THE INVISIBLE LOVER….Episode 2..Swaragini


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Episode 2
The trio hugs together.. Ragini:Come,now lets go..
She was about to open the door saying this but sanlak shouts:No… Ragini:What happened??Why you guys are shouting??
Laksh:We came through the window na..
Sanskar:So if uncle aunty asks when did we come..then?? guys are right!But now what to do??

Sanskar:Just wait and watch..
Sanlak went through the windows.Ragini comes to the hall. Mom:I heard some sounds from your room yesterday.. too..
Ragini:Voo…actually i was seeing a film in my lap..
Suddenly the calling bell rings. Sumi went to see the person.. She opens the door.
Sumi:Laksh…come in beta..where is sanskar??
Sanskar:Iam here Aunty.. Sumi:Aunty??
Sanskar:Sorry …Ma.. Shekhar:Come..have breakfast .. Sanskar:No uncle..sorry papa..we had it already..
Laksh:Actually we came here to pick rags..
Shekhar:Ok…Ragini you go…. Sanraglak gets happy,..

The trio are travelling in sanskar’s jeep.. Ragini is standing in the jeep and is shouting..
Sanlak are sitting in the front seat and laughing.
Laksh:So what’s the plan..?college ? Sanskar:No yaar..its so boring.. Ragini:Then…beach.. Sanlak:Yuppp…thats a good idea..

At beach..

The trio are sitting in the sand and are taking selfies..
Ragini:Wait…let me ask something..actually what happened yesterday night?
Sanskar:Yesterday night…Dont you remember what all things you had done yesterday..
Sanskar signals laksh.. Laksh:Rags…yesterday you had drunk a were out of control…you did many things.(he smiles naughtily) Ragini gets tensed..Sanlak are laughing.. Ragini :Why you guys are laughing..? Sanlak:We were joking..You didn’t do anything..
Laksh:You were just sleeping… Ragini:You idiots..i will not leave you.. She starts running behind them…
Trio gets completely wet as they fell into the water..
Ragini is beating both of them like a kid. Finally she laughs and they hugs each other…and screams”Yooooo”..

Precap:Arrival of a card…

How was it??

Credit to: MERIN

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  1. I just love it !! What are the couples ?? And pls try to send it more regurlarly ?
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    1. Thankyou yaar…and pairs are suspense,?

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  9. plz give me a good news that the pairs are ragsan plz keep it ragsan

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  11. Ragsan plzz

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  12. Nice.plz update ur kidnaper ff also

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  13. Love it. Please update soon.

  14. Awesome Abhi u are really a good writer

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