“INVISIBLE LOVE” (Chapter-3)

Hey, guys, its me yb…… so, hows life? I know this is some kind of weirdo question but these days life is boring without shraman, what say? So to bring back those beautiful memories, yb is back with the third chapter of invisible love…. I would like to give a short recap… and thankyou for showering your love on this new ff, I have got a lot to talk about, but I will never stop once I start… so lets start with today’s epi, wanna know what tragedy is gonna take place??
Recap: a brief intro about suman tiwari, and a funny conversation between suman and Shravan….

Something’s boiling on the stove and suman is lost in her thoughts,
Preeta: hey , suman look at that!!!
Suman comes back to her senses and stirs the liquid in the stove with great joy because it is her best friend who is gonna taste it….(yeah guys it’s the dal) she goes back to the days where Shravan used to love each and every item that she was cooking, he appreciated her work and she felt happy…. She wanted him right from the childhood but never expressed any things out to him……she was even proud of Shravan and his new experiments and inventions but she just laughed it off as if they were crazy ideas…..

She heard some footsteps, but she was lost in her childhood memories, a tall figure stood before her, he waved his hand and she was still not responding, he gave her a jerk and she came back to her senses…. She lowered the flame and started speaking along with stirring the boiling liquid on the stove..
Suman: hi, shravao? Too eager to eat my dal?
Shravan: yup, afterall, you are making it, how will I miss it??
Sumo: ok its almost done, 5 mins more…
Shravan:too good, aroma… hmm really wanna taste it…..
He picks up a spoon and tastes the dal… and relishes the dal with great enjoyment, his eyes were reflecting the joy and savour that he had …….
Shravan: sumo, its been ten long years.. I have tasted this dal….
A drop of tear trickled down from sumo’s eyes…… and the words “ ten long years” kept pestering her,he gently wiped the tears off and embraced her in a friendly way, she embraced him back and slowly whispered…
Suman: shravo?
Shravan: hmmm
Suman: what is the good news all about?
Shravan: come to my laboratory …..
Suman pulled back and asked..
Suman: an other crazy invention right??
Shravan: it isn’t as crazy as your thinking, but it is a great invention sumo, pleaseee…
Suman: hmm, ok I will come….

Shravan smiles at her and both of them drive away to malhotra laboratories.
Suman takes a look at the shelf, the awards and honours meanwhile, Shravan is back in his orginal place,wearing his white attire, busy mixing a green and yellow liquid…… he was doing the job in a very concentrated way, sumo turned back and took a look at him, she found him very funny in that attire and there she burst out laughing… and Shravan got distracted, he took a look at her , at first, he was pretty mesmerized by her laugh but later he got serious and asked why she was laughing, both of them got busy in their conversation ,meanwhile Shravan’s yellowish green mixture was at the edge of the table, some drops of it were dropping on his shoes, some on his lab attire, some on his gloves……….

The episode ends here……
What was that liquid all about?, what kind of tragedy will the liquid do?, will suman be responsible for all of it?, jane ke liye keep reading “INVISIBLE LOVE”
Ok guys, sorry for leaving it’s as a suspense, will upload a promo soon, so that I can reveal the suspense, hope you guys are liking it ,
Loads of love


  1. Christie

    Hey mirra, it was mind blowing!!!!
    Too good! Loved it. And very curious to know what is the liquid!! So pls post ASAP…

    • Christie

      Hey mirra how is your health now? I hope you are fine. Get wall soon and post the next part soon!!!!!

    • Balamirra



      thankyou so much… means a lot to me
      i am well, and i have caught cold, which is very horrible, will take care and post next part asap..

  2. Reema

    hey YB….
    & ya you right life is very boring without edkv I really miss the show.
    but your episode is too good yaar.
    just loved it. its amazing,fabulous & superb one.
    post next one soon..
    lots of love.
    take care…

  3. prettypreeti

    mirru my life is reall boring without shraman but girl reading ur ff make m life interestinf seriousl such a good wtriter and editor u r…ur edits r too good just like ur stories….i love u my siss.keep it up.
    love u
    post soon

  4. Nainaa


    |Registered Member

    Okay… I admit the fact that I am smiling… no no I am blushing… It’s too good Dear… moreover it’s very realistic. after all you have written this one. so, i guess that yellow liquid is “Love potion”. Am I right?. I am excited for the next episode… and yeah with your suggestion I successfully completed watching all the episodes of Ek duje ke vaaste. I just loved it and Shraman’s chemistry is too good… Keep going…love you Dear…

    • Balamirra



      Hey 👋🏼 too glad 😁 that you liked it , keep guessing 😀And I am very happy that you have watched all the epis.. glad that you liked shraman
      Love you 😘 💕

  5. Fareena Norman

    Mirra you told in intro that the word invisible plays main character in your ff I think shravan will become invisible

  6. Nazia


    |Registered Member

    Hey yb!! It was just superb!! Hmm.. Tragedy!! Ok.. Suspense.. Loved it DI!! Haha sry.. Just kidding.. No di.. But post the next part sooooooon….. Plzzzzzzz!!!!!!!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.