Invisible chords that joins 2 hearts ( episode 8)


Nameste, Namoskar, khammaghani, sat srī akāl and assalam ‘alaykum,
How r u? Thanks for reading my ff and bearing it. A special thanks to Akku di, sanam, gopika di, nayana, Harna, Anu Mishra, srishti, Kaavya, Misha, ritzi, Tanya, zikra, Abc, sudha, anu, mystery( aashima), bhavya and off coarse silent readers.( sorry if I miss anyone)

NOTE- Guys the sister of yuvi will be Kaavya instead of mahi.So guys I m not including mahi in my ff so that there is no confusion.The role of kaavya will be played by Sanaya Irani( as she got most number of votes.)
I would like to say sorry to Sanam, bhavya and Anu because they chose some body else. Once again sorry.
Sorry for the grammatical mistakes and typing errors.

Note- Its a twiraj ff not twinj

Recap- Accidental Romance of Kunvya and twiraj when Electricity goes in Luthra Mansion.

Here it goes
Twinkle goes out of the room.
Yuvi:- Now due to this acting to unite kunvya, I’ll get close to Twinkle. Thank god I agreed to this idea or else I would have never got a chance to come close to twinkle.

Yuvi goes towards bed and smirks.
He ask raamu kaka (servant at Luthra Mansion) to bring a coffee for him and an orange.
Raamu kaka brings it and go out of the room.
Yuvi puts a thermometer in hot cup of coffee and it’s temperature reaches 103.8°F. After that he takes his handkerchief and cover the cup with it. Then he peels of the orange. He takes the peel of orange and squeezes it near his eyes. His eyes became blood red.
He keeps the handkerchief on his head. After that,He hides all the orange peel in the side table. And starts to act and shouts aaahh. And keep the thermometer in his mouth.
Twinkle comes there and sees the blo*dy red eyes of yuvi.
Yuvi:- I don’t know, what has happened?? But my head is aching like hell.
T:- okay, so did u check the temperature of ur body.
Y:- I was just checking, that only.

Twinkle takes thermometer in his hands and checks the temperature. It shocked twinkle as it was 103.8°F
T:- yuvi, u have fever.
Y:- ohh I see!
( she hurriedly statprts running to go out of room)
Y:- Twinkle where r u going??? ( tensed)
T:- to inform Kunvya.
Y:- aree no need. Let them enjoy together.
T:- but yuvi u….
He cuts her off
Y:- Twinkle, I don’t want to ruin their happiness.
T:- but ur health is more important than their Romance.

Y:- no, Twinkle it’s okay.
She goes out of the room
Yuvi says I did this acting so that twinkle would be in my room with me, and that to alone. But this Twinkle ran to inform this to Kunvya. I hope that they just not get disturbed.
Kunj comes from behind with some clothes and blanket in his hand.
K:- u didn’t disturb me.
Y:- ku…nj u ( tensed)
K:- yes, I here
Y:- good
K:- but y r ur eyes blo*dy red
Y:- just head ache.
K:- okay but where is Twinkle
Y:- didn’t she came to u??
K:- no, I came here and heard that u s’aid I hope that they just not get disturbed’.
Y:- ohh ( relaxed)
K:- yaa, but where is Twinkle. U wait here I’ll see if Twinkle is with Kaavya.
Y:- okay.

Kunj goes and soon after that twinkle comes but both r not able to see each other.
Twinkle comes there with a bowl in her hand.
She gives that to yuvi

T:- I made a vegetable soup for u, drink it fast.
Yuvi fakes that he is not able to.
Twinkle makes him drink soup with her own hands.
He is just lost in her beauty becoz they r sitting close to each other. Yuvi didn’t said anything but hugged her.
Y:- thanq so much Twinkle.
T:- anytime but this time she reciprocates the hugs.
It was a passionate hug. They both break it when they heard some footsteps.
Y:- I m sorry Twinkle, I got emotional.
T:- aree, it’s okay.
Kunj comes there
K:- Twinkle, u here

