(Swaragini) An invisible vibration called love (Chapter 2) (Episode 4)


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Recap:laksh holding ragini’s hand angrily and sanskar removes it .laksh gets shocked to know sanskar is their new guest lecturer .
Chapter 2 continuation
laksh: Sorry sir,i was not aware of it.please dont complain to principal.
Sanskar:no,i will not complain to principal.but never hurt girls.
Laksh : Ok …i will never do it again.
Sanky :fine..
Sanky is walking with rags ..
Sanky :you are fine,right?
Rags:Thanks for your concern,sir.And iam fine..
Sanky : So let me introduce myself.iam sanskar ,your new lecturer.
Swara:Rags…come here ,our class is about to start .come fast..
Sanskar :bye rags…

Swara and ragini are in class with everyone..suddenly one boy come into the class and every girls are staring at him.
He was none other than our sanky.
Sanky: Hai everyone ,iam your new physics lecturer …
sanskar is teaching..bell rang and his class ends.
All the students are going out of the class.
At the break time ..
Both swara and rags are in library ..

Swara is searching some books in first shelf and rags in third shelf.
Now swara is raising her hand to take a book..someone else is also raising hands for
taking the same book from other side.Now both of them are holding the book.swara is trying to take that book.other person is also trying the same.Now they both are competing for the book..Finally swara will leave the book and the other person will get it.The other person is none other than sanky.Then sanky and swara will see each other and they will fall in a deep eyelock .Then they will come back into their senses.Then sanky will be thinking about his past and will keep that book back in shelf angrily.

Precap :Ragini was walking from the library and suddenly she will slip and then someone will hold her.

Guys iam waiting for your feedbacks.Next episode will be posted soon.sorry for grammatical mistakes..

Credit to: Amy Jake

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  1. Pairs are ragsan na

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      And about pairs you will get to know later.

  2. Nice yr

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  3. expecting more, really short update

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      I will try to make next episode a lengthy one..

      1. welcome Amy, waiting for the next part post it regularly

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      Wait and watch whether it will be Laksh ..

  5. Swasan please…..Pair ragini with laksh

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      Pairs will be revealed soon..

  6. Lovely update Amy but so sorry to say that I didn’t like sanskar as lecturer. After all student- teacher relation is a divine one. As per my view, I can’t digest it. I strongly believe that a student and teacher share a god- devotee and parent- child bond. Sorry of I hurt you dear but you really have good skills in writing.all the best?

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  7. I am confused of pairs

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      Pairs will be revealed so soon..

  8. plz plz make swasan pair they look awesome

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  9. nice. ..plz make it swasan

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      Pairs will be revealed soon.

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      Pairs will be revealed soon..

  10. V nice plz pair up raglak and when will u upload next part

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      Pairs will be revealed soon..
      Suggest any 3 days for updating my ff.

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    Actually i cannot update on all the 7 days..So can you suggest any 3 days..
    And about the pairs you will get to know soon.

  13. nice… please give long one…

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      I will try to make next update a lenghty one..

  14. Plz post it on Sunday Saturday nd Wednesday nd pair up swasan nd I also don’t like sanky as lecturer

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  15. Awesome

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  16. Do all of you are fine with saturday,sunday and monday for updating, which is by anu.

  17. No swasan pls so many swasan ff out there pls think of swalak and ragsan pairs

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      Pairs will be revealed soon.

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  18. ????rock on baby…..

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  19. nice dear make swasan plz

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      Pairs will be revealed soon..

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