“INVISIBLE LOVE” (Chapter-4)

Hi guys this yb here and with the next part of Invisible love ❤️ 😄
I think I am keeping up the suspense very well , but it will be revealed soon 🙂and this part is dedicated to all the edkvians, it’s really nice to be a part of tu family .
Naina, I am really glad that you watched all edkv episodes .
Welcome to edkv family
Guys, some of the events which take place on the ff are for fun😜😜

In the last episode
Shravan and sumo have a conversation and Shravan doesn’t notice the solution dripping on his shoes and attire ….

Current scene
Sumo and Shravan are busy conversing and the yellowish green solution keeps on dripping….. Shravan is really engrossed in talking with sumo..
Sumo talks with him very happily, she thinks that it has been a long time since she visited him…. after all she is his bestie, she takes a few steps towards Shravan, meanwhile Shravan is just lost in sumo…
Some times tragedies spoil good moments…. the tragedy can be of an type, maybe an incident or some irritating person…..🙂🙂

She takes some short steps towards him,but later that dazzling smile on her face turns into a shocked one ☝️… 😲
Suman is really awestruck by the scene in front of hers…
( guys read this with a bit of enthusiasm, imagine this to get a wider look of the scenario)
sumo shouts in the top of her voice….
“Shravan look at that” she points out .. he looks at the ground to find nothing 😕
What happened sumo?? He says..

She replies ” Shravan your shoes have turned invisible!!!!!
Shravan comes back to reality, only to find that his shoes have vanished, his pant has vanished till his knees and it looks as if he has lost his legs in an accident…😜😂😂
Suman moves closer to Shravan and gives him a tight slap on his cheek and hugs him out of tension. She looks at him and says, I have told you to stop being such silly! Arrrggh!! You have turned invisible Shravo.. this is the reason I hate science.. experiments always seem interesting, but you will land up in some trouble!! Saying this she stomps away and he holds her by the wrist..😳
Sumo I have turned invisible that means that my experiment is successful and I will become more popular because of this!!
She reacts “how will you come back to normalcy Shravo, I am not gonna help you”
Sumo, please “a friend in need is a friend indeed ”
she looks at his pleasing face and nods her head…..
Shravan hugs her out of happiness and she reciprocates too…. she leans towards his ears and whispers “I hate science,but I will try my best to get you back to normalcy, I promise 😊” he smiles at her and engulfs her in an friendly embrace😄

Precap: Suman in Shravan’s bed… Shravan and Suman cuddle each other…. they work out some scientific calculations,

funny moments 😂😂
Hope you enjoyed this epi
Love you 😘
Yb signing of …..


  1. Reema

    omg YB you rocked.
    I can’t even imagine that its going to happened.
    just amazing yaar. fabulous one and too good.
    precap sounds also interesting.
    so post next one soon.
    loads of love.

  2. Christie

    Hey mirra, you just nailed it today! Superb, awesome, fabulous,fantastic!!!!!!!!
    It was just mind blowing!
    Loved it! Precap seems really interesting.
    Pls post next part ASAP.

  3. Nazia


    |Registered Member

    Yb it was awesum!! When I imagined that incident it looked like as if um reading a horror story.. Just imagine.. How wud shravu look like widout legs??!!! And sumo to slap him and the hug.. It was soo cute <3 !! Let's see how sumo helps shravan.. Post ASAP yb!!

  4. Fatimagulesarfraz


    |Registered Member

    Hey yb !!!!! Hahaha OMG !!!! This episode was really epic .. like seriously !!!! Shravan’s legs turned invisible ?? Hahaha .. I really enjoyed that scene nd that hug .. awww .. that was cute .. em enjoying this FF .. Post soon .. Take care 🙂

  5. Ariana


    |Registered Member

    Eeeeeee yb me back! Sry I haven’t been cmnting on ur awesome writings lately but dude I’m back now as it’s my holidays
    cmng 2 d update- it was amazing!!!! I am sooooo loving Shravan’s scientific attire
    n it’s so cute the ShraMan chemistry
    I went all aweeeee
    now waiting for ur nxt update coz the precap is breath taking
    post soon
    love ya

  6. Nainaa


    |Registered Member

    WOW!! I was brought to some other world while reading this and I just loved it….
    Shraman are so cute and their bond is worth lovely…
    I am in love with this ff and with your writing skills..
    Keep going and keep rocking.. Love you..

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