“INVISIBLE LOVE” (Chapter-5)

Hello peeps ,I have got loads of work but my excitement is at peak and I am back with a 5 epi of invisible love ❤️ this one is a maha episode ..
The precap was pretty interesting I know and hope you guys like the epi too ….

Shravan’s POV
I tossed and turned on my bed , without even a single spark of idea 💡 in my mind…. it was unbelievable, I was invisible , oh yes I was….
My experiment was successful but the only question that kept arising in my my mind was how will I ever present my invention in the council, i was pretty nervous along with being invisible
Immediately an other idea sparked in my mind … and if you ask me what it was then I will say it is “sumo”
What’s wrong if sumo will present the invention ……
Yeah that’s a good idea 💡
Oh crap!! I have gotta do something special , you cannot please her with something very simple like a chocolate 🍫 or
one of her favourite flowers
🌺… she such a tough girl, huh!!
Shravan comes out of his trance, quickly dials a number in his smartphone
Tring… tring….
Shravan: hey adi , will you mind if I ask you something…
Adi : oh hi Shravan , ur calling me at 11:30 in the night so I will definitely mind 😄
Shravan : please adi, I want a black forest cake 🎂 as soon as possible…..😕😕
Adi: it’s too late dude , btw is it for someone special…
Shravan: yes , just write ” thank you sumo ” on the cake…….I’ll pick it up in an hour …. bye 👋🏼
Shravan arranged his room with lights and flowers which sumo loves … he puts up all their childhood photos,makes space for the cake, sets his bed and finally dresses smartly….
(Guys he doesn’t look invisible now because he has his pants😂😂😂)
He rushes out to collect the cake and Adi his friend has already dozed off with the cake on the table 🙂🙂
Shravan quickly picked the cake and rushed back home 🏡… he kept the cake on the table and marched towards his car to pick sumo …
Within 5 min he reached to her place and caught her roaming here and there .. he made some weird noises to catch her
attention, she took a glance at him and slowly walked towards him ……
Suman: what are you doing here, she asked pointing out her finger on him
He just caught her wrist and took her towards the car .. he made her sit and quickly started the car ….
They reached his home…. he opened the door and she was in awe with the decorations, she asked him for what was this and he replied that he wanted to thank her ……. she smiled at him …. a light music is played in the background, the lights make the moment more wonderful …
shraman make themselves comfortable on the bed and start munching the cake … they apply the cake on each other’s face and jump out of happiness.. they hug each other out of excitement and they start devouring the rest of the chocolates , Chips and all the relishing savouries on the table …they have a nice time and suddenly sumo gives out a shriek….. ” it’s 12:45, Shravan I gotta go home 🏡 ” she yells
He says no problem sleep here tonight, we will get up early tomorrow ……. “sumo , are you gonna come to the laboratory tomorrow for checking the sample and to find the reverse formula….
no Shravan I have gotta a lot of work in pct , I will try to come in the evening …
Shravan nods his head and quickly lays down on the bed … sumo lays down near him and says….
” Shravan , I have got an habit of cuddling someone ,else I don’t sleep …..”
Shravan bursts out laughing 😂 and then he pulls sumo close by her waist and cuddles her… she smiles at him and says “thank you “……
His hand on her waist and her head in his chest… that was bliss……
She whispered goodnight and slowly dozed off , Shravan chuckled at her cute face and slowly pecked her forehead out of affection 😍😍….
Shravan’s POV
I called sumo just to convince her for the presentation but I forgot that !! Probably I should try that tomorrow 😁” god !! She should accept …..

He cuddles her more tightly and covers them with a blanket 😘😘
” mil Jane do dil jo bane ek duje ke vaaste ”
Precap : Shravan tries his best to convince sumo …… some funny moments …

Thank you
Hope this epi was nice
Take care
Lots of love ❤️
Yb signing off


  1. Reema

    hey YB such a romantic one.
    its sooo cute. & just amazing.
    I just love the episode.
    post next episode asap.
    lots of love.

  2. Christie

    Hey Mirra it was really romantic and cute.. It’s fantastic! The precap seems superb .. Pls post next part soon.

  3. Rukhsar


    |Registered Member

    Hey mirra its was so funny shr is invisible what if he never becomes visible what he gonna do then…..anyways it was really nice and cute post next part soon

  4. Ariana


    |Registered Member

    Yb it was soooooooooooo cute
    sumo is very childish- really she can’t sleep without cuddling? Awwwwww such a baby!
    Now I’m waiting for Shravan’s surprise plan
    just can’t wait

  5. Nainaa


    |Registered Member

    Aww!! It’s both romantic and cute.. Shraman are rocking..
    I am so excited for next episode and waiting for their surprise plan..
    Keep going and keep rocking… Love you..

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