. But arav(arshi adopted son) didn’t come.
Kushi went to arav’s room. He is blabbering something. She touched his forehead. Fever.
First she informed ASR. He called a doctor. Now everyone in the arav’s room. Doctor gave some medicine. Everyone went down. Arshi is with arav.
Asr received the call and he has to go to the office. He told kushi to take care of arav and I will be back in an hour. He leaves.
Kushi is with arav and putting cold cloth on forehead. ASR came from the office after an hour and he is with arav. At night they slept in arav‘s room. Next day Moring arav is fine. Everyone happy. Kushi told arav not go to school today. U can take full rest. Kushi went to kitchen to get the milk to arav and tea to ASR.

ASR receives the call. No, I can’t make it. My son is not well. He cut the call.
Arav asked about the call. Tomorrow I need to go to London for meeting.
Arav: I am fine. u can go dad and take mom also with you. Give mom a surprise.
ASR: ok. Don’t tell mom. I will inform other family members.
All the paper work is completed.
Next day morning

Asr: kushi pack my things , I am going to London today afternoon.
Kushi: shocked. Try to talk with ASR. But he is busy with the phone (he knows how tensed kushi is)
ASR: buy, I will come in the afternoon
Kushi: call ASR. But he is busy, not picking up the phone. She is recollecting all the incidents like ASR kidnapping, the struggle she faced, how she found ASR etc. she is really scared.
ASR: called kushi and asked her to come to the office after an hour. (No time to come home). Aman will take care of the luggage. (He knows she will start immediately)
Kushi: thinks I have to go now and try to stop him.
In raizada house
Anjali is packing kushi’s things with the help of nani, mami and arav.
Kushi: reached office with tensed face.
Asr: receives a call from the reception.
Asr: calls kushi and asked her to come to airport with the papers given by one of the staff and cut the call.
Kushi: thinks why he is not responding and leaves the office.
Reached airport. She didn’t find ASR but she receives the call again.
He said something and cut the call without listening to her
So she gave papers to a person and followed him. The person completed all the formalities.
He took her in to the (kushi didn’t see the charted flight before) charted flight and he left.
(Sent by the business man from London especially for asr)
(His name is Mr. PREM RAJ GUPTA (PRG))

Kushi: receives a call from ASR, relax I will be there in few minutes. Cut the call.

I hope u guys will like it. Please write comments. So I can improve.

Credit to: bindu

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  1. Was awesome..waiting for wats next.

    1. Thank you for giving me the encouragement

  2. Really nice & interesting…pls don’t stop updating daily…becos I love dis serial…

    1. Even I like the serial. Thank you

  3. Wow!! Hey,, Bindu, I don’t know u believe or not but this story was Awesome… I felt that I went back to IPKKND….. Today I again feel the same what I felt 3 years 3 months and 22 days before… U don’t know how happy i am!! And also I can’t express my feelings.. U know what, while reading this my heart was beating highly.. Thank u thank u very much for continuation IPKKND.. Yaar, please post the next one soon.. And please post it everyday..

    1. Thanks for your support

  4. I was totally shoked when IPKKND was ended in 30th Nov 2012….. And today u took me to the place again… Wow!! Same story.. Thank u for not starting a new story… Thank u sooooo much for starting the show from real IPKKND… Thank u soooooooooo much..

    1. Thank you very much.I will try to post every day

  5. this is superb please continue……

  6. It was really awe some . Please continue……………good work

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