T:- yes
K:- I was finding u in the house like hell
T:- I m sorry kunj but I was making soup for yuvi as he is having fever.
K:- okay.
T:- guys, I think I should go home
K:- but y, I said Anita Aunty that we will stay here till yuvi becomes fine.
Yuvi was very upset but didn’t show.
T:- I know kunj, but what about mom and dad.
K:- I have already informed them.
T:- but I m missing them and tomorrow I have to go to the hospital also.
K:- but y, I mean I have also not gone to office from past 3 days.
T:- but kunj, work is important right?
K:- yes, I promise u that I will go to office but day after tomorrow.
T:- no
K:- yes

T:- No
K:- No
T:- yes
K:- so u said yes, that means I’ll go office day after tomorrow.
T:- okay u win, I lose happy now?
K:- yes very very very very happy.
T:- I m going to Kaavya’s room to sleep.
K:- okay, take care of her.
T:-???? ( angry look) accha bachuu pyaar hua toh best friend ko bhul gaye. I won’t talk to u.
K:- aree I m sorry baba. I love u, happy now??
Yuvi fumes listening to this.
T:- okay , I love u too and yes I’ll take care of her. Don’t worry.
Yuvi’s jealousy was increasing. He just wanted to kill kunj for saying I love u to Twinkle although it was just friends wala love coz he actually loved Kaavya.

But still he kept quiet and thought to sleep.

Twinkle goes to kaavya’s room. She was shocked to listen this.

Kaavya:- I don’t know what happens to !e when I see kunj. Whenever I see him, I want to hug him tightly. I don’t know y I care for him so much? Y cant I see him in pain?I want to know y I call him cute? Y whenever he laughs it make me happy?
I want to know what is this feeling called?

T:- this feeling is called love.
Without looking at Twinkle.
K:- really this means I love him but then what is it with Rishi( imaginary character who loves Kaavya played by harshad arora)
She realized someone said something but didn’t knew who it wasme
She looked back and saw Twinkle smiling.
K:- Twinkle u?? ( surprised and she don’t say her do coz she only 1year younger than her)
T:- yes it’s me

K:- please don’t say that to kunj. I don’t want to loose his company.
T:- but u tell who is this Rishi?
K:- he is my boss.
T:- so, do u love him?
K:- I don’t know, I don’t think like the way I think about kunj. I mean I feel for kunj differently but for rishi differently.
T:- ?????? ( confused)
K:- I care for kunj, I feel happy when he is happy, I cannot see him in pain. And about rishi, I don’t feel jealous if some girl comes near her, idc for him, I can see him in pain. He is like a friend to me.
T:- so what’s the problem.
K:- when I told Riya( imaginary character) about this, she told me this as love.
T:- okay
K:-I m confused
T:- I think u love kunj but u like rishi
K:- hmmm
T:- so I have to unite kunj with Kaavya, haan?( she thinks this kunj has taken I promise from me that I should not her that he loves her otherwise I would have told Kaavya about it)
K:- no no Twinkle, not now( blushes)

T:- y?? But looks like someone is blushing
K:- I’ll tell him when the right time comes.
T:- okay chalo let’s sleep
K:- hmmm
They both sleep.
The screen freezes.

Precap- chinki gets to know that twinj r staying in yuvi’s house. She comes to Luthra Mansion.

What will she do?
How did she get to know that twinj r in yuvi’s house?
In the upcoming episode of invisible chords that joins 2 hearts, u will see that chinki will get to know about yuvi not being well. So she would come to Luthra Mansion to gain some attention of yuvi but as u all know that yuvi loves only n only Twinkle so chinki won’t be able to get attention of yuvi. Chinki loves yuvi badly and madly. And can do anything for him. So let’s see what she do to separate twiraj.


Sorry for grammatical mistakes. And hope it is long enough.
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Credit to: Anushka

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