THE INVISIBLE LOVER….Episode 3..Swaragini

Hii its Abhi. Here is the third episode. Next day morning Ragini is reading news paper..Her mom papa went to the temple.. Suddenly the calling bell rings. Its a courier on Ragini’s name. She signs n takes the courier. She opens it.. A card and a beautiful red rose. She opens the card.. “Hii my Sweety..good is your favourite red rose.Hope you liked ur invisible lover” Ragini unknowingly smiles seeing it.. Ragini thinks Oh god..who will be this invisible lover?How he know that my favourite flower is red rose..? Her thoughts gets broken by laksh’s question. Laksh:What’s that ..rags? Ragini thinks:Whether i should say them about this invisible no..first of all..let me find the guy..then i will say. Ragini:Nothing yaar..its just a rose.. Saying this she hides the card. Laksh:Ohh..its so beautiful.. Sanskar:Yes.,it is. Ragini:You both sit here..i will change n come.. After sometime Sanskar:So what’s todays plan? Ragini:Shopping.. Laksh:That’s so cool.. In the mall Ragini is choosing dresses for sanlak. She chooses three T-shirts for each.. Now they are in girls section.. Sanlak n Ragini are choosing dresses for Ragini.. Sanskar takes a red gown for her.. Laksh chooses a violet gown for her.. Ragini chooses many jeans n tops. She liked a blue saree..but it costs 89000 she didn’t take it.. Shopping completed…n they came back to Ragini’s house. Full night Ragsanlak fun.. Next day morning. Again she gets a courier. A card and a gift. Ragini takes it n went to her room. She opens the gift. It was the same blue saree which she liked but couldn’t buy.. Ragini gets very happy..n opens the card excitedly. “hii is the gift??i know u liked might have many questions in your mind like who is this guy..why is he gifting me?know??cus i love u..n i will give a clue about me..u know me very well. By your invisible lover.

Ragini thinks What..i know him…any one from class??no no..from pub..? who?I will find him at any cost. Ragsanlak in college.. They are doing final year engineering.. Ragini is looking at every boy doubtingly..she is searching for her invisible lover.While looking many guys..she notices Karthik looking at her. Karthik has a crush on her from first year..
Ragini:Is that invisible lover is no he cant be..he never talked to me even,.then how can he know my likes n dislikes.? Whole day Ragini was thinking about that invisible lover itself.Sanlak gets confused seeing her changed behaviour.
After one month.
In these one month,Ragini has fallen for the invisible lover so deeply..she received many gifts and cards from him..he wrote some shayari’s about her in the cards .One of those was You are an angel in my life.. You are a treasure beyond compare. You are the reason of my survival. My life is richer for knowing you. Its the last day of the college.. Ragini is crying so badly that sanlak are gonna leave her. Sanskar and Laksh got selection in a company in Switzerland.So they are going next day. Sanlak are also crying.. Next day morning Ragini went to the airport with sanlak. Ragini hugs them and cries. They console her saying that they will come after two years. Finally they left. Ragini went to home in a crying state.There she found a letter in between the leaves of a rose plant.She takes the letter and opens it. “This will be my last letter for you..I will come and meet you soon.. Love you a lot… your invisible lover” Also a red rose is pinned to it. Ragini was feeling happy and also sad.Sad thinking no more letters n her vest friends left her.Happy because she will be able to see him soon.

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