Invisible chords that joins 2 hearts ( episode 9)


Nameste, Namoskar, khammaghani, sat srī akāl and assalam ‘alaykum,
How r u? Thanks for reading my ff and bearing it. A special thanks to Akku di, sanam, gopika di, nayana, Harna, Anu Mishra, srishti, Kaavya, Misha, ritzi, Tanya, zikra, Abc, sudha, sam,mystery( aashima), bhavya and off coarse silent readers.( sorry if I miss anyone)
Soo sorry guys for late update but from today onwards my school re-opened. So was a little busy.

NOTE- Guys the sister of yuvi will be Kaavya instead of mahi.So guys I m not including mahi in my ff so that there is no confusion.The role of kaavya will be played by Sanaya Irani( as she got most number of votes.)
Sorry for the grammatical mistakes and typing errors.

Note- Its a twiraj ff not twinj

Recap- yuvi fakes to have fever to spend some time with twinkle.

Here it goes
Next morning.
At 7:00 am
Two girls were seen sleeping on a bed. They both were twinkle and Kaavya. Suddenly Alarm clock rings.
Twinkle wakes up and go to bathroom. But Kaavya was still sleeping. She gets ready to go her home. She leaves without informing kunvi ( kunj and yuvi) becoz she knew that they will not allow her to leave. But she told Kaavya before leaving and told her not to tell them till they ask about her.
She left Luthra Mansion till 7:45A.M
After some time.
At the breakfast table.
All ( yuvi, Anita and Kunvya) come to the breakfast table.
Kunj:- where is Twinkle?
Kaavya was about to say something but yuvi cuts her off
Y:- yes where is she? ( worried)
Kaavya:- She had gone to her home.
Y:- but how can she go without informing me…. ( kunj looks at him in shock )I mean us ( after he saw his expression)
A:- yes, how can she leave like that??
Kunj:- wait I’ll ask her.
Y:- yes do it fast.
There was a pin drop silence at the dining table.
Kunj thinks what has happened to this yuvi, y is he acting wierldy?
Yuvi thinks what have u done yuvi, y r u over reacting? Twinkle has just gone to her mother, what problem u have with it?
Kaavya thinks y is bhai acting wierldy?

Anita thinks this yuvi can’t even control his feelings. I have to do something or else yuvi won’t be able to marry this Twinkle.

Twinkle picked up the call.
T:- haan kunj.
Kunj:- have u lost it? Y did u left without informing me.
T:- wo actually, there was an emergency in the hospital. (Sobbing)
Kunj:- what’s the matter, u seemed to be tensed.
T:- no no nothing
Kunj:- don’t lie twinkle.
T:- oh u caught me.
Kunj:- tell me what’s troubling u?
T:- vo actually, my aunt( Chachi) expired last night due to heart attack.
Kunj:- what??
T:- yes, that’s y I had to come to my daadi house.
Kunj:- but where is it?
T:- jamshednagar ( imaginary but her grandmother’s house is in a village)
Kunj:- okay
T:- hmmmm
Kunj:- bie
T:- bie.

Yuvi asked him what happened?
Suddenly kunj’s phone rings. It was a call from chinki.

C:- Hi kunj sir, actually u didn’t come to office from 3days and rakesh sir ( boss) were asking for u.
K:- yes, vo yuvi ki tabyat kharaab ho gayi thi.
C:- what ( shocked)
K:- so, I will come office day after tomorrow.
C:- okay sir.
She ends the call and thinks that it’s the perfect time to spend some time with yuvi.
Luthra Mansion
Yuvi:- what happened?
Kunj:- vo actually twinkle’s Chachi passed away last night. And she had went out of town.
A:- so sad.
Kaavya:- hmmm
Yuvi:- asee mocke pe toh usse, chaacha ke pass hona chahiye.
Kunj:- haan.
Y:- so when will she return.
Kunj:- no idea.
After some time.
A:-Okay then, as I have meeting I would go to the office. Tc yuvi.
Y:- okay mom.
Anita leaves the hall but finds a girl at the gate with a big bouquet.
C:- Aunty can u tell me where Yuvraj Luthra lives.
A:- who r u?
C:- y should I tell u? (Shouted) Just tell me what I asked u?
A:- I m his mother and I won’t tell u.
C:- oh Aunty Ji, I m so sorry. I didn’t know that u r yuvi’s mom.(smiles)
And thinks she is ur to be saas u have to behave properly with her.
Anita leaves from there being angry.
C:- shits chinki what have u done.
She ask some other person and goes to Luthra Mansion.
She comes inside and hugs yuvi tightly.
C:- r u fine yuvi?
Kunj was shocked to see her there
Y:- yes, I m fine but who r u?
C:- u don’t know me.
Y:- no (lol)
C:- I m chinki.( disgusted face)
Y:- ohh

She gives him the bouquet and says Get well soon.
Y:- thanq
Kunj:- I suppose now u can go?
C:- I won’t go anywhere till the time, yuvi becomes fine.
Y:- no need
K:- yes, no need me and twinkle r already there for him.
C:- what??
Y:- yes chinki, twinj r there for me, u don’t need to take tension.
C:- okay
And thinks why the hell is twinkle taking care of yuvi? Because of u I m not able to take care of my yuvi when he needs me the most. No girl can come near him except me.
I won’t spare u twinkle. U will have to pay for this.

After some times chinky leaves but she has cooked something in her mind( I mean she has made a plan)

The screen freezes.

Precap- yuvi to be absolutely fine. Chinki pay someone the money.

I know guys, it’s very boring. I m so sorry.Plz don’t throw Rotten tomatoes and eggs on my face for such an boring episode.
Misha I m so sorry u asked for 3-4 episodes but I m a little busy. Hope u understand.
Guys from today onwards may be I’ll not post regularly as my school has started nd I even have to coaching classes. Have a tight schedule but will post whenever I get time. So sorry once again.

So sorry for not replying in my last episode, I was making the result of ‘who is the best jodi on screen’ and guess what twinj stood first, ishveer second and Swasan third.
Once again thank you for 679 comments in that episode analysis.

Credit to: Anushka

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  2. Nice episode

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