Invisible chords that joins 2 hearts ( last episode)

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So sorry guys I was not able to upload the episode yesterday becoz of personal issues.
I guess u will be finding it difficult to find my ff in these millions of fan fictions .
U can read previous episodes from clicking on this link.

U can read my os on twinj.
Twinj discussing something important…

Here it goes…
K:- ohh come on leave it now. Now being ur bestfriend, I don’t wanna trouble u by asking the solution of these problems. When I already know that god send u down, but didn’t send brain in it.( bhagwaan ne tujhe niche toh bheja par bheje mai bheja daal ke nahi bheja.) U r a defective piece. Leave it I will think something myself.
(He giggles)
T:- kya kaha Mr.Kunj Sarna. (Fumes wid anger)
K:- wahi Jo tumne suna Miss. Twinkle Taneja.
T:- Achha (oh really)
Kunj watches her face which had become red with anger and runs saying kunj tu toh gaya ab. Twinkle too runs behind him to chase him.
They both run in whole room but in such a way that they were not making noise.
They both were tired.
T:- thak gaye naa Kunj (breathing fastly)
K:- nahi twinkle mai thakta nahi hoon. (Breathing fastly)
T:- Achha
K:- haan, okay now leave it and listen to me.
T:- bolo
K:- go to meet that boy and tell him everything.
T:- okay but wait… What if he told mom and dad abt it.
k:- he won’t, I will make sure abt it.
T:- okay but still
K:- twinkle do u trust me.
T:- more than myself.
K:- feeling better
T:- much better (smiles)
K:- okay then
T:- yaaa, I m so sorry, I may leave now.
K:- sure
She left from his room.
In the morning.
Kunvya and twiraj were going to meet their mum’s choice but all unwillingly. They reached café , the staff greets them. The waitress took girls to a room and waiter took boys to another room.
Twinkle:- but we r here?
Kaavya:- yes, y r we here?
Waitress:- sorry ma’am but it is an order from ma’ams (their moms)
Twinkle:- ohk how much time we will be here?
W- only for few more minutes
The waiter tells same to the boys.

The waiter takes boys to the table. Both of them unwillingly go there and sit but were only thinking of their lady love. Both the tables were quite far from each other as requested by their respected moms.
@yuvi’s table
Yuvi was not at all interested in meeting that girl but as his mom insisted him to do he did that.
Before sleep
Yuvi goes to his mom wid teary eyes but she tries to ignore him.
Y:- mom, how can u do this.
Anita turns back
Y:- mom u know naa I love twinkle then how can u do this.
Anita keeps quite
Y:- mom, open ur ears and listen to me carefully, i won’t go to meet that blo*dy girl.
Anita takes a paper and pen and writes
Plz go if u love me.
She gives that to yuvi. He reads it and goes to his room crying like hell.
Flashback ends
Y:- just let that girl come, I will tell her how much I love Twinkle.
Till then a girl is shown coming towards him from back with waitress.
She had a sculpted figure which was twine-thin. Her waist was tapered and she had a burnished complexion. A pair of arched eyebrows looked down on sweeping eyelashes. Her delicate ears framed a button nose. A set of dazzling, angel-white teeth gleamed as she blew gently on her carmine-red fingernails. It was a pleasure to see her flowing, moon shadow-black hair. Her enticing, constellation-black eyes gazed at me over her puffy, heart shaped lips. She said Hello mister______
He turned back and was shocked to see that person. Not content to be just another drone, she wore vibrant clothes.
She was equally shocked like Yuvi.
Y:- Twinkle, u here (surprised) ( yes guys u read it correct that was Twinkle)
Y:- yuvi u here
W:- ohh seems like u both know each other already. That’s well n good, so enjoy u both. But still let me introduce u both once again.
Miss Twinkle this is Mr. Yuvraj. He is an airline pilot.
Mr Yuvraj this is Miss Twinkle or I would say Dr. Twinkle. She is a psychiatrist.
So sir/ma’am hope u like ur mom’s choice. U both will make a perfect couple.
Waitress leaves
Y:- God must’ve been showing off when he created you.
T:- well thanks for the compliment but u r no less. (Blushing)
Y:- thanq
T:- I want to say something to u.
Y:- same here.
T:- no first u say whatever u want to say. (Thinking- may be there is something very important which he want to say)
Y:- no no Lady’s first ( her work is more important than my I love u)
They argue on this in a calm way but decide to say it together.
T&Y – I love u yuvi
She couldn’t believe her ears.
Yuvi bends on his knees and says my heart has at last found a home. My life begins with u, and without u it must surely end. You complete me. He whispered in his lover’s ears, “and I mean it”.
Twinkle’s eyes r filled with tears of happiness.
She just doesn’t know to react. Her tears of happiness were not stopping till the time she got a hug from her life.
It was a passionate hug. She broke the hug and kisses him. Her lips tasted strawberry sweet. She had a bouncy personality. They both kissed each other till the time they had air inside them. They broke it unwilling.
Twinkle said I love u yuvi, u r d bestest thing that happened to me.
Yuvi reached on infinite cloud. He was feeling as if he got everything in his life. His face was glowing where as twinkle’s was turning pink becoz of continuous blushing.
He revolved himself round and round with twinkle in his arms. Their two hearts were joined by a invisible chord named Love.

Guys this the end of my ff. I hope u liked my ff and my efforts. I know most of u all r twinj fans but still if u read my ff then plz comment becoz it means a lot. Silent readers u all too plz comment in this ff. Thanks for the support and love u gave me in this ff.
Sorry for the grammatical mistakes.
And yes 1 more thing srry to those who wanted their marriage scene. But I have a reason for it. Many of tei fans hate yuvi and they can’t bear yuvi paired up with twinkle. So I thought abt everyone and then added this scene. Sorry if I hurt anyone.
Love u all
Stay blessed
Take care

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