THE INVISIBLE LOVER….Episode 1..Swaragini


Hii friends…
Sorry for late update…
I told that in this ff…either Swara or Ragini only will be there…As iam a great fan of Teju..I choose Ragini…Sorry to all Helly fans..I like Helly also but Teju more..
Episode 1
A girl is shown sleeping by hugging a pillow tightly..She is wearing blue shorts and white T shirt. she looks very cute and beautiful..

Her room is full of mess..all the things are scattered here and there..some alcohol bottles are also there..

Suddenly two boys entered her room through the windows and closed the door..
Boy 1:Rags…wake up fastly..
Yes..she is our Ragini..Ragini Gadodia..She is very cute , funny and talkative..Her best friends are Sanskar and whom she share her every secrets..She is mad for chocolates..Her parents are Shekhar and Sumi..They love her alot..They also love Lucky and Sanky too..…why are you disturbing me..let me sleep.. Laksh..Laksh Maheswari..Son of DP and Ap..He is very hot,handsome and funny..His best friends are Ragini and Sanskar..He will even die for them..His main craze is bike riding..
Ragini again starts sleeping. Laksh:Rags….wake idiot.. Ragini:Lucky.. shut your…
Someone cuts her voice by pouring a bucket full of water on her..She woke up and found herself completely wet..
A voice:”Good Morning Rags”.. Ragini:Ahhh..
Lucky laughs…
He then covered her mouth with his hands..
Lucky:Aunty and uncle will come.. keep quiet..

Ragini:Sanskar…i will not leave you.. Yes..he is Sanskar Malhotra..Hot,cute and funny guy..son of Ram Malhotra and Suchitra..His parents are divorced..He is living in a flat alone..His hobbies are irritating and taunting others..especially Raglak.. Ragini starts running behind him..
Laksh:Rags…stop it n look at your room.. Now only she noticed her room..
Ragini:What’s all this?? Both sanlak starts laughing..
Laksh:Don’t you remember anything about our yesterday’s party… Ragini:Ohh ya..what happened actually..i don’t remember anything clearly..What happened to me.. Laksh:About the party we can discuss later..Now lets clean this room..
Sanky:Ya…come lets clean it.. Ragini:No…i have two handsome , hot boy friends and i will have to clean this,..oh no..
Sanlak:Drama queen..stop your drama..
Sanky:we will do it..u go n change.. Sanlak smiles seeing her childish behaviour .

Ragini came after changing. Ragini:Oh room is looking so
Sanlak:Ofcourse it will be….They raised their collar saying it.. both r right..its my room na..
They ran behind her..
Finally they caught her..Laksh held her legs and Sanskar,her head..
They throw her into her bed..
Episode ends…

Precap:Ragsanlak fun…nok fashback

How is it???
And Poonam,because of you I have started it today…?

Credit to: MERIN

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  1. It’s amazing..superb..nd plzz update nxt prt soon

    1. Thankyou so much yaar??

  2. Nice thanks for choosing teju please update kidnapper girl also

    1. Thanqqqq…n i hv submitted kidnapper just now..?

    1. Thankyou so much dii??

  3. Very nice start

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  4. nice……….

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  5. Thank u so so much……. Actually I am also a teju fan and I guessed that in this ff it will be teju because in kidnapper….u have given the ff photo on which it was written invisible lover and ragsanlak were in the photo….moreover I really liked your intro very much and I was waiting for it so much….. THANK YOU so much for considering my request. Millions of thanks

    1. And actually I was ready to wait more but I got scared when you didn’t mention this ff in your ff list I wanted you to continue this and thtts why I asked u….SORRY for any inconvenience caused to you because of me ..a big sorry

    2. Ohh..i didn’t notice the cover pic….?
      Thankyou so much yaar…???

  6. Just like me like helly but love teja more, good start and love it

    1. Thankyou so much yaar..???

  7. Wow simply superb
    i loved it
    love u ragini

    1. Thankyou so much dear..??

  8. And actually I was ready to wait more but I got scared when you didn’t mention this ff in your ff list I wanted you to continue this and thtts why I asked u….SORRY for any inconvenience caused to you because of me ..a big sorry

    1. No need of sorry in friendship..u r my frnd na???
      N i didn’t mention it because i hadn’t started na..thats why..
      N no inconvenience…infact iam happy that someone remembered about this story,..

  9. awesome part abhi … loved it.. such a good writer you r 🙂

    1. Thankyou..?
      N I love ur ff too…eagerly waiting for its next part???

    1. Thanqq so much??

  10. nice start

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  11. Superb dear

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  12. wow its really cool i loved it 🙂

    1. Thnqqq so much..??

  13. superb n thanks for ragini even i am a fan of teju

  14. is it raglak or swasan??

    1. There is no swara in this…so raglak or ragsan..??

  15. Just awesome

  16. amazing…even i am a very big fan of teju ….awesome please continue

  17. Please post kidnapper girl soon

    1. I have posted..???

  18. Super and make it Raglak

    1. Thankyou n i will try..???

  19. Awesome yaar…. I juz love it

  20. Jist FAB!?, are the pairs swasan and raglak? Please confirm!?

    1. There is no swara in this ff…so its either ragsan or raglak..???

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